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Title Name Role
Web of Desire Finn Conners
"Fringe - Grenzfälle des FBI: Fracture " Captain Diane Burgess
"Harper's Island: Snap " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Seep " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Gurgle " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Sploosh " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Thwack " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Bang " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Ka-Blam " Katherine Wellington
"Harper's Island: Crackle " Katherine Wellington
"Reaper - Ein teuflischer Job: The Good Soil " Cindy
"Harper's Island: Whap " Katherine Wellington
"The Guard: The Beacon " Laura Nelson
"The Guard: Just Say No " Laura Nelson
"The Guard: When All Else Fails " Laura Nelson
"The Guard: When I'm Sixty Four " Laura Nelson
"The Guard: Coming Through Fog " Laura Nelson
"The Guard: Live Free " Laura Nelson
"The Guard: Waheguru " Laura Nelson
Rexx, der Feuerwehrhund Captain Jessie Presley
Butterfly on a Wheel Judy Ryan
"Men in Trees: Pilot " Kiki
"The Evidence: Wine and Die " Mrs. Tafanelli
"The L Word - Wenn Frauen Frauen lieben: Losing the Light " Marlene
"Battlestar Galactica: Black Market " Shevon
Gefährliche Nachbarn Claudia Hartnell
Tamara Alison Natolly
Bad Blood Frances
"24 - Twenty Four: Day 4: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. " Kelly Girard
Ladies Night Susan Vercillino
"Smallville: Bound " Corinne Hartford
Alfie Bitter Girl
"Dead like me - So gut wie tot: Rites of Passage " Jeannie Bead
"The Days: Day 1,370: Part 2 " Tyler
"The Days: Day 1,370: Part 1 " Tyler
"The Days: Day 1,375 " Tyler
Lies Like Truth Kelly Fitterson
"The Days: Day 1,385 " Tyler
"The Days: Day 1,403 " Tyler
"The Days: Day 1,412 " Tyler
"Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital: Seizure Day " Celeste Daldry
"Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital: The Passion of Reverend Jimmy " Celeste Daldry
"Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital: Heartless " Celeste Daldry
"Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital: Thy Kingdom Come " Celeste Daldry
Paycheck - Die Abrechnung Sara Rethrick
Phenomenon II - Ein wunderbares Genie Lace Pennamin
Rush of Fear Carly
The Stranger Beside Me Victoria
Vergiss die Toten nicht Bonnie Wilson
"Der Fall John Doe!: Ashes to Ashes " Turquoise
"Tom Stone: Busted Shoulder " Carmen LaBruce
"Cold Squad: Back in the Day " Tracey Pawlachuck
"Der Fall John Doe!: Mind Games " Turquoise
"Twilight Zone: Chosen " Lea
"Der Fall John Doe!: Blood Lines " Turquoise
"Der Fall John Doe!: Pilot " Turquoise
L.A. Law: The Movie Belinda James
Children of the Corn: Revelation Jamie
"SK8" Whitney Lass
Stumme Schreie im See II Lauren Majors
"The Chris Isaak Show: Behind the Isaak " Maria
"Doc: Pilot: Part 1 " Samantha
Monkeybone Typhoid Mary
"Andromeda: A Rose in the Ashes " Kae-Lee
"Freedom: Freezone " Meagan
Christy: The Movie Harriet Quimby
"First Wave - Die Prophezeiung: The Plan " Allegra
"Freedom: Alpha Dogs " Meagan
"Highway to Hell - 18 Räder aus Stahl: Triple Play " Katie
"Sliders - Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension: Heavy Metal " Brice
Parkland - Deal mit dem Tod Kyra Russell
"First Wave - Die Prophezeiung: Blue Agave " Shasha
CHiPs '99 Monica
"Night Man: Book of the Dead " Trudy Thorpe
"Conan, der Abenteurer: The Child " Holoch
"Outer Limits - Die unbekannte Dimension: In the Zone " Jessica Brooks
The Taste of Pomegranate Mabel Howe
"Mission Erde: Sie sind unter uns: Scorpion's Dream " Janice Greene
"Viper: Out from Oblivion " Louise
"Sliders - Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension: Slide Like an Egyptian " Sheilah
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: Deja Vu " Jane Robertson
"Coach: Patching Things Up " Debbee
Eiskalte Wut Marci Sullivan
"Kung Fu - Im Zeichen des Drachen: The Promise " Lisa
"The Hardy Boys: All That Glitters " Truly Paul
Deadly Heroes Marcy Cartowski
Combat Zone Hooker

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