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Title Name Role
"Rescue Me: Jump " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Drink " Sheila Keefe
Welcome to Academia Valery
"White Collar: Book of Hours " Maria Fiametta
Nice Guy Johnny Roseanne
"Rescue Me: Legacy " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Change " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Comeback " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Breakout " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Blackout " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Sanctuary " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Forgiven " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Cowboy " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Goodbye " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: A.D.D. " Sheila Keefe
"Burn Notice: Hot Property " Natalie Rice
"Californication: Lights, Camera, Asshole " Sasha Bingham's Mom
"Necessary Roughness: Pilot " Dani Santino
Meet My Boyfriend!!! Lisa
"Necessary Roughness: Anchor Management " Dani Santino
"Necessary Roughness: Spinning Out " Dani Santino
"Rescue Me: Zippo " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: David " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Carrot " Sheila Keefe
"Burn Notice: Friends Like These " Natalie Rice
"Rescue Me: Lesbos " Sheila Keefe
Around the Block Paula
"Rescue Me: Clean " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Initiation " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Wheels " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Torch " Sheila Keefe
"Royal Pains: TB or Not TB " Allison Moore
"Rescue Me: Disease " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Mickey " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Control " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Thaw " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Iceman " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Play " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Perspective " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Sheila " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Jimmy " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Wine " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: French " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Baptism " Sheila Keefe
"Prison Break: Greatness Achieved " Pam Mahone
"Prison Break: Safe and Sound " Pam Mahone
"Prison Break: Scylla " Pam Mahone
"The Wire: React Quotes " Elena McNulty
"Rescue Me: Yaz " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Keefe " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Cycle " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: High " Sheila Keefe
"Wainy Days: Cyrano d'Bluetooth " Mary
"Rescue Me: Animal " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Solo " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Seven " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Balance " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Black " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Pussified " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Commitment " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Tuesday " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Baby Face " Sheila Keefe
Watching the Detectives Marcia
"Prison Break: Sona " Pam Mahone
"Prison Break: Fin del camino " Pam Mahone
"Prison Break: John Doe " Pam Mahone
"The Wire: Misgivings " Elena McNulty
"Prison Break: Bolshoi Booze " Pam Mahone
"The American Experience: The Gold Rush " Sara Pierce
"Prison Break: Unearthed " Pam Mahone
"Law & Order: Avatar " Attorney Stuart
Delirious Gabi
"Rescue Me: Beached " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Hell " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Twilight " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Retards " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Pieces " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Karate " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Satisfaction " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Zombies " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Chlamydia " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Sparks " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Torture " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Discovery " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Devil " Sheila Keefe
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Darfur " Jodie Kenyon
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Quintessence of Dust " Jodie Kenyon
Jimmy Blue Gina
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: If Not Now " Jodie Kenyon
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: All About Christmas Eve " Jodie Kenyon
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Two Ships " Jodie Kenyon
David & Layla Abby, David's fiancee
"Rescue Me: Justice " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Happy " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Bitch " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Brains " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Rebirth " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Believe " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Shame " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Reunion " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Sensitivity " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Twat " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Balls " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Harmony " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Voicemail " Sheila Keefe
Robin's Big Date Kate
The F Word Stephanie
Strangers with Candy Teacher
"Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier: Silver Lining " Sheila Bradley
"The Wire: Straight and True " Elena McNulty
"The Wire: Hamsterdam " Elena McNulty
"Rescue Me: Leaving " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Mom " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Immortal " Sheila Keefe
"The Wire: Time After Time " Elena McNulty
"Rescue Me: Alarm " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Inches " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Butterfly " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: DNA " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Kansas " Sheila Keefe
"Rescue Me: Gay " Sheila Keefe
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Bound " Nikki Staines
"The Wrong Coast" Various Celebrity Voices
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Choice " Nikki Staines
"The Wire: Backwash " Elena McNulty
"The Wire: All Prologue " Elena McNulty
"The Wire: Undertow " Elena McNulty
"The Wire: Hard Cases " Elena McNulty
"The Wire: Hot Shots " Elena McNulty
This Is Not a Film Callie
Stella Shorts 1998-2002 Yoga Instructor
Reine Nervensache 2 Agent Cerrone
"The Wire: The Cost " Elena McNulty
"The Wire: Old Cases " Elena McNulty
Washington Heights Raquel
Hysterical Blindness Carolann
"Third Watch - Einsatz am Limit: Transformed " Jimmy's Friend
Revolution #9 Stephanie
Seitensprünge in New York Sue
More, Patience Mia
"The $treet - Wer bietet mehr?: Past Performance " Sabrina McKee
"Ed - Der Bowling-Anwalt: Home Is Where the Ducks Are " Judy Kellman
"Strangers with Candy: Bully " School Nurse
Whipped - Vernascht Liz
Homicide: The Movie Det. Laura Ballard
Double Parked Rita Ronaldi
Wirey Spindell Tabitha
Giving It Up Rex
"Homicide: Forgive Us Our Trespasses " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: The Why Chromosome " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Lines of Fire " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Identity Crisis " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Self Defense " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Zen and the Art of Murder " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Truth Will Out " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Sideshow: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: A Case of Do or Die " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Homicide.com " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: The Same Coin " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Bones of Contention " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Shades of Gray " Det. Laura Ballard
"New York: A Documentary Film: Cosmopolis: 1914-1931 " Voice
"New York: A Documentary Film: The City and the World: 1945-Present " Voice
"New York: A Documentary Film: The City of Tomorrow: 1931-1940 " Voice
"New York: A Documentary Film: The Power and the People: 1898-1914 " Voice
"Homicide: Kellerman, P.I.: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Kellerman, P.I.: Part 1 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Wanted Dead or Alive: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Wanted Dead or Alive: Part 1 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Red, Red Wine " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: The Twenty Percent Solution " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Just an Old Fashioned Love Song " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Brotherly Love " Det. Laura Ballard
Chocolate for Breakfast Nina
"Homicide: La Famiglia " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Fallen Heroes: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Fallen Heroes: Part 1 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Finnegan's Wake " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Secrets " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Strangled, Not Stirred " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Full Court Press " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Abduction " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Mercy " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Pit Bull Sessions " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Lies and Other Truths " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Something Sacred: Part 1 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Something Sacred: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
Next Stop Wonderland Cricket
"Homicide: Shaggy Dog, City Goat " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Sins of the Father " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Closet Cases " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: All Is Bright " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Subway " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Saigon Rose " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Baby, It's You: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Blood Ties: Part 3 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Blood Ties: Part 2 " Det. Laura Ballard
"Homicide: Blood Ties: Part 1 " Det. Laura Ballard
Turbulence Laura
Am Anfang war es Liebe Lee
"Necessary Roughness: Dream On " Dani Santino
"Necessary Roughness: Poker Face " Dani Santino
"Necessary Roughness: Whose Team Are You on? " Dani Santino

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