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Title Name Role
Route 666 Steph
"Die Parkers: Family Ties and Lies " Show Host
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Orion in the Sky " Shane
Superman: Shadow of Apokolips Livewire
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: I Kid You Not " Joyce Bradovich
Prey for Rock & Roll Faith
"Line of Fire: Mother & Child Reunion " Laurie McBride
The Karate Dog COLAR
"Pet Star: Episode #3.7" Judge
"Pet Star: Episode #3.13" Judge
"CSI: NY: Corporate Warriors " Maddy
"Masters of Horror: The Fair Haired Child " Judith
Cryptid Dr.Lean Carlin
Broken Arrows Erin
Richard III First Murderer
Last Call Bartender
"Dr. House: Let Them Eat Cake " Janice
"Dr. House: Joy to the World " Janice Burke
"Dr. House: Painless " Janice
Prison Break: Ein letzter Schritt zur Freiheit Daddy
"Prison Break: The Old Ball and Chain " Daddy
"Prison Break: Free " Daddy
"The Cleaner: Split Ends " Sunshine
"The Cleaner: The Things We Didn't Plan " Sunshine
Chasing 3000 Deputy Fryman
"The Beast: The Delivery " Rita
Firetrap Lucy
MacArthur Park Kelly
Horrible Accident Six
"The Hunger: Beyond Any Measure " Lisette
Clubland India
"Brimstone: Mourning After " Max
"Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager: Gravity " Noss
"Brimstone: Faces " Max
"Brimstone: Carrier " Maxine
"Brimstone: Lovers " Max
Denver P.D. - Killer Woman Candy
"Brimstone: Slayer " Max
"Brimstone: Executioner " Max
"Brimstone: Repentance " Maxine
"Batman und Robin: Girls' Nite Out " Leslie Willis/Livewire
Relax... It's Just Sex Robin Moon
"Superman: Double Dose " Livewire
"Superman: Livewire " Livewire/Leslie Willis
"Profiler: Venom " Marjorie Brand/Robin Poole
"Profiler: Venom: Part 2 " Robin Poole
Countdown - Bombenterror in Seattle Sara Daniels
"Lush Life: The Not So Lush Rock Star " Georgia 'George' Sanders
"Lush Life: The Lush Hex " Georgia 'George' Sanders
"Lush Life: The Lush Ex-Posures " Georgia 'George' Sanders
"Lush Life: First Lush Date " Georgia 'George' Sanders
"Lush Life: Lush Beginning " Georgia 'George' Sanders
Tank Girl Tank Girl
In the Army now - Die Trottel der Kompanie Christine Jones
The Glass Shield Dep. Deborah Fields
Poetic Justice Penelope
Free Willy - Ruf der Freiheit Rae Lindley
Eine Klasse für sich Kit Keller
Gefährliche Brandung Tyler
Cadillac Man Lila
"Booker: Father's Day " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Mobile Home " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Crazy " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Molly and Eddie " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Wedding Bell Blues " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Reunion " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Love Life " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Black Diamond Run " Suzanne Dunne
"Grand: A Boy and His Dad " Medea
"Booker: Who Framed Roger Thornton? " Suzanne Dunne
"Booker: Flat Out " Diane/Suzanne Dunn
"Spacecop L.A.: Fifteen with Wanda " Sal
Perry Mason und der musikalische Mord Cassie
"Freddy's Nightmares: Killer Instinct " Chris Ketchum
"The Thorns: The Thief " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Other Maid " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Maid " Cricket
"The Thorns: Condolence Call " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Girlfriend " Cricket
"The Thorns: Nothing Happened " Cricket
"Miami Vice: Love at First Sight " Carol
"The Thorns: Death and Transfiguration " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Dream House " Cricket
"The Thorns: The First Date " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Horse " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Prodigal Son " Cricket
"The Thorns: The Rage " Cricket
...They Haven't Seen This... The Girl
"Head of the Class: That'll Be the Day " Molly
"Head of the Class: Child of the 60's " Molly
The Line Jo Lanier
Bates Motel Willie
"Stingray: Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me " Lisa Perlman
"Unbekannte Dimensionen: Take My Life... Please!/Devil's Alphabet/The Library " Lori Pendleton (segment "The Library")
"Der Equalizer: The Lock Box " Hooker
"Lush Life: Episode #1.5" Georgia 'George' Sanders
"Lush Life: The Dead Lush Artist " Georgia 'George' Sanders

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