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Title Name Role
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: Holidaze " Kelsey Simmons
"Medium - Nichts bleibt verborgen: Psych " Summer Lowry
The Crazies - Fürchte deinen Nächsten Becca
"Family Guy: Brian Griffin's House of Payne " Hot Actress
The Ward Sarah
"Law & Order: Los Angeles: Hollywood " Chelsea Sennett
Weakness Danielle
The Shunning Katie Lapp
"Memphis Beat: Flesh and Blood " Sister Katherine
Piranha 3D: The Sequel Maddy
Renaissance Girl Kimber
Freitag der 13. Jenna
"Eli Stone: Owner of a Lonely Heart " Genny Clarke
"Shark: Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark " Julie Stark
"Shark: One Hit Wonder " Julie Stark
"Shark: Leaving Las Vegas " Julie Stark
"Shark: Bar Fight " Julie Stark
"Shark: Partners in Crime " Julie Stark
"Shark: Shaun of the Dead " Julie Stark
"Shark: Every Breath You Take " Julie Stark
"Shark: Burning Sensation " Julie Stark
"Shark: In the Crosshairs " Julie Stark
"Shark: In Absentia " Julie Stark
"Shark: No Holds Barred " Julie Stark
"Shark: Student Body " Julie Stark
"Shark: Dr. Laura " Julie Stark
Home of the Giants Bridgette 'Bridge' Bachman
"Shark: Eye of the Beholder " Julie Stark
"Shark: For Whom the Skel Rolls " Julie Stark
"Shark: Gangster Movies " Julie Stark
Mr. Brooks - Der Mörder in Dir Jane Brooks
"Shark: Wayne's World 2: Revenge of the Shark " Julie Stark
"Shark: Strange Bedfellows " Julie Stark
"Shark: Fall from Grace " Julie Stark
"Shark: Porn Free " Julie Stark
"Shark: Trial by Fire " Julie Stark
"Shark: Backfire " Julie Stark
"Shark: Blind Trust " Julie Stark
"Shark: Here Comes the Judge " Julie Stark
"Shark: Starlet Fever " Julie Stark
"Shark: Teacher's Pet " Julie Stark
"Shark: Wayne's World " Julie Stark
"Shark: The Wrath of Khan " Julie Stark
"Shark: Sins of the Mother " Julie Stark
"Shark: Dial M for Monica " Julie Stark
"Shark: Love Triangle " Julie Stark
"Shark: Déjà Vu All Over Again " Julie Stark
"Shark: Fashion Police " Julie Stark
"Shark: In the Grasp " Julie Stark
"Shark: Russo " Julie Stark
"Shark: Dr. Feelbad " Julie Stark
"Shark: LAPD Blue " Julie Stark
"Shark: Pilot " Julie Stark
Hilfe, mein Tagebuch ist ein Bestseller Is
Deine, meine & unsere Phoebe North
Rule Number One Grace Jones
Sky high - Diese Highschool hebt ab! Layla
"Summerland Beach: Careful What You Wish For " Faith
"Summerland Beach: Safe House " Faith
Empire Falls - Schicksal einer Stadt Tick Roby
Mom at Sixteen Jacey Jeffries
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Intoxicated " Carrie Lynn Eldridge
Die Suche nach Davids Herz Darcy Deeton
Jordan Superstar Brittany Aarons
"Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich: As I Was Going to St. Ives... " Melissa Ringston
"The Guardian - Retter mit Herz: The Father-Daughter Dance " Samantha Gray
Sex & the Single Mom Sara Gradwell
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Play with Fire " Girl
"Malcolm mittendrin: Reese's Party " Kathy McCulskey
"The Bernie Mac Show: Raging Election " Chelsea
"Family Affair: Ballroom Blitz " Parker LeeAnn Aldays

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