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Title Name Role
Bad and Busty Felina Baron
Voodoo Dollz Miss Santana
Bikini Royale Photo Lady
Tarzeena: Jiggle in the Jungle Shana
Super Ninja Bikini Babes Megan
Young Girls Do Lila
Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet Annie
Ghost in a Teeny Bikini Madame Zola
Naked Players China
Sexual Cravings Laura
Insatiable Cravings Monica
Dangerous Sex Games Brianna
Wicked Pleasures Kristen Reed
Voyeur's Delight Sam
Forbidden Temptations Dina
"The Best Sex Ever: Love Lessons " Shiva
"The Best Sex Ever: Touch Me " Sonia
Sinful Deeds Julie Baxter
Lüsterne Vampire - Die Rückkehr Veronika
"The Best Sex Ever: Not on the Menu " Waitress
Taboo 2001: A Sex Odyssey Madam Fetish
Lüsterne Vampire Veronika
White Lightning Bachelor Party Babe
Best of Me Bath Woman
Free Lovin' Kismet
House of Freaks The Mermaid
Magnum Love Leka Moore
Babes Illustrated 7: Swimsuit Edition Model 7
Vortex Anton's Girl
"Sex House" Mackenzie
"The Voyeur: Old Habits" Dawn

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