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Title Name Role
"Sex Games Vegas: The Newlywed Game " Rebecca
Sexual Retreat Collette
Passion Before Midnight Crystal Strickland
Aces in the Holes Danny Heep
Charm School Brats Ava Bardeaux
April in January Tracy
Soloerotica Shayla
Midnight Librarians Sarah Jane
The Sopornos 4 Angela Soporno
"Lady Chatterley's Stories: Mystery Lover " Tina
Ooze Jennifer La Rue
Shayla's Web Lexus
Real Doll the Movie Episode 1 Heather (Real Doll alive)
Serenity in Denim Yellow Rain Girl
Sex 4 Life Too NonSex
L.A. Fashion Girls Susannah
Love's Passion Sandy
Vortex Ann
Orgazmo Greek Porno Actress
Sorority Sex Kittens 3 Lydia Sandstrom/Nettie
"The Helmetcam Show: 96-11B " Guest
Car Wash Angels Mary Caroleen
Shock Gwen
Conquest Anna - Rachel's friend
Sorority Sex Kittens Lydia Sandstrom
Elements of Desire Caught
Strictly for Pleasure Dominatrix
Shayla's Home Repair Secretary in cable installation office
Curious Dee
Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob High Pristess Latrinia of Youranus
The Cockateer 2 Tanya
Wild Innocence The Girl

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