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Title Name Role
"Castle: When the Bough Breaks " Paula Haas
"The Life & Times of Tim: The Girl Scout Incident/Rodney Has a Wife? " Rochelle
"Jonas: Back to the Beach " Mona Klein
"Jonas: Date Expectations " Mona Klein
"Jonas: And... Action! " Mona Klein
"Entourage: Buzzed " Shauna
"Jonas: America's Sweethearts " Mona Klein
"Hawthorne: Hidden Truths " Donna Alberghetti
"Jonas: Up in the Air " Mona Klein
"Jonas: On the Radio " Mona Klein
"Jonas: Band of Brothers " Mona Klein
"Good Vibes: Pilot " Babs
"Entourage: Running on E " Shauna
"Burn Notice: Friends Like These " Amy
"Entourage: Drive " Shauna
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Babes " Peggy Bernardi
"Entourage: Gotta Look Up to Get Down " Shauna
"Entourage: Fire Sale " Shauna
"Entourage: The All Out Fall Out " Shauna
"Privileged: Pilot " Debra
The Women - Von großen und kleinen Affären Tanya
A Beautiful Life Susan
Return to Babylon Gloria Swanson
"Entourage: Gary's Desk " Shauna
"Entourage: Adios, Amigos " Shauna
Red Riding Hood Red's Mom
"Alles Betty!: Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral " Leah Feldman
"Alles Betty!: Trust, Lust and Must " Leah Feldman
"Ghost Whisperer - Stimmen aus dem Jenseits: The Woman of His Dreams " Josie
"Entourage: I Wanna Be Sedated " Shauna
"Entourage: Vegas Baby, Vegas! " Shauna
"Entourage: The Release " Shauna
"Entourage: Strange Days " Shauna
"Entourage: Three's Company " Shauna
"Entourage: Crash and Burn " Shauna
"Entourage: Guys and Doll " Shauna
"Entourage: Dominated " Shauna
"Entourage: One Day in the Valley " Shauna
"Entourage: Aquamom " Shauna
"Living with Fran: Reuniting with Fran " Cousin Merrill
"Living with Fran: Coupling with Fran " Cousin Merrill
Alibi - Ihr kleines schmutziges Geheimnis ist bei uns sicher! Detective Bryce
Wait Joanne
"Living with Fran: Going to a Bar Mitzvah with Fran " Cousin Merrill
"Living with Fran: A Year of Living with Fran " Cousin Merrill
"Entourage: The Abyss " Shauna
Edmond Matron
"Entourage: Exodus " Shauna
"Entourage: Good Morning Saigon " Shauna
"Entourage: Blue Balls Lagoon " Shauna
"Entourage: The Bat Mitzvah " Shauna
"Entourage: I Love You Too " Shauna
"Entourage: Oh, Mandy " Shauna
"Entourage: The Sundance Kids " Shauna
"Entourage: Chinatown " Shauna
"Entourage: Neighbors " Shauna
"Entourage: An Offer Refused " Shauna
"Entourage: Aquamansion " Shauna
"Entourage: My Maserati Does 185 " Shauna
"Entourage: The Boys Are Back in Town " Shauna
Be Cool Marla
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: Lenny Scissorhands " Maxine Annunziato
"CSI: Miami: Speed Kills " Rebecca Briggs
My Tiny Universe Bonnie
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Maria Latore
Goodnight, Joseph Parker Rita
"All of Us: The Kiss Off " Debi
"Entourage: New York " Shauna
"Entourage: The Scene " Shauna
"Entourage: Busey and the Beach " Shauna
"Entourage: The Script and the Sherpa " Shauna
"Entourage: Date Night " Shauna
Collateral Young Professional Woman
"Entourage: Talk Show " Shauna
"All of Us: Playdate " Alex
"Practice - Die Anwälte: New Hoods on the Block " Gigi Coley
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Comings and Goings " Gigi Coley
"Eine himmlische Familie: The Anniversary " Nurse Kelly
"All of Us: Boxing " Alex
"All of Us: Used ta Be My Girl " Alex
"All of Us: Catering " Alex
"Eine himmlische Familie: The One Thing " Nurse Kelly
"All of Us: Johnny Comes Home Marching " Alex
"All of Us: Birthdaze " Alex
Who Killed the Idea? Mysterious Woman
The Groovenians Cuckoo bird/Swirly/Yalda
The Tuxedo - Gefahr im Anzug Steena
Ten Tiny Love Stories Six
"Friends: The One Where Rachel Has a Baby: Part 1 " Evil Bitch
"Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 3 May 2002" Guest Appearance
"Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 2 May 2002" Guest Appearance
"That's Life: Momento " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: What's Family Got to Do with It? " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: All About Lydia " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Baum's Thesis " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Behind Closed Doors " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Gutterball " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Love's Labor " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Sex in the Suburbs " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Oh, Baby! " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Idiots " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Plus One " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Boo! " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Bad Chemistry " Jackie O'Grady
Grand Theft Auto III Maria Leone
"That's Life: M.Y.O.B. " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: The Devil and Miss DeLucca " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Something Battered, Something Blue " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Larva " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: No Good Deed " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Miracle at the Cucina " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Or What's a Heaven For? " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Mr. Wrong " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Touched by a Biker " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Heart Problems " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Nomads " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Photographs " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: When Good Ideas Go Bad " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Saint Bernadette " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: The Tutor " Jackie O'Grady
Kidnapped - Tödlicher Sumpf Rita
"That's Life: The Tell-Tale Uterus " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Bad Hair Week " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: He's Very Heavy, He's My Brother " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Whadda You Want from Life " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: The Screw-Up " Jackie O'Grady
"That's Life: Pilot " Jackie O'Grady
More Dogs than Bones - Blutige Millionenjagd Mary
"Sechs unter einem Dach: Saved " Kate Harris
"Providence: Thank You, Providence: Part 1 " Vonda Vickers
"Providence: Thank You, Providence: Part 2 " Vonda Vickers
Insider Debbie De Luca
Haunted Hill Jennifer Jenzen (deleted character, DVD only)
The Sissy Duckling Mother Duck 2
"Die lieben Kollegen: Sliding Doors " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: She Loves Me Yeah, Yeah, Yeah " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: The Other Executive " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Manifesto Destiny " Liz Tricoli
