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Title Name Role
"Hawthorne: Hello and Goodbye " Candy Sullivan
"Sonny Munroe: Hart to Hart " Tammi Hart
"Burn Notice: Partners in Crime " Isabella
"Hawthorne: No Excuses " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: The Starting Line " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Road Narrows " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Afterglow " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: The Match " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Final Curtain " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Hidden Truths " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: A Mother Knows " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Picture Perfect " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: No Exit " Candy Sullivan
Born to Race Ms. Parker
"Hawthorne: For Better or Worse " Candy Sullivan
"True Blood: She's Not There " Suzanne McKittrick
"True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner " Suzanne McKittrick
"Hawthorne: Mother's Day " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: No Guts, No Glory " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Night Moves " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Trust Me " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: The Sense of Belonging " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: All the Wrong Places " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Yielding " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Healing Time " Candy Sullivan
"Hawthorne: Pilot " Candy Sullivan
"90210: Hello, Goodbye, Amen " Tracy Clark
"90210: That Which We Destroy " Tracy Clark
"90210: There's No Place Like Homecoming " Tracy Clark
"90210: Hollywood Forever " Tracy Clark
"90210: Model Behavior " Tracy Clark
"90210: Wide Awake and Dreaming " Tracy Clark
"90210: The Bubble " Tracy Clark
"90210: Lucky Strike " Tracy Clark
"90210: The Jet Set " Tracy Clark
"90210: We're Not in Kansas Anymore " Tracy Clark
"Two and a Half Men: The Soil is Moist " Cynthia Sullivan
"Unhitched: Woman Marries Horse " Barbara
"Women's Murder Club: Play Through the Pain " Drew Kaplan
Delta Farce Karen
"The Wedding Bells: The Most Beautiful Girl " Chrissie Miller
"Will & Grace: Partners 'n' Crime " Kitty
"Love, Inc.: Anything But Love " Tiffany
"Hot Properties: El día de compasión " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Grrr... " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Killer Bodies " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol on 34th Street " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Whatever Lola Wants " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: When Chloe Met Marco " Emerson Ives
Complete Guide to Guys Elaine
"Hot Properties: The Return of the Ring " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Waiting for Oprah " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Dating Up, Dating Down " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Sex, Lies & Chubby Chasers " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Online Dating " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Chick Stuff " Emerson Ives
"Hot Properties: Pilot " Emerson Ives
"The Bad Girl's Guide: The Guide to in and Out " Sarah
"The Bad Girl's Guide: The Guide to Baby Talk " Sarah
"The Bad Girl's Guide: The Guide to Doing It Now " Sarah
"The Bad Girl's Guide: The Guide to Being in the Mood " Sarah
"The Bad Girl's Guide: The Guide to Switching Partners " Sarah
"The Bad Girl's Guide: The Guide to Procrastination " Sarah
"Unscripted: Episode #1.8" Support Group Testimonial
Trouble ohne Paddel Butterfly
"Die Wilden 70er: Going Mobile " Laurie Forman
"Die Wilden 70er: Young Man Blues " Laurie Forman
"Die Wilden 70er: We're Not Gonna Take It " Laurie Forman
"Die Wilden 70er: I'm Free " Laurie Forman
"Die Wilden 70er: Join Together " Laurie Forman
"Die Wilden 70er: The Kids Are Alright " Laurie Forman
"Mad TV: Episode #8.25" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.24" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.22" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.21" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.19" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.18" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.15" Various
"Mad TV: Episode #8.13" Various
"Das Geheimnis von Pasadena: Puppy Love " Jayleen Richards
"24 - Twenty Four: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. " Dana
"Das Geheimnis von Pasadena: Hostile Environment " Jayleen Richards
"Das Geheimnis von Pasadena: Henry's Secret " Jayleen Richards
"Das Geheimnis von Pasadena: Pilot " Jayleen Richards
Walking Shadow Jocelyn Colby
"Frauenpower: Clemency " Jennifer Cooke
"Frauenpower: Recovery " Jennifer Cooke
"Seven Days - Das Tor zur Zeit: Head Case " Dr. Grace Weiman
"Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst: The First Thanksgiving " Colleen
"Susan: Dinner Party " Elizabeth Macstone
"Hyperion Bay: A Matter of Trust " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: With Friends Like These... " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Valentine's Bay " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Strange Days " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: The Takeover " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Truth or Consequences " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Young and on Fire " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: The Weight of the World " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: The Rope " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: House Guests and Fish " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Save the Last Dance for Me " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Some Common Words and Phrases " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Temptation and Responsibility " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Family Business " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: Static " Amy Sweeny
"Hyperion Bay: The Cookie Crumbles " Amy Sweeny
"Conrad Bloom: Pilot " Allison
"Hyperion Bay: Pilot " Amy Sweeny
"Friends: The One with All the Wedding Dresses " Marjorie
"Susan: Pucker Up " Heather
"Ein Witzbold namens Carey: The Sex Drug " Court Reporter
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: The Old West " Cherri
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: Let's Get Ready to Rum Ball " Cherri
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: The Chaste Makes Waste " Cherri
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: Undercover Cheerleader " Cherri
"Zwei Singles im Doppelbett: K.I.S.S. " Jenny
"Kreativ sein ist alles: Ten Grand a Dance " Betsy
"Palm Beach-Duo: The Rock " Susan Henderson
Schlechte Verlierer J-Wags Patron
"Überflieger: Escape from New York " Terri
"Burning Zone - Expedition Killervirus: The Last Endless Summer " Tracy
"Eine schrecklich nette Familie: Twisted " Gorgeous Woman
"Beverly Hills, 90210: Disappearing Act " Sexy Anchor

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