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Title Name Role
"Fallen: Mysterious Ways and All That " Ariel
"Fallen: Someone Always Has to Die " Ariel
"Fallen: Il Gran Rifuto " Ariel
Battle in Seattle Carla
"12 Miles of Bad Road: Texas Stadium " Montserrat
"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover " Ilsa Trinchina
Witless Protection Madeleine
"12 Miles of Bad Road: Pilot " Montserrat
"12 Miles of Bad Road: Tremors " Montserrat
Columbus Day Cheryl
"Dr. House: House's Head " Woman in Black
Your Name Here The Blonde
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Dasha Fedorovich
"Pushing Daisies: The Norwegians " Hedda Lillihammer
"Eleventh Hour - Einsatz in letzter Sekunde: Eternal " Isabelle Van Dyke
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Lt. Dasha Fedorovich
"Without a Trace - Spurlos verschwunden: Heartbeats " Lana
"Royal Pains: Nobody's Perfect " Kylie
Reflections Human 2
"Eastwick: Madams and Madames " Ivanka
"Eastwick: Fleas and Casserole " Ivanka
Red Rooster Tiree
All American Tooles Ivana Jackovich
Beneath the Blue Gwen
"Hawaii Five-0: Ohana " Natalie Reed/Nadia Lukovic
Coming & Going Ivana
Der perfekte Ex Jacinda
"Fallen: The Time of the Redeemer " Ariel
"Alles Betty!: Petra-Gate " Lena
"Alles Betty!: Punch Out " Lena
"American Dad: Of Ice and Men " Svetlana
James Bond 007 - Casino Royale Valenka
"The Unit - Eine Frage der Ehre: Natural Selection " Ilona
The Elder Son Tanya
Clive Baker's Die Seuche Jean Raynor
"Love Monkey: Coming Out " Julia
"Love Monkey: Mything Persons " Julia
"Love Monkey: Opportunity Knocks " Julia
"Love Monkey: The Window " Julia
"Love Monkey: The One That Got Away " Julia
The Return of the Muskrats Agent
"Love Monkey: Nice Package " Julia
"Love Monkey: Pilot " Julia
Running Scared Mila Yugorsky
"Love Monkey: Confidence " Julia
Solange Du da bist Katrina
In den Schuhen meiner Schwester Caroline, in photos
Her Minor Thing Zsa Zsa
"One on One: Contract High " Ranya
Slipstream Sarah Tanner
"One on One: Shock Jock " Ranya
"Las Vegas: My Beautiful Launderette " Angie Logan
"One on One: Lost in the Headlights " Ranya Rochenko
Frankenstein Erika Helios
"One on One: Zen Daddy " Ranya
"CSI: Miami: Wannabe " Jen Kemp
Dark Shadows Angelique
Paycheck - Die Abrechnung Maya-Rachel
"Charmed: Valhalley of the Dolls: Part 1 " Mist
"Charmed: Valhalley of the Dolls: Part 2 " Mist
Tatsächlich... Liebe Stacey, American Dreamgirl
Down with Love - Zum Teufel mit der Liebe! Yvette
"Friends: The One with the Memorial Service " Kori Weston
"Yes, Dear: Flirtin' with Disaster " Kirsten
Mail Order Bride Nina
"Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst: Mr. Jealousy " Katinka
Four Reasons Model
"Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen: As You Were " Sam Finn
Vanilla Sky Emma
Impostor - Der Replikant Gang girl
"The Mind of the Married Man: Lay Down Dancing " Missy
"The Mind of the Married Man: Wonderful News " Missy
"The Mind of the Married Man: The God of Marriage " Missy
"The Mind of the Married Man: The Secret of the Universe " Missy
"The Mind of the Married Man: Pilot " Missy
Hals über Kopf Roxana
"Secret Agent Man: Sleepers " Lara
"Nash Bridges: Heist " Chase
"Nash Bridges: Liar's Poker " Chase
Haunted Hill Period Film Actress
Liebe? Lieber nicht! Amber
"Felicity: Friends " Sensa
"The Army Show: Paymaster " Pvt. Lana Povac
Der Staatsfeind Nr. 1 Ruby's Sales Clerk
October 22 Debra
Kiss the Sky Ilsa
"The Army Show: I'll See Your Five and Raise an Eddie " Lana Povac
"Felicity: Hot Objects " Sensa
"The Army Show: The Military Ball " Lana Povac
"The Army Show: Shipping Out " Lana Povac
Postmortem Gwen Turner
"House Rules: Dude Act Like a Lady " Cinnamon
Crazy Six Anna
"Die Nanny: No Muse Is Good Muse " Tasha
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: From Russia with Love " Oksana
Hollywood Undercover Waitress
"Seinfeld: The Comeback " Patty
The Big Brass Ring Cela Brandini
Jerry Maguire - Spiel des Lebens Former Girlfriend
Kinder des Zorns 3 Acolyte
"12 Miles of Bad Road: Collateral Verbiage " Montserrat
"12 Miles of Bad Road: Moonshadow " Montserrat
"12 Miles of Bad Road: The Dirty White Girl " Montserrat

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