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Title Name Role
The Hole - Gefangen in der Dunkelheit Liz Dunn
Ghost World Enid
Shadow Realm Susan Thornhill
"Night Visions: The Maze " Susan Thornhill
Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story Liz Murray
The Dot Narrator
Silver City Karen Cross
Slingshot April
"My Life as a Teenage Robot: Escape from Cluster Prime! " Vega
Dark Corners Susan Hamilton / Karen Clarke
Train Alex
Deadline Lucy
Winter of Frozen Dreams Barbara Hoffman
Pregnancy Pact Sidney Bloom
Petunia Vivian Petunia
The Story of Bonnie and Clyde Blanche Barrow
Crossmaglen Nulla
Sound of Mind Janet
Dungeons & Dragons Empress Savina
The Smokers Lincoln Roth
Überall, nur nicht hier Mary
American Beauty Jane Burnham
Das Herz einer Familie Clea Mahler
"Ein Hauch von Himmel: The Pact " Erin
"Ein Wink des Himmels: Running Scared " Allison Rhodes
Alaska Jessie Barnes
Now & Then - Damals und heute Teeny
"Outer Limits - Die unbekannte Dimension: The Choice " Aggie Travers
Das Kartell Sally Ryan
Immer Ärger um Dojo Eva
"Monty: Here Comes the Son " Ann Sherman
Hocus Pocus - Drei zauberhafte Hexen Dani
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Little Girl
Die Stunde der Patrioten Sally Ryan
The Secret World of Spying Sally Ryan
Mein Weihnachtswunsch Hallie O'Fallon
Sommerparadies Billie Pike
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Fun for Kids " Taylor Buckman
"Amen: Nothing Says Lovin'... " Brittany
"Married People: To Live and Drive in New York " Emily
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Gil vs. the Deck " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Thanksgiving with a T That Rhymes with B That Stands for Basketball " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Take My Parents, Please " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Small Surprises " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Hollow Halloween " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Cards and Cars " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Love Stinks " Taylor Buckman
Der Richter aus dem Jenseits Susie Donovan
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: I Never Invested for My Father " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: The Plague " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: My Dad Can Beat Up Your BMW " Taylor Buckman
"Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie: Pilot " Taylor Buckman
"Doogie Howser: Vinnie Video Vici " Megan
"Day by Day: Father Knows Best " Molly
"Day by Day: The Lost Weekend " Molly
"Day by Day: The Reunion " Molly
"Day by Day: Foul Play " Molly
"Day by Day: Three Men and a Babe " Molly
"Day by Day: Harmless Harper " Molly
"Day by Day: Tears of a Clown " Molly
"Day by Day: Fraternity " Molly
"Day by Day: My Momma Done Tol' Me " Molly
"Day by Day: A Very Brady Episode " Molly
"Day by Day: The Music Man " Molly
"Day by Day: Out for a Stretch " Molly
"Day by Day: Smart Women, Nice Refreshments " Molly
"Day by Day: You Gotta Be a Football Hero " Molly
Purple People Eater - Der kleine Lila Menschenfresser Molly Johnson
"Day by Day: Harper and Son " Molly
"Day by Day: Girl Wars " Molly
"Day by Day: Trading Places " Molly
"Day by Day: Won't You Be My Neighbor? " Molly
"Day by Day: My World and Welcome to It " Molly
"Day by Day: The Age of Dinosaurs " Molly
"Day by Day: How to Succeed in Day Care " Molly

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