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Title Name Role
Melvin Smarty June
The Ganzfeld Experiment Beckett
"The Event: Arrival " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: The Beginning of the End " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: One Will Live, One Will Die " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Us or Them " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Cut Off the Head " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Strain " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: You Bury Other Things Too " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Face Off " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: A Message Back " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Turnabout " Vicky Roberts
The Green Hornet Limo Girl
"The Event: For the Good of Our Country " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Casualties of War " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: A Matter of Life and Death " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: Protect Them from the Truth " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: To Keep Us Safe " Vicky Roberts
"The Event: I Haven't Told You Everything " Vicky Roberts
"Navy CIS: Guilty Pleasure " Charlotte Cook
The Violent Kind Shade
"Secret Girlfriend: You Get a New Girlfriend " Martina the Hot Neighbor
"Secret Girlfriend: You Solve a Porn-Related Mystery " Martina the Hot Neighbor
"Secret Girlfriend: Your Ex Tries to Make You Jealous " Martina the Hot Neighbor
"Secret Girlfriend: You Help Sam Have His First Wet Dream " Martina the Hot Neighbor
"Secret Girlfriend: You Learn to Appreciate Life " Martina the Hot Neighbor
"Secret Girlfriend: You Find an Awesome Strip Club " Martina the Hot Neighbor
Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich Female Lawyer
"Melrose Place: Nightingale " Trudy Chandler
Zwölf Runden Erica Kessen
"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Shades of Gray' " Rachel Mills
"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Exposed' " Rachel Mills
"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Trust and Blood' " Rachel Mills
"Cold Case: Lotto Fever " Nikki Atkins
"Heroes: The Recruit: Do What We Have to Do " Rachel Mills
"Heroes: The Recruit: It Was Nothing " Rachel Mills
"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Our Father' " Rachel Mills
"Do Not Disturb: Work Sex " Tasha
Finish Line Jessie Chase
An American in China Jennifer
April, April - Tote scherzen nicht Desiree Cartier
Loaded Alex
All You've Got Kaitlan
"CSI: Miami: Dead Air " Taylor
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Provenance " Sarah Blake
That Guy Beautiful Girl
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Daddy's Little Girl " Bianca Desmond
"Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens: Double Down " Brandi
"Summerland Beach: What's Past Is Prologue " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Space Between Us " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Signs " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Leaving Playa Linda " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Where There's a Will There's a Wave " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: The Pleiades " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Pick Nik " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Sledgehammer " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: On the Last Night of Summer " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Yummy Mummy " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Life in the Fishbowl " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Kicking and Screaming " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Skipping School " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Secrets " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: To Thine Self Be True " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Big Waves " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: The Grass Is Greener Than You Think " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Into My Life " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Fireworks " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: And So the Day Begins " Erika Spalding
"Summerland Beach: Pilot " Erika Spalding

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