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Title Name Role
"Eastwick: Madams and Madames " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Fleas and Casserole " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Mooning and Crooning " Penny Higgins
Not Since You Sarah 'Doogs' Doogins
"Eastwick: Bonfire and Betrayal " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Red Ants and Widows " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Paint and Pleasure " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Tasers and Mind Erasers " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Tea and Psychopathy " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Magic Snow and Creepy Gene " Penny Higgins
For Christ's Sake Candy
"Eastwick: Red Bath and Beyond " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Pampered and Tampered " Penny Higgins
"Private Practice: 'Til Death Do Us Part " Shira Cole
"Rules of Engagement: Les-bro " Brenda
"Rules of Engagement: Uh-Oh It's Magic " Brenda
"Rules of Engagement: Zygote " Brenda
"Rules of Engagement: Beating the System " Brenda
My Future Boyfriend Elizabeth Barrett
"Rules of Engagement: Double Down " Brenda
Dorfman Deb Dorfman
Miss Dial Sam
"Eastwick: Reaping and Sewing " Penny Higgins
"Eastwick: Pilot " Penny Higgins
"Leverage: The Mile High Job " Marissa Devins
"The Big Bang Theory: The Vartabedian Conundrum " Stephanie Barnett
"The Big Bang Theory: The White Asparagus Triangulation " Stephanie Barnett
"The Big Bang Theory: The Lizard-Spock Expansion " Stephanie Barnett
Nightmare at the End of the Hall Courtney
Man Maid Torry
Spaced Apryl
"Two and a Half Men: Castrating Sheep in Montana " Naomi
Nurses Chris Korenek
"Two and a Half Men: Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head " Naomi
Idiocracy Attorney General
"Office Girl: Red Carpet Claude " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Flirting with De-feet " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Why Are You Hurting Claude? " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: A Crush Grows in Brooklyn " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 2 " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 1 " Claude Casey
Danny Roane: First Time Director Charlotte Lewis
"Office Girl: Claude the Expert " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Casey V. Kronsky " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Amicably Yours " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's Extreme Makeover " Claude Casey
Barbara Jean Barbara Jean
"Office Girl: Pre-Wedded Bliss " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Get Away " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Distractions " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Playhouse " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: I Just Don't Like Her " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: You Can Leave the Lights On " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Emotions Eleven " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's Romantic Hideaway " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Mom's the Word " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: We're Bad People " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Shoo-In " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: From the Chair to the Couch " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Knock, Knock, Who's Dead? " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Ignoring Lydia " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Ain't It a Shame, Claude " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude Wants to Know " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Supply Man Down " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude on One Knee " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Pimp Hat " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's Roxanne " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Arctic Nights " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Dating Protocol at GNB " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Riding in Cars with Falafel " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: 22 Minus 1 Equals 4 " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's Apartment " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Crush " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Love Stinks " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Two Camps " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: What About That! " Claude Casey
"Mad TV: Episode #9.11" The Babysitter
"Office Girl: Santa Claude " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude the Terminator " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Girl Next Door " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Roomies " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: All About Claude " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Rules " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Shampoo " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: New York Evening " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: It Takes a Pillage " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: From the Office of Will Butler " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Choices " Claude Casey
"Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich: Acts of Betrayal " Amanda McCafferty
The second Chance - Wie du mir, so ich dir Gabby Castellani
"Office Girl: The Umbrella " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over/Under " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: A Little Love for Lydia " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Oh Papa " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The New Guy " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Picture Perfect Party " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Breaking Up " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Valentine's Day " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: High Maintenance " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Telephone " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude's Got a Secret " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: A Claude Casey Production " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: One Office Party Too Many " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude the Heartbreaker " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Meet the Folks " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Future Shock " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Pole " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Vacation " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Queen of England " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Claude the Liar " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Ice Cream with Lydia " Claude Casey
Ring Babysitter
"Office Girl: Pilot " Claude Casey
"Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich: Remembrance " Amanda McCafferty
"Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich: Hide and Seek " Amanda McCafferty
Gypsy 83 Gypsy Vale
Pearl Harbor Nurse Martha
"Popular: Promblems " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Don't Tug on Superman's Cape... " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: I Know What You Did Last Spring Break " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The Brain Game " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Coup " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Fag " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: It's Greek to Me " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Mary Charity " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The Shocking Possession of Harrison John " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Fire in the Hole " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The Consequences of Falling " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Are You There God? It's Me Ann-Margret " Carmen Ferrara
