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Title Name Role
"Good Girls Don't...: I Never " Marjorie
True Vinyl - Voll aufgelegt! Maya Taylor
1/4life Brittany
"Las Vegas: Sperm Whales and Spearmint Rhinos " Jenny
"Sex, Love & Secrets: Molting " Sam
"Masters of Horror: Incident on and Off a Mountain Road " Ellen
Flirt Diana Crane
The TV Set Carla
"Love Monkey: Opportunity Knocks " Annette
Zum Glück geküsst Dana
Reborn - The New Jekyll + Hyde Martha Utterson
Rexx, der Feuerwehrhund Liz Knowles
"Traveler: New Haven " Nell Graham
"Standoff: Road Trip " Natalie
Held Up Larry
The Year of Getting to Know Us Sandi
"Quarterlife: Pilot " Carly
Green Flash Charla
Animated American Trixie
"Ghost Whisperer - Stimmen aus dem Jenseits: Ball & Chain " Elizabeth
Die nackte Wahrheit Joy
Celebrities Anonymous Amanda Stiles
Life's a Beach Aimee
Dancing Ninja Crystal
"Rules of Engagement: Fun Run " Heather
Take Me Home Eve
Grace Kirsten
Identity Tessa
The Wedding Band Sara
"Good Girls Don't...: Help Me, Help You " Marjorie
"Good Girls Don't...: Oh, Brother " Marjorie
"Good Girls Don't...: The Big O " Marjorie
"Good Girls Don't...: Sole Mates " Marjorie
"Good Girls Don't...: Addicted to Love " Marjorie
"Good Girls Don't...: Whatever Happened to Jane's Baby? " Marjorie
"Good Girls Don't...: My Best Friend Is a Big Fat Slut " Marjorie
"Century City: A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose " Eva
Perfect Opposites Starr
Bring It on Again Tina
Special Breakfast Eggroll: 99¢ Jessie
"Cold Case: Our Boy Is Back " Ellen Curtis
"Cold Case: Look Again " Ellen Pearsons
"Andy Richter und die Welt: Final Fantasy " Teena
Whacked! Amanda
"Chaos City: Age Against the Machine " Tracy Crandall
Das sexte Semester Tiffany
"Chaos City: O Mother, Where Art Thou? " Tracy Crandall
The Quest for Length Roger's Girlfriend
American Pie 2 Amy's Friend
"Moesha: Paying the Piper " Brenda
Joe Dreck Sorority Girl
"Moesha: Scary Marriage " Brenda
Wedding Planner - verliebt, verlobt, verplant Tracy - Bride
North Hollywood Casting Assistant
The Myersons Jenny
"Moesha: The Player " Brenda
"Moesha: Living in Paradise? " Brenda
Backyard Dogs Kristy James
Rent a Man Allison
"Undressed - Wer mit wem?: Episode #1.21" Tina
"Undressed - Wer mit wem?: Episode #1.16" Tina
"Undressed - Wer mit wem?: Episode #1.15" Tina
"Undressed - Wer mit wem?: Episode #1.6" Tina
"Undressed - Wer mit wem?: Episode #1.5" Tina
Austin Powers - Spion in geheimer Missionarsstellung Dancer #1
Duel on Planet Z Nurse Yummhumm
"Happy Hour" Bombshell
Eine wie keine Dancer
Tweeker Heather
"Hang Time: The Tall and the Short of It " Tina
Night Train Girl
"USA High: Love Is Blind " Tina
Die Hochzeit meines besten Freundes Title Sequence Performer #4
Dunston - Allein im Hotel French Girl

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