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Title Name Role
"Die Liga der Gerechten: The Ties That Bind " Barda Free/Big Barda
It Is What It Is Teresa
"Batman Beyond: The Call: Part 2 " Barda Free/Big Barda
"Batman Beyond: The Call: Part 1 " Barda Free/Big Barda
"Party of Five: Fate, Hope and Charity " Tracy
"Party of Five: We Gather Together " Tracy
"Party of Five: Too Close " Tracy
Hitman's Run Sarah
Mörderische Küsse Sara
"Fantasy Island: Pilot " Carol Ashby
Kollisionskurs - Panik im Tower Laura Franklin
Grown-Ups Jeanie
"Jenny: A Girl's Gotta Hang with a Celebrity " Kyra Campbell
"Mr. Rhodes: The Valentine Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Tom's Not Headmaster Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Welcome Back Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Italian Show " Nikki Harkin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Courtroom Show " Nikki Harkin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Sexism Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Christmas Show " Nikki Harkin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Thanksgiving Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Amanda's Fix-up Show " Nikki Hardin
"Ned & Stacey: A Tender Trap " Megan Foster
"Mr. Rhodes: Looking for Mrs. Goodbar " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Death, Lice and Videotape " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Halloween Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Heary's Camera " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Nikki Quits Therapy " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Tom Moves In " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: The Crush Show " Nikki Hardin
"Mr. Rhodes: Pilot " Nikki Hardin
Heat Claudia
Favorite Deadly Sins Mrs. Spencer
"Dweebs: The Crush Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Bad Back Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Cyrano Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Birthday Party Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Privacy Show " Carey
"Dweebs: Pilot " Carey
Abandoned and Deceived Sarah
"Superman - Die Abenteuer von Lois & Clark: Lucky Leon " Mayson Drake
"Überflieger: Ex, Lies and Videotape " Alex Lambert
"Superman - Die Abenteuer von Lois & Clark: Top Copy " Mayson Drake
"Superman - Die Abenteuer von Lois & Clark: The Eyes Have It " Mayson Drake
"Dweebs: The Actress Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Bad P.R. Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Karl's Crisis Show " Carey
"Dweebs: The Noreen Sleeps with Warren Show " Carey
Enthüllung Adele Lewyn
Bionic Ever After? Kimberly Haviland/Harmon
"Superman - Die Abenteuer von Lois & Clark: Church of Metropolis " Mayson Drake
"Überflieger: A Decent Proposal " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Call of the Wild " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Long Distance Lament " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Roy Crazy " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Boys Will Be Girls " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Sleepless in Nantucket " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Moonlighting " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Exclusively Yours " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Hey, Nineteen " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Say Uncle, Carlton " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: The Faygitive " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Oh Give Me a Home Where the Mathers Don't Roam " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Ready, Teddy, Go " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Happy Holidays " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Come Fly with Me " Alex Lambert
Abgestürzt im Dschungel Fran Markoe
"Überflieger: 2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Joe Blows: Part 2 " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Joe Blows: Part 1 " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Black Eye Affair " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: An Affair to Forget " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Business or Pleasure " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Bye-Bye, Bunny " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Terminal Jealousy " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Stop in the Name of Love " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Date Package Number Seven " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Another Wedding " Alex Lambert
Brain Twisters Laurie Stevens
"Überflieger: Goodbye, Old Friend " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: The Key to Alex " Alex Lambert
Gefährliche Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde Dr. Margo Peterson
"Überflieger: I Love Brian " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: I've Got a Secret " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: What the Cabbie Saw " Alex Lambert
Der Schrecken lauert nebenan Vicky
"Überflieger: It May Have Happened One Night " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: It's So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House " Alex Lambert
"Überflieger: Two Jerks and a Jill " Alex Lambert

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