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Title Name Role
"Castle: He's Dead, She's Dead " Paula Casillas
"One Tree Hill: The Last Day of Our Acquaintance " Lydia James
"One Tree Hill: At the Bottom of Everything " Lydia James
"One Tree Hill: My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good " Lydia James
"Criminal Minds: Zoe's Reprise " Sheila Hawkes
"Boston Legal: Made in China " Penelope Kimball
Corporate Affairs Emily Parker
"Boston Legal: Mad About You " Penelope Kimball
Next of Kin Susan
"One Tree Hill: Truth Doesn't Make a Noise " Lydia James
"One Tree Hill: The Desperate Kingdom of Love " Lydia James
"Frasier: Frasier-Lite " Kelly Kirkland
"Good Morning, Miami: If It's Not One Thing, It's a Mother " Louise Messinger
"That Was Then: Mayor May Not " Mickey Glass
"That Was Then: Pilot " Mickey Glass
Her Best Friend's Husband Mandy Roberts
"Frasier: Mary Christmas " Kelly Kirkland
Diamond Men Katie Harnish
Forever Love Gail
Der Pecker Dr. Klompus
"Die Nanny: The Wedding " Sara Sheffield
"Ein Hauch von Himmel: How Do You Spell Faith? " Mary
Dieser verflixte Kater Judy Randall
Und täglich grüßt der Weihnachtsmann Molly Jackson
Gedemütigt! ...und keiner wird ihr glauben Denise Connell
Gefährliche Erinnerung Jill Michaelson
Zur Lüge gezwungen Roberta 'Bobbie' Bradshaw
Danielle Steel - Gesegnete Umstände Pilar Graham Coleman
Geraubte Unschuld Becky Sapp
Brutale Exzesse - Skandal in der Navy Barbara Pope
"Willkommen im Leben: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Weekend " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Betrayal " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Resolutions " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: So-Called Angels " Patty Chase
Take Me Home Again Connie
"Willkommen im Leben: On the Wagon " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Pressure " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Self-Esteem " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Life of Brian " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Other People's Mothers " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Halloween " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Strangers in the House " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Why Jordan Can't Read " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: The Substitute " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: The Zit " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Father Figures " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Guns and Gossip " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Dancing in the Dark " Patty Chase
"Willkommen im Leben: Pilot " Patty Chase
"Die Nanny: I Don't Remember Mama " Sara Sheffield
Serial Mom - Warum läßt Mama das Morden nicht? Eugene Sutphin's Nurse
Nightmare Lover Elaine
"Batman: Fire from Olympus " Clio
The Skateboard Kid Maggie
"Geschichten aus der Gruft: What's Cookin' " Erma
"Married People: You Were Right and I Was... " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Dance Ten, Friends Zero " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Mommy and Me " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: The Nanny " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: To Live and Drive in New York " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Compromise " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Partners " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Four Neighbors and a Baby " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: The Baby Cometh " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Term Paper " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Who You Gonna Call? " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Room for One More " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Live and Let Go " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Money Changes Everything " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Once More, with Passion " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: First Impressions " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: The Truth, the Whole Truth... " Elizabeth Meyers
"Married People: Pilot " Elizabeth Meyers
Mein Partner mit dem zweiten Blick Sister Elizabeth
Mother, Mother Kate Watson
Nothing in common - Sie haben nichts gemeinsam Donna Mildred Martin
"All Is Forgiven: Matt at the Barricades " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: Paula Russell II " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: I Can't Say No " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: And Justice for Oliver " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: Mother's Day " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: Past Perfect " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: And Sonia Makes Three " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: With Child " Paula Winters Russell
"All Is Forgiven: On Air Commitment " Paula Winters Russell
Lace Judy Hale
The House of God Cissy Anderson
B.T. Brady, Privatdetektivin B.T. Brady
Der weiße Hai 3 Kathryn Morgan
Höllenjagd bis ans Ende der Welt Eve 'Evie' Tozer
Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again Mary Carew
"The Great Space Coaster" Newswoman (1981)
Vier Jahreszeiten Ginny Newley (Callan)
Barefoot in the Park Corie Bratter
Das elfte Opfer Jill Kelso
Walking Through the Fire Laurel Lee
Achtung, Schürzenjäger! Sally Claybrook
"Love Boat: Man Who Loved Women, The/Different Girl, A/Oh, My Aching Brother " Laura Stanton
Deine Braut gehört mir Kristine Lawrence
"On Our Own: Meet Mr. Meat " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: A Rose Is a Rose... " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: That's Entertainment III " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Add Two Children and Stir: Part 2 " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Add Two Children and Stir: Part 1 " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: The Bare Truth " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: The Impossible Dream " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Arrivederci Toni " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: A Friend, Indeed " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: When a Body Meets a Body " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Some Like It Glazed " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: The Naked Summer " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: The Blind Date " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: She Makes More Than Me " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: The Odd Couplet " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Wood Is Not Good " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Julia's Big Bust " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Julia in the Dark " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: The Battling Boninos " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Goodbye Jim, Hello Father " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Honesty Is Not the Best Policy " Julia Peters
"On Our Own: Never Trust an Actor with His Clothes Off " Julia Peters
"That Was Then: Under Noah's Certain Terms " Mickey Glass

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