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Title Name Role
"Lingerie: Careful What You Wish For " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Everybody Loves Cody " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Looks Are Deceiving " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Worse for the Wear " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Three Is Never a Crowd " Giovanna
"Lingerie: The Morning After " Giovanna
"Lingerie: She's Got Legs " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Nothing's Ever Easy " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Screwed " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Naughty Couture " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Exotic Dancer " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Exposed " Giovanna
"Lingerie: Walk the Walk " Giovanna
"Sin City Diaries: Angelica Needs a Vacation " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Good Enough to Eat " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: The Boss's Daughter " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Portrait " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Michiko Gets a Makeover " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Girl's Intuition " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Tour of Duty " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Midnight Show " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: It Almost Didn't Happen One Night " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Con Man " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: Chorus Dreams " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: In Capable Hands " Angelica
"Sin City Diaries: To the Extreme " Angelica
Dead End Lady in White
New Suit Jennifer
So High Prof. Garr
Radio Talk - Verführung um Mitternacht Alex
Tomcats Gorgeous Redhead
Reasonable Doubt Charlie
Deadly Affair Vanessa Rio
American Beauty Christy Kane
"Palm Beach-Duo: Noir: Part 1 " Virginia
"Palm Beach-Duo: Noir: Part 2 " Virginia
Dirk and Betty Beautiful Canyon Girl
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: Cruz Control " Diane Verne
"V.I.P. - Die Bodyguards: Beats Working at a Hot Dog Stand " Davina
Frank, Dean und Sammy tun es Broad at Casino
"Friends: The One with the Ballroom Dancing " Maria the Gym Lady
Mars - The Dark Secret Sheila
"Head Over Heels: Gigolo Guy " Rachel
Die Playboy-Falle Amber
L.A. Confidential Susan Lefferts
Below the Law Elise Talbot
Private Parts Julie
Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up Alia (segment "Runway")
Sleeping Together Cathy
Liebe hat zwei Gesichter Felicia - Video
Das Begräbnis Bridgette
Der Hochzeitstag Debbie
Lowball Paula
"Foxy Fantasies: Runaway " The Model

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