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Title Name Role
Strippers vs Werewolves Jeanette
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - Shadows of the Vashta Nerada Jones
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - TARDIS The Entity
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - Blood of the Cybermen Professor Meadows
Witchville The Red Queen
"Doctors: Hearts and Minds " Stacy Morgan
Gryphon Queen Cassandra of Delphi
"The Brief: Blame " High Court Judge
"Heavy Gear: The Animated Series" Col. Magnilda Rykka
"Batman Beyond: King's Ransom " Queen
"Batman Beyond: Once Burned " Queen
"Superman: Absolute Power " Mala
Changing Directions Sarah
"Stargate: The Tok'ra: Part 2 " Yosuuf/Garshaw of Belote
"Stargate: The Tok'ra: Part 1 " Yosuf/Garshaw of Belote
Hell Mountain Daneeka
Therapie Mord Dr. Emily Hill
"L.A. Heat: Electra " Wilma
"The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Village of the Doomed " Mrs. Cadbury/Woman's Voice
The Stepford Husbands Dr. Frances Borzage
Ritter der Zeit Karnissa
"Gargoyles - Auf den Schwingen der Gerechtigkeit: M.I.A. " Una
Voodoo Prof. Conner
The Demolitionist Surgeon
Agentin wider Willen Carla Davis
Monster Mash: The Movie Countess Natasha 'Nasty' Dracula
"Iron Man: Enemy Within, Enemy Without " Alana Ulanova
"Babylon 5: Deathwalker " Deathwalker/Jha'Dur
Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance Nicolette
Die Abenteuer der Delta Ritter Madam Maaydeed
Return of the Living Dead III Colonel Sinclair
"Alle meine Kinder: The Fox and the Hound " Lady Harrington
"Tarzán: Tarzan and the Fountain of Youth " Kiki Bluet
American Eiskrem 3 1/2 Monica Shavetts
Puppet Master III - Toulon's Rache Elsa Toulon
Dalí Gala
Beastmaster 2 - Der Zeitspringer Lyranna
Perfect Killer Sara
Codewort - Dragonfire Mrs. Sands
"Ein gesegnetes Team: The Royal Mystery " Mrs. Gibbons
The Return of Swamp Thing Dr. Lana Zurrell
"A Fine Romance: It's Just the Gypsy in My Soul " Dr. Emma Gabor
Black Nightfall Roa
Eine super Familie Leona Stark
"Sledge Hammer: Play It Again Sledge " Mrs. Emily Carstairs
Stahl-Justiz Kay
"Matlock: The Therapist " Barbara Sutcliffe
"Remington Steele: Steele Hanging in There: Part 2 " Shannon Wayne
"Remington Steele: Steele Hanging in There: Part 1 " Shannon Wayne
Solarfighters Shandray
"The Wizard: It Takes a Chimp " Lady Whitehurst
"The New Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 20 October 1986" Guest Appearance
"Hotel: Hearts Divided " Stella Falco
"Magnum: All Thieves on Deck " Isobel Dumout aka Countess Jacklyn Fabre Dumout
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Sing a Song of Murder " Violet Weems
"Falcon Crest: Confessions " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Cold Comfort " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: ...And the Fall " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Decline... " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Devil's Harvest " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Justice for All " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Trial " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: House Divided " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Recriminations " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Forsaking All Others " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Retribution " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Showdown " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Acid Tests " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Insult and Injury " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Vicious Circle " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Suitable for Framing " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Winner Take All " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Triumvirate " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Going Once, Going Twice " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Tarentella " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Trump Card " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Pain and Pleasure " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Intruder " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Lord of the Valley " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Shadows " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Outcasts " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Strangers " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Father's Day " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Requiem " Pamela Lynch
Conan der Zerstörer Queen Taramis
"V - Die außerirdischen Besucher kommen: Part Three " Pamela
"V - Die außerirdischen Besucher kommen: Part Two " Pamela
"Falcon Crest: Love's Triumph " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Final Countdown " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Gathering Storm " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Little Boy Blue " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Tests of Faith " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Aftermath " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Changing Times " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Power Play " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Bitter Harvest " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Queen's Gambit " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Sport of Kings " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: No Trespassing " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Coup d'Etat " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Betrayal " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Double Dealing " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Chameleon Charades " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Solitary Confinements " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: The Wages of Sin " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Judge and Jury " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Partners " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Conspiracy " Pamela Lynch
"Falcon Crest: Cimmerean Dawn " Pamela Lynch
"Jim Bergerac ermittelt: Last Chance for a Loser " Anne Beresford
"Die Profis: Wild Justice " Dr. Kate Ross
Superman II - Allein gegen alle Ursa
"Thundercloud: Goodbye Mister Tortoise " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Bats in the Belfry " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Seeing the Light " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Who Goes There? " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Don't Go Near the Water " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: There's No Business " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Fair Shares All Round " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: An English Gentleman " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: They Grow on Trees " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Pigs Might Fly " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Carry on Number One " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Slip and Proceed " Bella Harrington
"Thundercloud: Welcome Aboard " Bella Harrington
"Room Service: Episode #1.7" Mrs. Martindale
Superman Ursa
"Return of the Saint: The Arrangement " Sheila Northcott
Caprona II Lady Charlotte 'Charly' Cunningham
"Seven Faces of Woman: She: Eye of the Beholder " Marianne
Esther Waters Miss Peggy
The Brute Diane
"Warship: Robertson Crusoe " Amanda
"Mondbasis Alpha 1: The AB Chrysalis " B
"The Howerd Confessions: Episode #1.6" Lola
"BBC2 Playhouse: The Mind Beyond: Meriel, the Ghost Girl " Miss Radson
Rollerball Party Guest
"The Inheritors: Double, Double... " Jennie Garrett
"The Inheritors: The Axeman Cometh " Jennie Garrett
"The Inheritors: Far Be It for Me " Jennie Garrett
"The Inheritors: Episode #1.1" Jennie Garrett
"Justice: Under Suspicion " Jenny Deane
Dracula Dracula's Wife
Verrückt und gefährlich Catherine
"Black and Blue: Secrets " Beautiful Girl
Secrets Beautiful Girl
"ITV Saturday Night Theatre: Harlequinade " Joyce Langland
"The Spies: A Lamb to the Flock " Maria

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