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Title Name Role
Cahoots Vikki
"Der Mann an sich...: It's Good to Be Dead " Tiffany
Lookwell Miss Royster
"Chicago Soul: Kelly Green " Cherry Moon
The Banker Melanie
Cyborg Nady Simmons
"CBS Summer Playhouse: Roughhouse " Holly
Gelobtes Land Pammie
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Days of Swine and Roses " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Dogsbreath Afternoon " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: The Cookie Crumbles " Daryl Ann
Cross Riders - Teufelskerle auf heißen Maschinen Cindy Wickes
Square Dance - Wiedersehen in Texas Gwen
Frohe Weihnachten, Mrs. Kingsley Patti
"All Is Forgiven: Matt at the Barricades " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: Paula Russell II " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: I Can't Say No " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: And Justice for Oliver " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: Mother's Day " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: Past Perfect " Sherry Levy
"Airwolf: Birds of Paradise " Brunette
"All Is Forgiven: And Sonia Makes Three " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: With Child " Sherry Levy
"All Is Forgiven: On Air Commitment " Sherry Levy
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Das Blues " Daryl Ann
"Alfred Hitchcock zeigt: Night Fever " Kathy
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Blues in the Night " Daryl Ann
"Hotel: Missing Pieces " Amy
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: G.Q. " Daryl Ann
"Cheers: The Mail Goes to Jail " Bambi
Die Errol-Flynn-Legende Lucille Hartley
Hot Moves Heidi
"T.J. Hooker: Hardcore Connection " Kelly LaRue
"Mike Hammer: Kill Devil " Chi Chi
"Hardcastle und McCormick: You Would Cry Too, If It Happened to You " Kimmy
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Eva's Brawn " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Lucky Ducks " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Nutcracker Suite " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: The Count of Monty Tasco " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Ratman and Bobbin " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Honk If You're a Goose " Daryl Ann
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Midway to What? " Daryl Ann
"Ein Colt für alle Fälle: Trauma " Nurse
"The Phoenix: One of Them " Co-ed
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Some Like It Hot-Wired " Hooker
Twirl Brigit Kummel
"Bosom Buddies: Best Friends " Melissa
"The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: The Dirtiest Girls in Town " Colleen
Gorp Barbara
Wahnsinnsjagd um Mitternacht Candy
"Barnaby Jones: Indoctrination in Evil " Sally Marshall
Portrait of a Stripper Bonnie
Swap Meet Susan
Hometown USA Dolly
"Drei Engel für Charlie: Teen Angels " Patty
"Colorado Saga: The Wagon and the Elephant " Rebecca
"Räder" Val
"Aspen" Angela Morelli
One on One Kathy
"Baretta: The Reunion " Cary
"Die Waltons: The Ferris Wheel " Darlene Jarvis

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