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Title Name Role
"Maalaala mo kaya: Bracelet " Mrs. Nepomuceno
"Alyna: Alyna Emphasizes That Her Only Concern is Baby Nico " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna Returns to Rancho del Carmen " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: No Matter How Far He is, Dominic is Still Curious to the Faith of Rancho del Carmen in the Hands of Fausta " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna Keeps Her Faith Up on Getting on the Good Side of Her Mother " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Victor Discovers Mira's True Identity " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic Still Firmly Believes That Alyna is Alive " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Mira Target's Victor's Father's Properties " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Lileth Discovers That Dominic Got Fired " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Victor's Hatred for Alyna Slowly Changes to Deep Affection " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna Makes Sure That Sofia Won't Lose Her Mother Like Her " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic Opens His Heart to the Possibility of Loving Lileth " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic and Lileth's Relationship Grows Stronger as they Take Care of Nico " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Is Victor Really a Part of Alyna's Past? " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Lileth Steps Up and Assumes the Role of a Housewife as She Happily Takes Care of Nico and Dominic " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic Tries His Hard to Find a New Job to Support Nico " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna is Greatly Confused of Her Past and Reality " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Yael Faces the Sour Words of Jerry's Father " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Lileth's Father Confronts Her about Dominic and Yael's Plans " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Is Alyna Still Alive? " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic Fears That Fausta Will Win Custody Over Nico " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: After Rex's Death and Dominic's Departure, Fausta Assumes Superiority in the House " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Lileth Confronts Dominic as He Drinks Away His Problems " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Despair is in the Air as Everyone Mourns Over Losing Alyna and Rex " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Patrick and Lisa Get to the Bottom of the Car Crash " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna Goes Missing After a Car Crash " Fausta del Carmen
Cuchera Isabel
"Alyna: Everybody is on Their Toes When Baby Nico is Rushed to the Hospital " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: The Family Discovers Rex's Secret " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Rex Celebrates Dominic and Alyna's Engagement " Fausta del Carmen
"Star Confessions: Tisay: The Lala Montelibano Confession " Lydia
"Alyna: Lileth Gets Surprised When Dominic Affirms Their Friendship " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Liza Confesses Her Real Feelings Towards Patrick " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: What's the Next Step in Dominic and Alyna's Relationship? " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: A Badminton Game Turns into a Game of Love " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic Wants to Get Even with Alyna " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Jerry Runs Off to the City Leaving Yael Behind " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna Continues to Court Dominic and Even Did Paper Works for the Ranch to Please Him " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Fausta Decides to Leave the Ranch After Being Unsuccessful in Obtaining It " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Fausta is Very Disappointed When Dominic and Rex Leave Her Out in Making Decisions for the Ranch " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: The del Carmens Must Find a Solution on How to Save Their Ranch from Bankruptcy " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Fausta Insists on Managing the Family's Farm " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Doña Fausta Asks Dominic for Her Share in the Del Carmen's Properties " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Yael Hides Rex in His House Away from His Family " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: After Discovering That Alyna is Nursing Rex, Dominic Leaves Her Behind " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Lileth Plans to Take Advantage of Dominic " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Jerry Leaves Her Tomboyish Ways and Dresses Up for Yael " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Rex Tries to Repay Alyna's Kindness by Doing Household Chores " Fausta del Carmen
Ika-Sampu Doña Constanza dela Vega
"Alyna: Lileth Continues to Be Nice to Dominic to Win Back His Affection " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: A Ferocious Storm Took Away Dominic's Harvest and Trust to Alyna " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna is Secretly Helping Rex " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Alyna is Terrified When She Sees a Blood-Soaked Rex at Roadside " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic is Torn When Both Alyna and Lileth Prepare Dinner for Him " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: As Rex Leaves, Alyna Proves to Dominic That She Chose Him for He is Really the One She Loves " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Rex Confronts Dominic and Alyna " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Rex Discovers Dominic's and Alyna's Relationship and Reacts Violently Against It " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Doña Fausta's Arrival Stirs Up Everyone's Actions Especially Dominic's and Rex's " Fausta del Carmen
"Alyna: Dominic Restrains from Telling Rex His Love for Alyna " Fausta del Carmen
Ang babae sa sementeryo Barbara
"Love Me Again: Finale " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Precy Decides to Break Up with Chad " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Pauleen Admits That She's Still in Love with Donnie " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Precy Throws Up a Party for Donnie's New Job " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Al Follows Donnie in San Vicente " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Will There Be a Second Chance for Donnie and Pauleen? " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Precy Comforts Chad " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Precy Confronts Donnie on His Attitude " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Al Starts to Doubt Donnie's Feelings " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Pauleen Gets Jealous of Al " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Peter Makes a Deal with Pauleen " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Pauleen Meets Donnie's New Girlfriend " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Precy Meets the Manager of Catleya Hotel " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Is Donnie Beginning to Fall in Love with His Best Friend? " Mrs. Barrera
"Maalaala mo kaya: Saranggola" Dolly's Mother
"Love Me Again: Frustration Overcomes Pauleen " Mrs. Barrera
"Love Me Again: Al Lends a Helping Hand to Donnie " Mrs. Barrera
Working Girls Rose Bonifacio
"Maalaala mo kaya: Videoke" Maria's Mother
"Lovers in Paris" Julia Francisco Gatus
Fidel Minda
"Maalaala mo kaya: Kalendaryo" Nanay ni Nene
Kinatay Madonna
"Parekoy" Mother Dear
Seroks Fortune Serrano
Barang Lumen
La visa loca Wife of Pontius Pilate
"Spirits" Reyna ng mga Engkanto
Lapu-Lapu Mingming
Masarap na pugad Bashia
Alyas Bomba Queen Nieves
Super-B Nanay Mameng
Kalaro Remedios
"Halik sa Apoy" Marta
Dune Warriors - Blut für Wasser Miranda
Hukom .45 Madeleine Corpuz
The Black Cobra 3 Sioni
Mission Manila Jessie
Ang mahiwagang daigdig ni Elias Paniki Lucinda
Rose Tatoo Diana
Joy und Joan Millarca
Heartache City Joji
Isla Isla
Silip Tonya
Batuigas II: Pasukuin si Waway Anita
Baby Tsina Z-Boom

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