"Will & Grace: Lows in the Mid-Eighties " Joyce Adler
"Popular: Misery Loathes Company " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Ur-ine Trouble " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Style and Substance Abuse " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Joe Loves Mary Cherry " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The Sweetest Taboo " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Citizen Shame " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Baby, Don't Do It! " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Timber! " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Two Weddings and a Funeral " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: What Makes Sammy Run " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: We Are Family " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Ch-Ch-Changes " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Lord of the Files " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: All About Adam " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Booty Camp " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Caged! " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Hope in a Jar " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The Trial of Emory Dick " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Ex, Lies and Videotape " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Fall on Your Knees " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Wild, Wild Mess " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Tonight's the Night " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Queen B. " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Truth or Consequences " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Slumber Party Massacre " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Windstruck " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Under Siege " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems " Carmen Ferrara
"Popular: The Phantom Menace " Carmen Ferrara
Unschuldig verfolgt Debbie
"Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane: Sympathy for Jack " Breeny Kennedy
"Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane: To Jack, from Zoe " Breeny Kennedy
"Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane: Everything You Wanted to Know About Zoe " Breeny Kennedy
A Slipping-Down Life Violet
"The Simple Life: The Luke & Sara Show " Melanie
"The Simple Life: Sara's Ex " Melanie
Ich kann's kaum erwarten Earth Girl
"The Simple Life: Pilot " Melanie
"Chicago Hope - Endstation Hoffnung: The Ties That Bind " Rhonda Fritz
"Ned & Stacey: Prom Night " Amy
"Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child: The Golden Goose" Younger Sister
Verführung einer Minderjährigen Kimberly Jones
"Pearl: Ticket to Ride " Bertha Sugs
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Don't Ask, Don't Tell " Jane
"Fast perfekt: A Christmas Story " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: The Model Wife " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Baby Boomer Angst " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Witness " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Trevorgate " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: The Way We Weren't " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Baba-Doo-Wang " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: My Fair Darby " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Make My Day " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: A Fish Story " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: The Ungrateful Dead " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Ask Dr. Ron " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: The Far Out Internuts " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Everybody's Got a Secret " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: The Ex-Files " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Boo! " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Hoop Dreams " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Coach Ron " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: The Paper " Darby Gladstone
"Fast perfekt: Pilot " Darby Gladstone
Hilfe, meine Familie spinnt Jacquelyn
"Blossom: Mating Rituals " Angie
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Strictly Lunchroom " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Just a Family of Doolans Sittin' Around Talkin' " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: It's a Wonderful Mid-Life Crisis " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Angela's Fifteen Minutes " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Dianne's Young Buck " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Spring Breakout " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: My Little Tony " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: A Very Doolen Christmas " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: A Lou-Daughter Picnic " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: There's No Place Like Home " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Angela's Wild Ride " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Game Face " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Angela Gets Crushed " Monica
"Phenom - Das Tenniswunder: Angela's First Kiss " Monica
"Roseanne: Halloween IV " Teenage Roseanne
Ein verrückter Leichenschmaus Megan Scanlan
"Grand: The Well " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Wolf Boy " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The Mother Load " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: One Way Out " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Lady Luck " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Roamers and Rumors " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Norris' Romance " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Desmond's Mother " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The Return of Yale Pinhaus " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The Healing " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The Chickens Come Home to Roost " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Janice Steals Home " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Blow Off " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Czech, Please " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Trigonometry Made Easy " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: An Obtuse Triangle " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Carnegie Hell " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The Bald, the Blond and the Dead " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Deer Hunter " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Legends of Sport " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Faded Genes " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: A Boy and His Dad " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: Sex, Lies and Cable TV " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The Pretty Good Mother " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: A Tale of One City " Edda Pasetti
"Grand: The End of the World as We Know It " Edda Pasetti
Rocket Gibraltar Jessica Hanson
"Office Girl: And the Award Goes To " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Banished and Famished " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: I Hear an Ear " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Kip Steadman's Guide to Dating " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Reinventing the Wheel " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: Sex, Lies and Office Supplies " Claude Casey
"Office Girl: The Owl Specialist " Claude Casey

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