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Title Name Role
David Rose Adult Stella
Love's Kitchen Liz
"Pete Versus Life: Older Woman " Ros
"Barnaby: Blood on the Saddle " Susan Fincher
"Doctors: Birth of the Blues " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Hell Hath No Fury " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Dead Weird " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Climb Every Mountain " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: When We Were Young " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: The Others " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Rebecca's Dream " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Eyes Open " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Loving Memory " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Yetis on the Golf Course " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Bad ABBA " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Daddy's Girl " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: Angel " Judith Leicester
"Doctors: No Distance Left to Run " Judith Leicester
Memorabilis Kathy
"Casualty: Own Personal Jesus " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: There and Back Again " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Hurt " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: This Mess We're In: Part 2 " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: This Mess We're In: Part 1 " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: The Things We Do For... " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Paradise Lost " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: They May Not Mean to But They Do " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Is She Really Going Out with Him? " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Have a Go, Hero " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Opposing Forces " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: When Love Came to Town " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Someone's Lucky Night " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: To Thine Own Self Be True " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Diamond Dogs " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Thicker Than Water " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Silent All These Years " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Say Say My Playmate " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Sex and Death " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Before a Fall " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Broken Homes " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Behind Closed Doors " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Finding the Words " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: As One Door Closes... " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: My Aim Is True " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Inappropriate Behaviour " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: Core Values " Marilyn Fox
"Casualty: No End of Blame " Marilyn Fox
"Judge John Deed: Evidence of Harm: Part 2 " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Evidence of Harm: Part 1 " George Channing
"Judge John Deed: War Crimes: Part 2 " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: War Crimes: Part 1 " Georgina Channing
"Tripping Over: Episode #1.6" Sarah
"Tripping Over: Episode #1.1" Sarah
"Judge John Deed: Heart of Darkness " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: One Angry Man " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Silent Killer " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Lost Youth " George Channing
"Judge John Deed: My Daughter, Right or Wrong " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Hard Gating " Georgina Channing
"Egypt: The Curse of Tutankhamun " Lady Carnarvon
"Egypt: The Search for Tutankhamun " Lady Carnarvon
"Judge John Deed: Popular Appeal " George Channing
"Judge John Deed: Separation of Powers " George Channing
Kisna - Im Feuer der Liebe Jennifer Beckett
"The Afternoon Play: Sons, Daughters and Lovers " Anna Sullivan
"Judge John Deed: Economic Imperative " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Conspiracy " Georgina Channing QC
"Judge John Deed: Health Hazard " Georgina Channing QC
"Judge John Deed: Nobody's Fool " Georgia Channing
"Judge John Deed: Political Expediency " Georgina Channing
"As If: Nicki's POV " Vyvian
"As If: Jamie's POV " Vyvian Sutton
"Judge John Deed: Appropriate Response " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Duty of Care " Georgina Channing
"Judge John Deed: Rough Justice " Georgina Channing QC
"Judge John Deed: Exacting Justice " Georgina Channing QC
"Brotherly Love: I'll Take the High Life " Kate Cameron
"Brotherly Love: Art and Soul " Kate Cameron
"Brotherly Love: Time Gentlemen Please " Kate Cameron
"Brotherly Love: Sense and Sensitivity " Kate Cameron
"Brotherly Love: Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll " Kate Cameron
"Brotherly Love: He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother " Kate Cameron
Newborn Dr. Kathryn Reed
Justice in Wonderland Miss Bozek
"Taggart: A Fistful of Chips " Helen Drummond
Das schnelle Geld - Die Nick Leeson-Story Ash Lewis
"Cleopatra" Calpurnia
Parting Shots Vanessa
"Heartbeat: Echoes of the Past " Jane Hayes
"Peak Practice: Glass Houses " Anna Bradshaw
"Mosley: Rules of the Game " Jane Bewley
"Bombay Blue: Episode #1.3" Jane Ballinger
Sharpe's Justice Lady Anne Camoynes
Embassy Belinda Thompson
Crimetime - Das Auge des Verbrechens Jenny Lamb
Sharpe's Regiment Lady Anne Camoynes
