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Title Name Role
"CSI: NY: DOA for a Day " Detective Jessica Angell
"Two and a Half Men: Rough Night in Hump Junction " Mia
"CSI: NY: Taxi " Detective Jessica Angell
Far Cry Valerie Cardinal
"CSI: NY: Enough " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Dead Inside " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: The Box " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Forbidden Fruit " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Help " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Rush to Judgement " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Point of No Return " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Communication Breakdown " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Prey " Detective Jessica Angell
Reverse Angle Eve Pretson
"CSI: NY: Pay Up " Detective Jessica Angell
"Two and a Half Men: Baseball Was Better with Steroids " Mia
Dolan's Cadillac Elizabeth
"Two and a Half Men: 818-jklpuzo " Mia
A Trace of Danger Kate
"Human Target: Embassy Row " Emma Barnes
"Human Target: Baptiste " Emma Barnes
"Two and a Half Men: Gumby with a Pokey " Mia
"Covert Affairs: Pilot " Liza Hearn
"Covert Affairs: No Quarter " Liza Hearn
"Covert Affairs: Houses of the Holy " Liza Hearn
"Covert Affairs: Communication Breakdown " Liza Hearn
"Covert Affairs: Fool in the Rain " Liza Hearn
"Lost Girl: It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World " The Morrigan
"Covert Affairs: When the Levee Breaks " Liza Hearn
Mirrors 2 Elizabeth Reigns
Hysteria Jennifer
"Hawaii Five-0: Po'ipu " Beautiful Woman/Erica Raines
A Nanny for Christmas Ally Leeds
"Lost Girl: Faetal Justice " The Morrigan
Where the Road Meets the Sun Lisa
"The Haunting Hour: The Series: The Red Dress " Abigail
French Immersion Jennifer Yates
Bind Joan
Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation Eva
"CSI: NY: Playing with Matches " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: All in the Family " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Happily Never After " Detective Jessica Angell
Blonde and Blonder Cat
"CSI: NY: Buzzkill " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Commuted Sentences " Detective Jessica Angell
Saw IV - Sterben war gestern Addison Corday
"Big Shots: Three's a Crowd " Wanda Barnes
"CSI: NY: Time's Up " Detective Jessica Angell
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Heart " Madison
"CSI: NY: Heart of Glass " Detective Jessica Angell
Unearthed Sheriff Annie Flynn
"CSI: NY: Some Buried Bones " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Obsession " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: Raising Shane " Detective Jessica Angell
"Masters of Horror: Pro-Life " Kim
"CSI: NY: Murder Sings the Blues " Detective Jessica Angell
Need for Speed: Carbon Nikki
"CSI: NY: Not What It Looks Like " Detective Jessica Angell
"CSI: NY: People with Money " Detective Jessica Angell
Veiled Truth Carolyn
"Two and a Half Men: That Pistol-Packin' Hermaphrodite " Mia
"Two and a Half Men: Arguments for the Quickie " Mia
"Monk: Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty " Pat - Juror No. 12
"Two and a Half Men: My Tongue Is Meat " Mia
"Two and a Half Men: Love Isn't Blind, It's Retarded " Mia
"Two and a Half Men: Humiliation Is a Visual Medium " Mia
Painkiller Jane Capt. Jane Elizabeth Browning ("Painkiller Jane")
"Two and a Half Men: That Voodoo That I Do Do " Mia
Saw II - Das Spiel geht weiter... Addison Corday
"Love, Inc.: Amen " Girl
House of the Dead 2 - Dead Aim Alexandra 'Nightingale' Morgan
"One Tree Hill: The Tide That Left and Never Came Back " Nicki
"Andromeda: The Heart of the Journey: Part 2 " Maura
"Andromeda: The Heart of the Journey: Part 1 " Maura
"One Tree Hill: The Lonesome Road " Nicki
"One Tree Hill: Something I Can Never Have " Nicki
"One Tree Hill: Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking " Nicki
Cerberus Dr. Samantha Gaines
"Veronica Mars: An Echolls Family Christmas " Monica Hadwin Greenblatt
"North Shore: Leverage " Melinda Lindsey Kellogg
"North Shore: Bellport " Melinda Lindsey Kellogg
"One Tree Hill: The Games That Play Us " Nicki
"One Tree Hill: The Leaving Song " Nicki
"One Tree Hill: What Is and What Should Never Be " Nicki
"One Tree Hill: How Can You Be Sure? " Nicki
"One Tree Hill: To Wish Impossible Things " Nicki
Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss Lauren
"One Tree Hill: The First Cut Is the Deepest " Nicki
"The Handler: Off the Edge " Angie
Wicked Game - Ein böses Spiel Rae Butler
"Smallville: Phoenix " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Exile " Dr. Helen Bryce
Secondhand Lions Jasmine
"Smallville: Exodus " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Calling " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Precipice " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Visitor " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Fever " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Visage " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Smallville: Dichotic " Dr. Helen Bryce
"Just Cause: Making News " Louisa Bennett
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The Wedding Singers " Sarah Nelson
"Charmed: The Eyes Have It " Dr. Ava Nicolae
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The Session " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The Yoko Factor " Sarah Nelson
"X-Factor: The Doll" Susan
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: Pay to Play " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The Road Gig " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: Fame " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: Pilot " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The New Drummer " Sarah Nelson
40 Tage und 40 Nächte Susie
"MythQuest: Orpheus " Persephone
Suddenly Naked Lupe Martinez
Stumme Schreie im See II Vicki
Ripper Andrea (Andy) Carter
"Big Sound: Jam Session " Veronica
Mindstorm Tracy Wellman
Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell Elinor Smith
Largo Winch - Gefährliches Erbe Nikki
"Fionas Website: Snapshot " Donna
The Sculptress Sylvie
My 5 Wives Sarah
"Higher Ground: The Kids Stay in the Picture " Elaine Barringer
"Higher Ground: Close Encounters " Elaine Barringer
"Higher Ground: Seductions " Elaine Barringer
The Beach Boys: An American Family Pamela
"Higher Ground: Scott Free " Elaine Barringer
"Seven Days - Das Tor zur Zeit: Love and Other Disasters " Princess Lisette D'Arcy
Die dreizehnte Legende Jennifer
Der Agent mit den magischen Kräften Anika
Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant French Woman
"Outer Limits - Die unbekannte Dimension: The Other Side " Lisa Dobkins
"Viper: Best Seller " Mitzi/Olga
"Dead Man's Gun: The Pinkerton " Rose Harris
"First Wave - Die Prophezeiung: Lungfish " Esther
"Outer Limits - Die unbekannte Dimension: Rite of Passage " Shal
Hysteria Veronica Bloom
"Police Academy: The Series: Put Down That Nose " Sally
"Breaker High: Chateau L'Feet J'mae " Monette
Jagdgründe des Verbrechens Jennifer Lucca - Age 21 Years
Home Song Cheerleader
"Madison: Corkscrew " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Dancing Like Adults " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Go Your Own Way " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Like Old Times " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Men Don't Leave " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Real Life " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Stepping Into Starlight " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: Things Change " Noella D'Angelo
"Madison: With a Bullet " Noella D'Angelo
Auf dem Spielfeld ist die Hölle los Esmerelda
"Highlander: Chivalry " Maria Alcobar
Blutiges Familiengeheimnis Rosalie Frank
"Level 9: Mob.com " Christina Veedy
"Lost Girl: Episode #2.6" The Morrigan
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: Betrayal " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The Competition " Sarah Nelson
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star: The Deal " Sarah Nelson

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