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Title Name Role
"10,000 Days: A New Beginning " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Betrayal " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Destitute " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Home " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Past Meets Present " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Salvation or Destruction " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Siege " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: SOS " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: Survivors " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: The Football " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: The Object " Anna Hesse
"10,000 Days: What Lies Beneath " Anna Hesse
Sacrifices of the Heart Virginia Doyle
Marlowe Laura Devin
"Strong Medicine: Zwei Ärztinnen wie Feuer und Eis: The Hero Heart " Babs Darner
"For the People: Nascent " Amanda Jacobs
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Waste " Dr. Garrison
Off Season Ashley Manson
"The Guardian - Retter mit Herz: The Men from the Boys " Carol Ritter
Schatten eines Zweifels Leslie Saxon
Die Farbe der Gerechtigkeit Betty
It's My Party Party Guest
Present Tense, Past Perfect Lisa
"Jack's Place: The Pipes Are Calling " Lizzie
"Brooklyn Bridge: Rainy Day " Bernice
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Terminal Connection " Allison Franklin
"In der Hitze der Nacht: Obsession " Jeanette Marshall
Rückkehr zur Blauen Lagune Sarah Hargrave
Land der Vergessenen Sarah Carstairs
Leon Hélène Gaultier
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Prediction: Murder " Jill Goddard
"Cagney & Lacey: Divine Couriers " Frances Gorelik
"Der Equalizer: Counterfire " Anne Fitzgerald/Diane Snyder
"Hotel: Enemies Within " Laura Shafer
"Alfred Hitchcock zeigt: Night Fever " Nurse Ellen Hatch
Ghoulies Rebecca
A Bunny's Tale Lee
Swing Shift - Liebe auf Zeit Violet
"Remington Steele: High Flying Steele " Christy Cordaro
The House of God Jo Miller
"This Is the Life: Reprise for the Lord" Bonnie
"Trapper John, M.D.: Life, Death and Vinnie Duncan " Rachel
The Best Little Girl in the World Gail Powell
The Women's Room Kyla
"The Last Convertible" Rosamond Ardley
Der wütende Mann Anne
"Studs Lonigan" Lucy Scanlon
True Grit Mattie Ross
Jennifer Jennifer Baylor
Ladies mit weisser Weste Annie Cavagnaro
"James at 15: Friends " Paisley
"The Best of Families" Mary Margaret Rafferty
Julia Young Julia
"Einsatz in Manhattan: Lady in the Squad Room " Jennifer Campbell
"Happy Days: The Graduation: Part 1 " Michelle
The Blue Hotel Younger Daughter
I Want to Keep My Baby! Miranda
"Hallmark Hall of Fame: Valley Forge " Tavis
"Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Country Girl " Nancy

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