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Title Name Role
388 Arletta Avenue Katherine
Wandering Eye Jacqueline Fitzpatrick
"Durham County: Homelands " Sabina Leung
Wer ist Clark Rockefeller? Agent Susan Pascale
"Durham County: Episode #3.6" Sabina Leung
"Durham County: Distance, Hunting and Home " Sabina Leung
"Durham County: Family Day " Sabina Leung
"Durham County: Survivors " Sabina Leung
"Durham County: The World Ends " Sabina Leung
"Flashpoint - Das Spezialkommando: The Good Citizen " Patty Cooper
Man v. Minivan Penny
"Murdoch Mysteries: The Green Muse " Madame Ettie Weston
The Cry of the Owl Elaine
Maggie Hill Gretchen Zambrano
"Virus - Der Tod kennt keine Grenzen: Night Two " Dr. Zuzanna Vrobova
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Claire Wheaton
She Drives Me Crazy Virginia Valenti
Late Fragment Faye
"The Dresden Files: Hair of the Dog " Special Agent Kelly Raskin
Cheaters' Club Meredith Glass
Niagara Motel Sandy
"Naked Josh: Who's Your Daddy? " Hunter Randall
Lake Woman
Land of the Dead Motown
Aurora Borealis Cara
"Blue Murder: Upstairs Downstairs " Adrienne Carlyle
Tongue Tied Emma
"Naked Josh: Celibacy " Hunter Randall
"Naked Josh: Family Misgivings " Hunter Randall
"Mutant X: Wasteland " Alisha
Left Behind II: Tribulation Force Ivy Gold
Saint Monica Miss Mederos
"Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin: Under the Ice " Eleanor Jenson
Narc Audrey Tellis
"Blue Murder: Baby Point " Sarah Vasek
"Leap Years: Episode #1.9" Deborah
"Doc: You Gotta Have Heart " Joyce
Left Behind Ivy Gold
"Power Play: What It All Meant " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Finals " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Cubicle " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Quarter Finals " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Foolish Hearts " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Mask " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Jumper " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Truth " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Temptation " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Evasion " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Manipulation " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Resign or Re-Sign " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Everything Is Broken " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Waked at the Forum " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Dire Straits " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Family Values " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Purple Hazing " Rose Thornton
Blind The Woman
"Power Play: The Bad Boy " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Brothers in Arms " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: The Off Season " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Seventh Game " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: All for One " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Changing the Luck " Rose Thornton
"Power Play: Perambulate Me Back to My Habitual Abode " Rose Thornton
Altarpiece Woman
"Power Play: High Noon " Rose Thornton
"John Woo's The Thief: Mac Daddy " Sherri
Plädoyer für einen Killer Claire
"Kung Fu - Im Zeichen des Drachen: Storm Warning " Lorraine Larsen
"F/X: F/X: The Illusion " Lisa
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy Cooper's groupie
"Nick Knight - Der Vampircop: Hearts of Darkness " Ellen
"The Hardy Boys: Say Cheese " Sophie
Bloodknot - Skrupellose Abrechnung Julie
"Nick Knight - Der Vampircop: Bad Blood " Sharon
"Side Effects - Nebenwirkungen: Immortality Business " Sherry
Labyrinth der Liebe Tiffany
"RoboCop: Sisters in Crime " WOMB Woman
"Kung Fu - Im Zeichen des Drachen: Return of the Shadow Assassin " Sally
Ein raffinierter Coup Ed's Girlfriend
The Shower Kate
"Beyond Reality: Black Magic " Angie
"The Hidden Room: Taking Back the Night " Caroline
"The Kids in the Hall: Episode #2.9" Over-Eager Girlfriend
"Top Cops: Connie Higgins/Dick Tracy" Diane James
"The Hitchhiker: Tough Guys Don't Whine " Penny
"The Hitchhiker: The Cruelest Cut " Killer Hooker
"Ultraman - Mein geheimes Ich: Long Shot " Beth
"Ultraman - Mein geheimes Ich: Breaking the Ice " Susannah
Sing - Die Brooklyn-Story Pretty Girl
"Krieg der Welten: To Heal the Leper " Teen Queen
"Power Play: Pucks the Size of Beach Balls " Rose Thornton

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