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Title Name Role
"Nikita: All the Way " Nikita
"Nikita: Free " Nikita
"Nikita: Coup de Grace " Nikita
"Nikita: The Next Seduction " Nikita
"Nikita: Alexandra " Nikita
"Nikita: Echoes " Nikita
"Nikita: Covenant " Nikita
"Nikita: Into the Dark " Nikita
"Nikita: Girl's Best Friend " Nikita
Priest Priestess
"Nikita: Glass Houses " Nikita
"Nikita: Betrayals " Nikita
"Nikita: Pandora " Nikita
"Nikita: Dark Matter " Nikita
"Nikita: One Way " Nikita
"Nikita: Phoenix " Nikita
"Nikita: The Recruit " Nikita
"Nikita: Resistance " Nikita
"Nikita: The Guardian " Nikita
"Nikita: Rough Trade " Nikita
"Nikita: Kill Jill " Nikita
"Nikita: 2.0 " Nikita
"Nikita: Pilot " Nikita
Rogues Gallery High Priestess
The King of Fighters Mai Shiranui
New York, I Love You Call Girl (segment "Yvan Attal")
Need for Speed: Undercover Chase Linh
Deception Tina at the Rhigha Royal
Saam gwok dzi gin lung se gap Cao Ying
Balls of Fury Maggie
The Counting House Jade
Stirb langsam 4.0 Mai Linh
Yi wu liang huo Miss Clary
Mission: Impossible III Zhen Lei
Barbara Wood - Das Haus der Harmonie Harmony Petersen
Mang lung Yuet
Taped Maggie
Hainan ji fan Gigi
In 80 Tagen um die Welt Female Agent
Moh waan chue fong May
Chek law dak gung Charlene Ching
Rush Hour 2 Girl in Car
Manhattan Midnight Susan/Hope
Tejing xinrenlei 2 Jane Quigley
Gui ming mo Anna

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