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Title Name Role
Thriftstore Cowboy Trish Shelton
"The Whole Truth: Liars " Waitress
Law American Style Roxanne
"Navy CIS: L.A.: Random on Purpose " Steampunk Barback
"Navy CIS: L.A.: The Only Easy Day " Heather
Jordon Saffron: Taste This! Entertainment Reporter
"Eleventh Hour - Einsatz in letzter Sekunde: Miracle " Reporter #3
"Connected: NYE: Swimsuits Optional " Ruthie Blair
"Connected: Going Down " Ruthie Blair
"Connected: Shining Star " Ruthie Blair
"Connected: The Big Centerfold " Ruthie Blair
"Connected: Ruthless Love " Ruthie Blair
"SuperNews!: Shawskank Redemption " Paris Hilton
Leaving L.A. Rochelle
"Feed-Back" Host
"Immer wieder Jim: Dress to Kill Me " Adult Ruby
"Cold Case: The Badlands " Ann Walters
Hart am Limit Neal Luff's Girlfriend
"Ready for the Weekend Movie" Host
Photo Barista at Cafe
Austin Powers in Goldständer Austin's Mom
"The West Wing - Im Zentrum der Macht: H. Con-172 " Waitress
Tomcats Steve's Nurse

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