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Title Name Role
Anna May Wong, Frosted Yellow Willows: Her Life, Times and Legend Narrator
Ray of Sunshine Lilly
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road Natalie Chung
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Rescue Me " Mrs. Chen
Mr. P's Dancing Sushi Bar Mitsuko McFee
Soul of the Avenger Ling Li
Rodgers & Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies Presenter
Rebellious Joni Mitchell
Dragon - Die Bruce Lee Story Gussie Yang
Babies Dr. Liu
Katastrophenflug 243 C.B. Lansing
Cold Dog - Zur Hölle mit dem Himmelhund Madame Chang
Night Children Deborah
"Noble House: Part IV " Claudia Chen
"Noble House: Part III " Claudia Chen
"Noble House: Part II " Claudia Chen
"Noble House: Part I " Claudia Chen
Fluchtpunkt Hongkong Dr. Lao
"The A-Team: Point of No Return " Lin Wu
Big Trouble in Hongkong Lily
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: Hanging Fire " Beverly Mikuriya
"Partners in Crime: Duke " Anna Chen
"Trapper John, M.D.: This Gland Is Your Gland " Dr. Lois Miyoshiro
The Last Ninja Noriko Sakura
Walking the Edge Christine Holloway
"Chicago Story: Not Quite Paradise: Part 1 " Hoanh Anh
"Chicago Story: Not Quite Paradise: Part 2 " Hoanh Anh
Angkor - Das Tor zur Hölle Sue
"Fantasy Island: The Appointment/Mr. Tattoo " Adela
Fortress in the Sun Maria
Night Creature Leslie
Project: Kill Lee Su
"Hadleigh: Hong Kong Rock " Kai Yin
That Lady from Peking Sue Ten Chan
Supercock Yuki Chan
"Kung Fu: The Cenotaph: Part II " Mayli Ho
"Kung Fu: The Cenotaph: Part I " Mayli Ho
The Pacific Connection Leni
Wonder Women Dr. Tsu
Die McMasters Robin
The Girl Who Knew Too Much Revel Drue
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Cocoon: Part 2 " Rosemary Quong
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Cocoon: Part 1 " Rosemary Quong
Rollkommando Yu-Rang
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Pilot " Rosemary Quong
Nobody's Perfect Nurse Tomiko Momoyama
Die Hölle von Macao Tina
Arrivederci, Baby! Baby
Robin Crusoe, der Amazonenhäuptling Wednesday
Mong fu sek Mei Ching
Bezwinger des Todes Sally Fraser
Honeymoon Hotel Lynn Hope Jenley
Die total verrückte Büroparty Marjorie Lee
Tamahine Tamahine
Die Nächte mit Nancy Tessa
Mandelaugen und Lotosblüten Linda Low
Die Welt der Suzie Wong Suzie Wong

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