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Title Name Role
A Matter of Time Jane Doe
The Philly Kid Amy
I Spit on Your Grave Jennifer
"I <3 Vampires: Siona's Confession " Paige
"I <3 Vampires: House of McCabe: Part II " Paige
"I <3 Vampires: House of McCabre: Part 1 " Paige
"I <3 Vampires: Best Fans Forever: Part I " Paige
"CSI: NY: Green Piece " Alison Redman
"CSI: Miami: Bombshell " Kim Walderman
"Luke 11:17: The Elephant in the Room " Sandy
"Luke 11:17: Don't Invade Other's Space " Sandy
"Luke 11:17: Crucified Between Two Thieves " Sandy
Flu Bird Horror Eva
A Couple of White Chicks at the Hairdresser Marc's Assistant
Tobias_427 Jenny
"Love's a Trip" Contestant

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