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Title Name Role
Legend 6 Tish Toosh
Car Wash Angels Yellow Moon
Adam and Eve's House Party Party Girl
Heist Miss Cummings
Liquid Dreams Neurovid Reactors
Wild Child Jan
Young Nurses in Love Valley Girl
Hot Flashes Valley Girl
Sex-a-vision Laurie
Unschuldig gefangen Lynn
Avenged Diana Wilde
Electric Blue 37 Miss Bottoms
The Loves of Lolita Mistress
Electric Blue 24 Nurse
Electric Blue 27 Ballerina
Electric Blue 33 Roller Skater
Every Man's Fantasy Maid
Perfect Fit Massage Girl in Pink
Pony Girl Marilyn
Pony Girl Number Two Marilyn
Shape-Up for Sensational Sex Hips/Buttocks Workout Girl
The Sperminator Brenda
Sister Dearest Exotic Dancer
Talk Dirty to Me Part III Sunbather
Babylon Nights Valley Girl
Bare Elegance Jana
Camp Beaver Lake: The Movie Lisa
Electric Blue 17 Victorian Woman
Electric Blue 18 Gift Shop Clerk/Native Girl
Flaming Tongues Chris
Inside China Lee Lisette
Kinky Business Albert's Dark-Haired Hooker
Autobahn-Orgie Diana
Miss Passion Jessie Jism
Panty Raid Jackie
Raven Lisa Marie
Sinful Pleasures Crystal
Taking Off Rachel
The Pink Lagoon: A Sex Romp in Paradise Native Imposter
Wild Weekend Renee
Casino of Lust Marlene Bates
Kidnapped Girls Agency Vera

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