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Title Name Role
Country Club Cougars Jennifer
First Impulse Leslie
"The Helmetcam Show: 97-09A " Guest
"The Helmetcam Show: 97-05A " Guest
"The Helmetcam Show: 97-02A " Guest
Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra Julie
Bad Wives Tracy Jo Whitman
Broken Promises Grace
Where the Boys Aren't 9 Gladiator
Where the Boy's Aren't VIII Dyanna
"The Helmetcam Show: 96-08B " Guest
Michelangelos Schwester Michaelangelina
Where the Boys Aren't 7 Dyanna
Die Männerfalle Cynthia
Anal Planet Lalana
Elements of Desire Tarot
Hardcore Lacy Bennett
No Motive Jay's Girlfriend
Poison Natalie Merill
Shame Bordello Girl
Stardust 3 Alexis
The Swap 2 Ann
A Stripper Named Desire Ramblin Rosie
Doktor Sex Clara
Blind Spot Club Performer
Blonde Justice Strip Dancer
Plan 69 from Outer Space The Beautiful Rocket Scientist
Sheepless in Montana Poet's lover
The Beverly Thrillbillies Elli Might
The Mistress Heather Fields
The Proposal Dee Littlefield
The Truth Laid Bare Interviewer
Nothing to Hide II: Justine Girl at the Party #1

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