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Title Name Role
"Only Fools and Horses....: Go West Young Man " Michelle
"Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Case of the Travelling Killer " Theresa
Confessions from a Holiday Camp Glad
"The Many Wives of Patrick: Goodbye and Hello " Sheila
"Freewheelers: Helga: Part 1 " Jill Rowles
"Freewheelers: The War Game " Jill Rowles
"Freewheelers: The Knot " Jill Rowles
"Freewheelers: Vertigo! " Jill Rowles
"Freewheelers: Framed! " Jill Rowles
"Freewheelers: The Race " Jill Rowles
"Freewheelers: Traitor " Jill Rowles
"The Bugaloos: The Good Old Days " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Benita the Beautiful " Joy
"The Bugaloos: The Bugaloos Bugaboo " Joy
"The Bugaloos: On a Clear Day " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Lady, You Don't Look Eighty " Joy
"The Bugaloos: The Love Bugaloos " Joy
"The Bugaloos: The Uptown 500 " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Circus Time at Benita's " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Help Wanted: Firefly " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Benita's Double Trouble " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Today, I'm a Firefly " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Now You See 'em, Now You Don't " Joy
"The Bugaloos: If I Had the Wings of a Bugaloo " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Courage, Come Home " Joy
"The Bugaloos: The Great Voice Robbery " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Our Home Is Our Hassle " Joy
"The Bugaloos: Firefly, Light My Fire " Joy
"Sherlock Holmes: The Boscombe Valley Mystery " Patience Moran

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