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Title Name Role
"Kyle XY: The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Great Expectations " Hillary
"Kyle XY: First Cut Is the Deepest " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Primary Colors " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Grey Matters " Hillary
Monster Village Hope Henry
"Kyle XY: Hello... " Hillary
"Kyle XY: I've Had the Time of My Life " Hillary
Paparazzi Princess: The Paris Hilton Story Lindsay Lohan
Christmas Cottage Miss Placerville
"Kyle XY: It Happened One Night " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Psychic Friend " Hillary
"Kyle XY: In the Company of Men " Hillary
"Kyle XY: The Tell-Tale Heart " Hillary
Malibu Shark Attack Jenny
Sorority Wars Casadee
Ice Twisters Nora Elman
"Always a Bridesmaid: Two to Tango " Savannah
"Always a Bridesmaid: So Hippie Together " Savannah
"Always a Bridesmaid: My Gay Husband " Savannah
"Always a Bridesmaid: Knocked Up " Savannah
Tucker & Dale vs Evil Chloe
Percy Jackson - Diebe im Olymp Lotus Land Waitress
Seduced by Lies Tia
Dark Star Hollow Tracy Hall
Bind Summer
"Kyle XY: To C.I.R., with Love " Hillary
"Die Geheimnisse von Whistler: Last Run " Model
"Die Geheimnisse von Whistler: The Rules of Attachment: Part I " Model
"About a Girl: About a Dream " Stacy
"About a Girl: About a Flood " Stacy
"About a Girl: About a Pilot " Stacy
"Kyle XY: Lockdown " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Hands on a Hybrid " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Free to Be You and Me " Hillary
"Kyle XY: The List Is Life " Hillary
Der Glücksbringer Carol
Der eisige Tod Blonde Girl
"Psych: Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast " Bianca
"Men in Trees: Sink or Swim " Tiffanii
"Men in Trees: For What It's Worth " Tiffanii
"Kyle XY: Endgame " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Overheard " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Kyle Got Game " Hillary
Rache ist sexy Crying Waitress
"Kyle XY: This Is Not a Test " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Diving In " Hillary
"Kyle XY: The Lies That Bind " Hillary
"Psych: Pilot " Bianca
"Kyle XY: Sleepless in Seattle " Hillary
"Kyle XY: Pilot " Hillary
Dr. Dolittle 3 Vivica
Final Destination 3 Ashley Freund
Deep Threat - Die Höhle Emily Palmer
"Stargate: Atlantis: The Tower " Mara
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Bloody Mary " Jill
Mein verschärftes Wochenende Susie
The Harp Girlfriend
Chupacabra: Dark Seas Jenny
"The Collector: The UFOlogist " The Devil/Spokesmodel
"Zixx: Level Two: Now You See Him " Louise
"Zixx: Level Two: Trust No One " Louise
"Smallville: Devoted " Rhonda the Cheerleader
"Wonderfalls: Pink Flamingos " Gretchen Speck-Horowitz
Snakehead Terror Amber James
"Wonderfalls: Wax Lion " Gretchen Speck-Horowitz
Monster Island Jen
Carrie Helen Shyres
"Edgemont: Show and Tell " Crystal
"Edgemont: The Paper Chase " Crystal
"Edgemont: Winners and Losers " Crystal
"Edgemont: Dream On " Crystal
"American High - Hier steigt die Party!: Sex, Guys & Videotape " Cindy
"Smallville: Drone " Felice Chandler
"American High - Hier steigt die Party!: JC, the Gay Model " Cindy
Video Voyeur - Verbotene Blicke Amber Henson
"Edgemont: Freefall " Crystal
"Edgemont: Razor's Edge " Crystal
"American High - Hier steigt die Party!: Running Free " Cindy
"Edgemont: Smoke and Mirrors " Crystal
"Edgemont: Out of Control " Crystal
"Edgemont: Shall We Dance " Crystal
"Special Unit 2 - Die Monsterjäger: The Eve " Naughty Girl #2
"Edgemont: Matchmaker, Matchmaker " Crystal
"Edgemont: Deal with the Devil " Crystal
The Sports Pages Faith
"2gether: The Series: Dead " Hot Teenage Girl
Der magische Ring Jennifer Martin
"Jack's Place: Faithful Henry " Young girl
"The Bots Master" Additional Voices
Bitsy Bears Whirly/Tickles
"Captain Zed and the Zee Zone" Additional Voices (1991)
Bingo - Kuck mal, wer da bellt Cindy Thompson
"Scene of the Crime: Show and Tell " Lori
ES Laurie Ann
Deep Sleep Yong Shelly McBride
"American High - Hier steigt die Party!: Election " Cindy

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