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Title Name Role
"Fernsehfieber: Three Women and a Baby " Susan Green
"Hardball: Sex, Cops, and Videotape " Dory
"Gnadenlose Jagd: Broken Dreams " Laurie Conway-Sanders
"Das Model und der Schnüffler: Between a Yuk and a Hard Place " Joan Spring
"Ein Engel auf Erden: Hello and Farewell: Part One " Commander Kimberly Michaels
"Highwayman: The Hitchhiker " Pepper McKenzie
North Shore Rick's Mother
"Hotel: Second Thoughts " Kate Berrenger
"Alfred Hitchcock zeigt: Prisoners " Julie Randall
Streets of Justice Asst. Dist. Atty. Carol Nielson
"Trio mit vier Fäusten: Thirty-Six Hours 'til Dawn " Renee St. Claire
Generation Roma Breed
"Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense: The Late Nancy Irving " Nancy Irving
"Quo Vadis?" Poppaea
"Love Boat: Vicki's Gentleman Caller/Partners to the End/The Perfect Arrangment " Jennifer Kearn
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Paint Me a Murder " Margo Santana
"Ein Colt für alle Fälle: Semi-Catastrophe " Helen Bolton
"Finder of Lost Loves: Losing Touch " Beth Farley
"Matt Houston: Death Match " Lisa Taylor
"Fantasy Island: Goin' on Home/Ambitious Lady " Katie McCallum-Pride
Real Life Laurel
"Hotel: Designs " Diana Aikins
"Love Boat: Julie and the Bachelor/Intensive Care/Set Up for Romance " Christine Burton
Alpträume Lisa the Wife (segment "Terror in Topanga")
"T.J. Hooker: Raw Deal " Nancy Winters
"Simon und Simon: The List " Amanda McKay
"Flamingo Road: Murder, They Said " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Harder They Fall " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: An Eye for an Eye " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Bad and the Beautiful " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The High and the Mighty " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: No Dice " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Sins of the Father " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Dedication " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Double Exposure " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Chance of a Lifetime " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Explosion " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: To Catch a Thief " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Heatwave " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Strange Bedfellows " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Old Friends " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Little Foxes " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Powers That Be " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Stranger " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Intruder " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Substitute " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Victim " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Arrangement " Lane Ballou
The Nashville Grab Laurel Ellison
"Flamingo Road: Bad Chemistry " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Hurricane " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Hell Hath No Fury " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: They Drive by Night " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Secrets " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Bad Girl " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Trapped " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Jealous Wife " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Election " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Fish Fry " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: A Mother's Revenge " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Titus Tapes " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: Illicit Weekend " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Hostages: Part 1 " Lane Ballou
"Flamingo Road: The Hostages: Part 2 " Lane Ballou
Touched by Love Amy
Silver Dream Racer Julie Prince
"Flamingo Road: Pilot " Lane Ballou
The Tenth Month Nancy Miller
The Child Stealer Karen
"Colorado Saga: The Scream of Eagles " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Winds of Death " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Winds of Fortune " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Crime " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Storm " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Shepherds " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Longhorns " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Massacre " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: For as Long as the Waters Flow " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Colorado Saga: The Wagon and the Elephant " Lucinda McKeag Zendt
"Loose Change" Late Evans
"Einsatz in Manhattan: Letters of Death " Janelle Rawlings
Die Duellisten Adele
Hexensabbat Alison Parker
"The Family Holvak: First Love: Part 2 " Ellen Baldwin
"The Family Holvak: First Love: Part 1 " Ellen Baldwin
"Doctors' Hospital: Point of Maximum Pressure " Dr. Terry Antonelli
Russisches Roulette Bogna Kirchoff
Nashville Mary
"Abenteuer der Landstraße: High Rollers " Rita
Sunshine Kate Hayden
Hex Oriole
Stacey - Blond, schnell und tödlich! Pamela Chambers

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