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Title Name Role
The Stand Up Mrs. Rundgren
"Southland: Graduation Day " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Fixing a Hole " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Sideways " Officer Chickie Brown
"Royal Pains: A History of Violins " Natalie's Mother
"Southland: Discretion " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Punching Water " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Let It Snow " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Maximum Deployment " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: What Makes Sammy Run? " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: The Runner " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: U-Boat " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Butch & Sundance " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Phase Three " Officer Chickie Brown
"Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier: Astoria Helen " Helen Bramer
"Southland: Derailed " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Westside " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Two Gangs " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Sally in the Alley " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: See the Woman " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Mozambique " Officer Chickie Brown
"Southland: Unknown Trouble " Officer Chickie Brown
Frame of Mind Jennifer Secca
Tenderness Marsha
Tödliche Entscheidung Katherine
Leaving Gussie Thyme
Rezept zum Verlieben Christine
A.K.A. Vanessa
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: Let It Be " Savannah
Dealbreaker Fran
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Kate Bigalow
"Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier: Stress Position " Nurse Gina Lowe
Melinda und Melinda Sally Oliver
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? " Detective Annie Capra
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Dead in the Water " Detective Annie Capra
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Missing Pieces " Detective Annie Capra
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Til Death Do Us Part " Detective Annie Capra
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Devil May Care " Detective Annie Capra
A Painted House Kathleen Chandler
"Without a Trace - Spurlos verschwunden: Pilot " Maggie Cartwright
"The American Embassy: Long Live the King " Emma Brody
"The American Embassy: Driven " Emma Brody
"The American Embassy: China Cup " Emma Brody
"The American Embassy: Pilot " Emma Brody
"The American Embassy: Agent Provocateur " Emma Brody
"The American Embassy: Walking on the Moon " Emma Brody
"Oz: The Bill of Wrongs " Tricia Ross
"Oz: Obituaries " Tricia Ross
Rent a Man Kate
Schnee, der auf Zedern fällt Susan Marie Heine
30 Days Sarah Meyers
"Oz: U.S. Male " Tricia Ross
"Oz: Unnatural Disasters " Tricia Ross
"Oz: Napoleon's Boney Parts " Tricia Ross
"Oz: The Truth and Nothing But... " Tricia Ross
The Naked Man Kim Bliss
Pants on Fire Nicki
Das Familiengeheimnis Daphne
"Law & Order: Matrimony " Kim Triandos
Ties to Rachel Rachel
"One Life to Live" Emily di Mauro (1996)
Twisted Tales Tracey (segment "Hungry Like A... Bat?")
Celestial Navigation Pamela

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