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Darwin Plays the Palace " Mongoose
"Die lieben Kollegen: The Prodigy " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: The Retreat " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Romeo and Julie " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: The Christmas Party " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Greenery " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: The Consultant " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: A Boy, a Girl, and His Bird " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Networking " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Good Val Hunting " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Performance Review " Liz Tricoli
David and Lisa Maggie
"Die lieben Kollegen: Armageddon Outta Here " Liz Tricoli
There's No Fish Food in Heaven Rosie
"Die lieben Kollegen: The Closer " Liz Tricoli
"Die lieben Kollegen: Home-O-Apathy " Liz Tricoli
Witness to the Mob Deborah Gravano
Eisige Stille Lisa
Frogs for Snakes Simone
Trouble on the Corner Ericca Ricce
Casper - Wie alles begann Angie Lyons
The Deli Teresa
Alles aus Liebe - Call it Love Georgie
Nowhere - Eine Reise am Abgrund Kozy
"Temporarily Yours: By Design " Deb DeAngelo
"Temporarily Yours: In the Same Boat " Deb DeAngelo
"Temporarily Yours: Independence Day " Deb DeAngelo
"Temporarily Yours: The Voice of Reason " Deb DeAngelo
"Temporarily Yours: Temp-tation " Deb DeAngelo
"Temporarily Yours: Pilot " Deb DeAngelo
Wally Sparks - König des schlechten Geschmacks Sandy Gallo
Red Ribbon Blues Darcy
Trees Lounge - Die Bar, in der sich alles dreht Crystal
Space Truckers Cindy
Girl 6 Girl #39
Was ich Dir noch nie erzählt habe Diane
Musical Shorts with Debi Mazar Host
Das Empire Team Jane
Batman Forever Spice
"Burkes Gesetz: Who Killed the Motor Car Maverick? " Rachel Davis
Witch Hunt The Manicurist
Bullets Over Broadway Violet
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Finish Line " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Whistle Stop " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: How Am I Driving? " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Tunnel of Love " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Dead Issue " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Silence Is Golden " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway? " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Three on a Patch " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: God Is My Co-Counsel " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: The Age of Insolence " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Cold Cuts " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother " Denise Ianello
Eine Familie namens Beethoven Regina
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Rhyme and Punishment " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Eli's Gumming " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Pacific Rimshot " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Safe Sex " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: The Green, Green Grass of Home " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Foreign Co-respondent " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: How Much Is That Bentley in the Window " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Leap of Faith " Denise Ianello
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Book of Renovation, Chapter 1 " Denise Ianello
Money for Nothing Monica Russo
Liebling, hältst Du mal die Axt? Susan, Tony's Girlfriend
"Civil Wars: A Liver Runs Through It " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Captain Kangaroo Court " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Alien Aided Affection " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Watt, Me Worry? " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Split Ends " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Dances with Sharks " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Hit the Road, Jack " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: A Partridge in a Pair's Tree " Denise Iannello
Tödliches Spielzeug Nurse Debbie
"Civil Wars: The Triumph of DeVille " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: The Old Man and the 'C' " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: A Bus Named Desire " Denise Iannello
Malcolm X Peg
"Civil Wars: Das Boat House " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Devil's Advocate " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Below the Beltway " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Drone of Arc " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Oboe Phobia " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Grin and Bare It " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: The Naked and the Wed " Denise Iannello
Singles - Gemeinsam einsam Brenda
Der ganz normale Wahnsinn Daphne
Love Is Like That Delores
"Civil Wars: Till Debt Do Us Part " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Denise and De Nuptials " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Mob Psychology " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Dirty Pool " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Chute First, Ask Questions Later " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Tape Fear " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Whippet 'Til It Breaks " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: His Honor's Offer " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Shop 'Til You Drop " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Pro Se Can You See " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: For Better or Perverse " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Oceans White with Phone " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense " Denise Iannello
In the Soup - Alles Kino Suzie
"Civil Wars: Have Gun, Will Unravel " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: A Long, Fat Frontal Presentation " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: The Pound and the Fury " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Daveja-Vu All Over Again " Denise Iannello
"Civil Wars: Pilot " Denise Iannello
Das Wunderkind Tate Gina
Jungle Fever Denise
The Doors Whiskey Girl
GoodFellas - Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia Sandy
Graffiti Rock Dancer
New York Beat Movie Peppermint Lounge Dancer
"Wanda at Large: Unaired Pilot" Jenny Hawkins

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