"Lovejoy: Last Tango in Lavenham " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Holding the Baby " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Fruit of the Desert " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Breaking the Broker " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: The Last of the Uzkoks " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Guns and Roses " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Double Edged Sword " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Somewhere: Over the Rainbow? " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Day of Reckoning " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Fair Exchange " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: The Lost Colony " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: The Price of Fish " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Swings and Roundabouts " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Goose Bumps " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Peking Gun " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Poetic Licence " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Stones of Destiny " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Ducking and Diving " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: Three Men and a Brittle Lady " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: The Kakiemon Tiger " Charlotte Cavendish
"Lovejoy: A Going Concern " Charlotte Cavendish
"Peak Practice: Hope to Die " Dr. Susan Lees
"Cluedo: The Word, the Flesh and the Devil " Candice Costello
"Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Mystery of the Spanish Chest " Marguerite Clayton
"The Bill: A Case to Answer " Perditia Flaxton-Green
"Chancer: History " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Faith " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Possessions " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Pretenders " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Trust " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Hazard " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Killing Floor " Penny Nichols
"Chancer: Weapons from the Wall " Penny Nichols
"The Return of Shelley: It's Only a Game " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: Wages of Virtue " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: The Gospel According to Shelley " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: For Whom the Bell Tolls " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: Born Freeish " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: A Happy Event " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: Shelley Washes Whiter " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: The Artful Lodger " Carol
"Boon: The Not So Lone Ranger " Charlotte 'Charlie' Hannigan
"The Return of Shelley: The Big S " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: Why Me? " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: One of Those Nights " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: Emergency Ward 9 " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: In God We Trust " Carol
"The Return of Shelley: The Return of Shelley " Carol
Hawks - Die Falken Carol
Twelfth Night, or What You Will Olivia
"Pulaski: No Guns Please We're British " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Pulaski: Ten by Eight Glossy " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Pulaski: Tough Guys Don't Blink " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Pulaski: The Lone Granger " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Fortunes of War: Romania: June 1940 " Bella Niculesco
"Pulaski: And the Killer of Rose Amelia Bonner " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Fortunes of War: Romania: January 1940 " Bella Niculesco
"Pulaski: Violence, Love and Ratings " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Fortunes of War: The Balkans: September 1939 " Bella Niculesco
"Pulaski: The Price of Fame " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Pulaski: The Fictional Detective " Kate Smith/Briggsy
"Love and Marriage: Let's Run Away to Africa " Lucy
Mord mit verteilten Rollen Sally Legge
Charles Dickens Weihnachtsgeschichte Janet Holywell
"Minder: The Balance of Power " Julie Waters
"Number 10: Bloodline " Eleanor Eden
"Play for Today: Another Flip for Dominick " Jane
"Q.E.D.: The Limehouse Connection " Jenny Martin
"Q.E.D.: To Catch a Ghost " Jenny Martin
"Q.E.D.: The 4:10 to Zurich " Jenny Martin
"Q.E.D.: Infernal Device " Jenny Martin
"Q.E.D.: The Great Motor Race " Jenny Martin
"Q.E.D.: Target: London " Jenny Martin
"Die unglaublichen Geschichten von Roald Dahl: Shatterproof " Ellen
"Seconds Out: Round 4 " Lewa Brenson
"Play for Today: The Flipside of Dominick Hide " Jane
"Gefrier-Schocker: Guardian of the Abyss " Tina
Death Watch - Der gekaufte Tod Girl in the Bar
Adlerflügel Judith
"Play for Today: Degree of Uncertainty " Jill
Les miserables Cosette
"Wuthering Heights: Episode #1.4" Isabella Linton
"Wuthering Heights: Episode #1.3" Isabella Linton
"Wuthering Heights: Episode #1.2" Isabella Linton
Die Schlemmerorgie Loretta
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.10" Kitty
Das siebenköpfige Ungeheuer Carol, Angelo's Girlfriend
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.9" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.8" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.7" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.6" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.5" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.3" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.2" Kitty
"Anna Karenina: Episode #1.1" Kitty
"Romance: Emily " Lucinda
"Just William: The Outlaws and the Tramp " Dolly Clovis
"Victorian Scandals: The Fruits of Philosophy " Hypatia Bradlaugh
"The Brothers: Invitations " Lynn
"The Glittering Prizes: A Love Life " Felicity

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