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Title Name Role
Elliot Loves Aunt Carmen
Sicilian Tale Gabriella Militello
"Dora: Dora, La Musica " Singing Gate
"Dora: Rapido Tico " Val the Octopus
"Dora: Pinto the Pony Express " Val the Octopus
"Dora: Lost Squeaky " Tree/Butterfly
"Dora: Rojo, the Fire Truck " Alarm
Hey Paisan! Daughter Carbone
"Dora: Backpack! " Val The Octopus
"Dora: Fish Out of Water " Val The Octopus
"Dora: Bouncing Ball " Val the Octopus
"Dora: We All Scream for Ice Cream " Val The Octopus
"Die Sopranos: Boca " Sandrine - Waitress
"Die Sopranos: Pilot " Sandrine
Donnie Brasco Mob Girlfriend
Ritter der Dämonen Party babe
"Dora: Baby Dino " Mommy Compsognathus
"Dora: Boots's Special Day" Val the Octopus
"Dora: Stuck Truck" Crane

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