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Title Name Role
"Coronation Street: Episode #1.2017" Arlene Jones
"Life of Shakespeare: Dead Shepherd " Eleanor Bull
"Deckname Seeney: May " Sheila Martin
"Within These Walls: The Mystery " Aileen Cruddley
"Within These Walls: Love and the Chaplain " Aileen Cruddley
"Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone: House of Cards " Jo
"Six Days of Justice: A Juicy Case " Kay Grant
"Crown Court: Bad Day at Black Cape: Part 1 " Shirley Sorensen
"Within These Walls: The Slap " Aileen Cruddley
"Father Brown: The Hammer of God " Elizabeth Barnes
"Armchair Theatre: If You Could See What I Can See " Diane
The Last Chapter Carlotta
"Kein Pardon für Schutzengel: Goodbye George " Maria Milworth
"Coronation Street: Episode #1.1280" Vicki
"Crown Court: Love Thy Neighbour: Part 3 " Mrs. Gorman
"Crown Court: Love Thy Neighbour: Part 2 " Mrs. Gorman
"Jason King: The Constance Missal " Claudia
"Die 2: The Man in the Middle " Senka
"Trial: Perks " Gloria Jarratt
Auf der Suche nach Liebe Stella
Get Carter Glenda
The Man Who Had Power Over Women Lydia Blake
"UFO: The Cat with Ten Lives " Jean Regan
"Z Cars: Threats and Menaces: Part 2 " Karen Dunn
"Z Cars: Threats and Menaces: Part 1 " Karen Dunn
"Paul Temple: Mr Wallace Predicts " Elsie
"The Wednesday Play: Close the Coalhouse Door " Ruth
"Strange Report: Lonely Heart: Who Killed Dan Cupid " Tessa O'Neill
"Plays of Today: The Ladies: Doreen " Doreen
"The Wednesday Play: Sling Your Hook " Jo
"Department S: Six Days " Janet
"Out of the Unknown: The Little Black Bag " Angie
"For Amusement Only: Time for the Funny Walk " Monica
"Z Cars: A Matter for Thought: Part 2 " Kathy Egerton
"Z Cars: A Matter for Thought: Part 1 " Kathy Egerton
"Half Hour Story: Stella " Stella
"ITV Playhouse: Rogues' Gallery: The Lives and Crimes of Jonathan Wild and Jack Sheppard " Edgworth Bess
"ITV Playhouse: Rogue's Gallery: The Curious Adventures of Miss Jane Rawley " Edgworth Bess
"Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Timekeepers " Sarah
"Half Hour Story: George's Room " The Woman
"Love Story: The Swordfighter " Peggy Harris
"The Gamblers: Read 'em and Weep " Judith
"Champion House: The One That Got Away " Stella Shaw
"Theatre 625: The Loser " Brenda
"Der Baron: Time to Kill " Cristina Vitale
"Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Other Fella " Monica Lord
"Adam Adamant Lives!: The League of Uncharitable Ladies " Prudence
"No Hiding Place: Leo Did the Picking and It All Went Bad " Vivienne Quinn
"The Wednesday Play: Cock, Hen and Courting Pit " Lucy
"Pardon the Expression: Big Hotel " Samantha
"Geheimagent: Someone Is Liable to Get Hurt " Magda Kallai
"Cluff: The Daughters " Dorothy Horrisey
"The Wednesday Play: The Seven O'Clock Crunch " Sarah
"The Hidden Truth: Penny Post Paid " Moddy
"Badger's Bend: Episode #2.12" Peggy Miller
"Badger's Bend: Episode #2.10" Peggy Miller
"Badger's Bend: Episode #2.7" Peggy Miller
"Badger's Bend: Episode #2.6" Peggy Miller
"Badger's Bend: Episode #2.5" Peggy Miller
"Badger's Bend: Episode #2.4" Peggy Miller

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