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Title Name Role
"Just Legal: The Runner " Mrs. Ross
"Dr. House: Need to Know " Margo Dalton
Rebell in Turnschuhen Mrs. Charis
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Shari Noble " Megan O'Hara
Passion's Web Janet Tarr
Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness Melissa
Forever Strong Natalie Penning
Our First Christmas Cindy
"True Jackson, VP: Keeping Tabs " Rose Pinchbinder
"L.A. Crash: You Set the Scene " Andrea Schillo
"L.A. Crash: Always See Your Face " Andrea Schillo
"L.A. Crash: The World's a Mess/It's in My Kiss " Andrea Schillo
"L.A. Crash: Can't Explain " Andrea Schillo
"L.A. Crash: You, I'll Be Following " Andrea Schillo
"L.A. Crash: Johnny Hit and Run Pauline " Andrea Schillo
"L.A. Crash: Lovers in Captivity " Andrea Schillo
Radio Free Albemuth Newscaster
"Leap Year: Corporate Cupid " Josie Hersh
"Leap Year: Five Roads " Josie Hersh
Telling of the Shoes Ellie
"Just Legal: Pilot " Mrs. Ross
"Hidden Howie: The Private Life of a Public Nuisance" Howie's Wife
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Julia McNamara " Megan O'Hara
"Scrubs - Die Anfänger: My Tormented Mentor " Allison
"Threat Matrix - Alarmstufe Rot: Alpha-126 " Carrie Richmond
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Adelle Coffin " Megan O'Hara
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Sofia Lopez II " Megan O'Hara
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Cara Fitzgerald " Megan O'Hara
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Cliff Mantegna " Megan O'Hara
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Megan O'Hara " Megan O'Hara
A Screwball Homicide Shelly
Baseball Wives Lorraine Bradley
"Frauenpower: Moving On " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Irreparable Harm " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Planting Seeds " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Clemency " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Recovery " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Americans " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Bringing Up Babies " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The Gay Divorcee " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Safe at Home " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Soul Custody " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Liar's Club: Part 2 " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Liar's Club: Part 1 " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The Quality of Mercy " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Separation " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Film at Eleven " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Intentions " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Generations " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Family Values " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Echoes " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: For Love " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Telling Lies, Conclusion " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Telling Lies " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Going Home " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Affairs of the State " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: One Mistake " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The Choice " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Possession Is Nine Tenths of the Law " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Love and Money " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Second Chance " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The Witness " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Playing God " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Necessity " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Metamorphosis " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Are You My Father? " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: A Mother's Son " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Stealing Home " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Human Error " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Media Relations " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Decisions " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Four Drops of Blood " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Holt vs. Holt " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The Fourth Trimester " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Games " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The Nanny " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: The List " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Prisoners " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: All God's Creatures " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Damages " Danni Lipton
"Frauenpower: Pilot " Danni Lipton
"Party of Five: Fragile " Lauren
"Party of Five: Get Back " Lauren
"Party of Five: The Wish " Lauren
Pros & Cons Eileen
Mr. Murder - Er wird dich finden... Paige Stillwater
Grown-Ups Rena
White Lies Mimi Furst
Die Stunde der Teufelinnen Micki Rachel Levine
"Pride & Joy: Brenda's Secret " Amy Sherman
"Pride & Joy: Genius " Amy Sherman
"Pride & Joy: Are You My Mother? " Amy Sherman
"Pride & Joy: Terror at 30,000 Feet " Amy Sherman
Tommy Boy - Durch dick und dünn Michelle
"Pride & Joy: Meant to Be " Amy Sherman
"Pride & Joy: Pilot " Amy Sherman
Puppet Masters - Bedrohung aus dem All Mary Sefton
Ein Sommer unter Freunden Kelly Berman
"4x Herman: Layla--The Unplugged Version " Layla
Der letzte Komödiant - Mr. Saturday Night Elaine
Doc Hollywood Vialula/'Lou'
Flatliners - Ein schöner Tag zum Sterben Joe's Woman
"Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert: Transfigurations " Christy Henshaw
"The Outsiders: Breaking the Maiden " Charlene Walker
Gib ihn mir wieder Jennie
"Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert: Booby Trap " Christy Henshaw
"21 Jump Street - Tatort Klassenzimmer: Come from the Shadows " Alice Greenwood
Andrew Dice Clay Live! The Diceman Cometh Joanne

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