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Title Name Role
Of Superhuman Bondage First Spellbinder
The Danger Ladies Kelly
Kelly's Vacation Kelly
The Stalker Kelly
The Crimes of Mistress Meow Mistress Meow
Discipline Policy Kelly
A Surprise Guest Kelly
Double Damsels Kelly
Kelly's Wedding Day Kelly
Lady Boss Means Business Kelly
Pajama Party Kelly
The Fetish Service Kelly
Bound for Timbuktu Kelly
Danger on Her Heels Spy
Lolita 2000 Nude Model
Bountiful, Blushing Beauties Kelly
First Day on the Job Kelly
Kelly by Request Kelly Ashton/Spellbinder/Maid
The Detective's Scrapbook Kelly
The Misappropriation of Kelly Kelly
Kelly Ashton: Fantasy and Reality Various characters
Maiden America vs. Sinister Seductrix Maiden America
Where Is Tatiana? Interrogated Woman

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