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Title Name Role
"Californication: Dogtown " Karen
"Californication: Comings and Goings " Karen
"Californication: Mia Culpa " Karen
"10 Minute Tales: Deep & Crisp & Even " Woman
The Kid Gloria
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Marie Belmont
Thorne: Sleepyhead Anne Coburn
"Californication: Exile on Main St. " Karen
"Californication: Suicide Solution " Karen
"Californication: Home Sweet Home " Karen
"Californication: Monkey Business " Karen
"Californication: Freeze-Frame " Karen
"Californication: Lawyers, Guns and Money " Karen
"Californication: The Recused " Karen
"Californication: Lights, Camera, Asshole " Karen
"Californication: Another Perfect Day " Karen
"Californication: The Trial " Karen
"Californication: The Last Supper " Karen
"Californication: ...And Justice for All " Karen
Phantom Sophie
"Californication: Mr. Bad Example " Karen
"Californication: The Apartment " Karen
"Californication: So Here's the Thing... " Karen
"Californication: Glass Houses " Karen
"Californication: Slow Happy Boys " Karen
"Californication: Zoso " Karen
"Californication: Verities & Balderdash " Karen
"Californication: The Land of Rape and Honey " Karen
"Californication: Wish You Were Here " Karen
"Californication: La Petite Mort " Karen
"Californication: Blues from Laurel Canyon " Karen
"Californication: In Utero " Karen
"Californication: La Ronde " Karen
"Californication: Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills " Karen
"Californication: In a Lonely Place " Karen
"Californication: Coke Dick & First Kick " Karen
"Californication: Vaginatown " Karen
Blessed Lou
"Californication: The Raw & the Cooked " Karen
"Californication: No Way to Treat a Lady " Karen
"Californication: The Great Ashby " Karen
"Californication: Slip of the Tongue " Karen
The Secret of Moonacre Loveday
"Californication: The Last Waltz " Karen
"Californication: Turn the Page " Karen
"Californication: The Devil's Threesome " Karen
"Californication: Filthy Lucre " Karen
"Californication: California Son " Karen
"Californication: Girls, Interrupted " Karen
"Californication: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder " Karen
"Californication: LOL " Karen
"Californication: Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser " Karen
"Californication: The Whore of Babylon " Karen
"Californication: Hell-A Woman " Karen
"The Company: Episode #1.3" Elizabeth Nemeth
"Californication: Pilot " Karen
"The Company: Episode #1.2" Elizabet
Big Nothing Penelope Wood
Guy X Sgt. Irene Teal
"Revelations: Hour Six " Sister Josepha Montafiore
"Revelations: Hour Five " Sister Josepha Montafiore
"Revelations: Hour Four " Sister Josepha Montafiore
"Revelations: Hour Three " Sister Josepha Montafiore
"Revelations: Hour Two " Sister Josepha Montafiore
"Revelations: Hour One " Sister Josepha Montafiore
Der Duft von Lavendel Olga Daniloff
The Other Boleyn Girl Mary Boleyn
Solaris Rheya
City of Ghosts Sophie
Fear Dot Com Terry Huston, Dept. of Health
Laurel Canyon Sara
Killing Me Softly Deborah
Bei Berührung Tod Holly Anderson
Verlorene Liebesmüh' Rosaline
Ronin Deirdre
Anwältinnen küßt man nicht Kate Beckenham
Die Truman Show Lauren/Sylvia
Mrs Dalloway Young Clarissa
Vertrauter Feind Megan Doherty
Mein Mann Picasso Françoise Gilot
"Cold Lazarus: Episode #1.4" Angie
"Cold Lazarus: Episode #1.3" Angie
"Karaoke: Friday " Angie
"Karaoke: Tuesday " Angie
A Breed of Heroes Janet
"Bruder Cadfael: The Sanctuary Sparrow " Cecily Corde
"Minder: All Quiet on the West End Front " Vanessa
"Absolutely Fabulous: Death " Art Gallery Assistant
"Jim Bergerac ermittelt: Snow in Provence " Louise Calder
"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: An Unkindness of Ravens: Part Two " Helen Blake
"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: An Unkindness of Ravens: Part One " Helen Blake
"Californication: Episode #5.3" Karen
"Californication: Episode #5.4" Karen
"Californication: Episode #5.5" Karen
"Californication: Episode #5.6" Karen
"Californication: Episode #5.7" Karen
"Californication: Episode #5.8" Karen

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