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Title Name Role
"Bones - Die Knochenjägerin: The Change in the Game " Allison Rose
The Last Godfather Sister Theresa
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: With You I'm Born Again " Mrs. Hunt
"Hawthorne: No Exit " Maureen
Mein Bruder, die Pfadfinderin! Mrs. Jacklitz
"Untitled David Litt Project: Pilot " Lizzie Herman
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: Here's to Future Days " Mrs. Hunt
"Eleventh Hour - Einsatz in letzter Sekunde: Pinocchio " Pete Hammer
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Love Is a Battlefield " Barbara Feingold
"Cold Case: Pin Up Girl " Betty Sue Baker '08
"Pushing Daisies: Frescorts " Calista Cod
"Boston Legal: Rescue Me " Judge Patrice Webb
"Private Practice: In Which Addison Has a Very Casual Get Together " Sylvie
"Boston Legal: The Bride Wore Blood " Judge Patrice Webb
"Psych: Poker? I Barely Know Her " Mrs. Lassiter
"Boston Legal: The Good Lawyer " Judge Patrice Webb
"Boston Legal: Nuts " Judge Patrice Webb
"The Closer: Serving the King: Part 1 " Elaine Donahue
"The Closer: Serving the King: Part 2 " Elaine Donahue
Das Geheimnis der Meerjungfrau Kat
"Everwood: Foreverwood: Part 1 " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Foreverwood: Part 2 " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Goodbye, Love " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Reckoning " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Enjoy the Ride " Edna Harper
"Everwood: All the Lonely People " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Truth " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Land of Confusion " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Across the Lines " Edna Harper
"Everwood: An Ounce of Prevention " Edna Harper
"Everwood: You're a Good Man, Andy Brown " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Ghosts " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Lost and Found " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Getting to Know You " Edna Harper
"Everwood: So Long, Farewell... " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Pro Choice " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Free Fall " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Connect Four " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Pieces of Me " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Put on a Happy Face " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Next Step " Edna Harper
"Everwood: A Kiss to Build a Dream On " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Where the Heart Is " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Oh, the Places You'll Go " Edna Harper
"Everwood: He Who Hesitates " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Acceptance " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Fallout " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Fate Accomplis " Edna Harper
"Everwood: A Mountain Town " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Surprise " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Since You've Been Gone " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Perfect Day " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Giving Up the Girl " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Complex Guilt " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Need to Know " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Reflex " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Tipping Point " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Best Laid Plans " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Shoot the Moon " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Sacrifice " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Birds and the Batteries " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Staking Claim " Edna Harper
"Everwood: ...There Is a Reaction " Edna Harper
"Everwood: For Every Action... " Edna Harper
"Die himmlische Joan: Silence " Ruth Washington
"Everwood: The Day Is Done " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Your Future Awaits " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Do or Die " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Sick " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Last Looks " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Unfinished Business " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Unspoken Truths " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The L Word " Edna Harper
"Everwood: No Sure Thing " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Forget Me Not " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Controlling Interest " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Family Dynamics " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Unhappy Holidays " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Just Like in the Movies " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Burden of Truth " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Three Miners from Everwood " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Blind Faith " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Daddy's Little Girl " Edna Harper
"Everwood: East Meets West " Edna Harper
"Practice - Die Anwälte: The Chosen " Judge Spindle
"Everwood: My Brother's Keeper " Edna Harper
"Alle lieben Raymond: Thank You Notes " Lee
"Everwood: Extra Ordinary " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Last of Summer " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Home " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Fear Itself " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Episode 20 " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Moonlight Sonata " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Miracle of Everwood " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Unveiling " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Everwood Confidential " Edna Harper
"Everwood: My Funny Valentine " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Snow Job " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Colin the Second " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Price of Fame " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Vegetative State " Edna Harper
"Everwood: A Thanksgiving Tale " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Is There a Doctor in the House? " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Turf Wars " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Till Death Do Us Part " Edna Harper
"Everwood: We Hold These Truths " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Doctor Is In " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Deer God " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Kissing Bridge " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Friendly Fire " Edna Harper
"Everwood: The Great Doctor Brown " Edna Harper
"Everwood: Pilot " Edna Harper
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Evil/Doers " Judge P. Spindle
"Philly: Lies of Minelli " Brenda Pagano
"Alle lieben Raymond: The Skit " Lee
Tödliches Vertrauen Theresa
"Any Day Now: Blinded by the White " Teacher
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Vanished: Part 1 " Judge P. Spindle
"Für alle Fälle Amy: Adoption Day " Marjorie Landsdown
"Practice - Die Anwälte: The Deal " Judge P. Spindle
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Officers of the Court " Judge P. Spindle
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Death Penalties " Judge P. Spindle
"Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst: Blinded by the Right " Ellen Gelman
"Will & Grace: Sweet Charity " Sister Robert
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Race Ipsa Loquitor " Judge P. Spindle
Was bleibt mir übrig... Violet
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Getting to Know You " Leila Morgan
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Rites of Spring " Leila Morgan
"Maggie Winters: Suburban Myth " Idah
"House Rules: Twisted Sister " Mother Superior
"Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Decanter " Eleanor
"The Naked Truth: He Ain't Famous, He's My Brother " Eleanor
Anastasia Actress
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: The Tell-Tale Lipstick " Saleslady
"Boston College: Coming Clean " Mrs. Taggert
"Ellen: Not So Great Expectations " Barbara
"Kirk: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave: Part 2 " Sally
"Kirk: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave: Part 1 " Sally
"Kirk: Balducci Blues " Sally
"Kirk: Something's Got to Give " Sally
"Kirk: Hire Learning " Sally
"Kirk: Strangers in the Night " Sally
"Kirk: She Stoops to Conquer " Sally
"Kirk: Yours, Mine & Ours " Sally
"Kirk: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Part 1 " Sally
"Kirk: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Part 2 " Sally
"Champs: To Be There or Not to Be There " Professor Carnovsky
"Kirk: The Beach House " Sally
"Kirk: Operation Kirk " Sally
"Ein Hauch von Himmel: Flesh and Blood " Mrs. Shaw
"Kirk: Baby, You Can Drive My Car " Sally
"Ein Strauß Töchter: Taking a Gamble " Paulette Brown
"Kirk: Hey, Hey We're the Hartmans " Sally
"Kirk: The Odd Couple " Sally
"Kirk: Stuck on You " Sally
"Kirk: Double Date " Sally
"Kirk: The Love Letter " Sally
"Kirk: The Spare " Sally
"Kirk: The Christmas Show " Sally
"Kirk: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss " Sally
"Kirk: Kirk Unplugged " Sally
"Kirk: Educating Kirk " Sally
"Kirk: Helloween " Sally
"Kirk: The Crush " Sally
"Kirk: Smart and Smarter " Sally
"Kirk: Love! Valor! Deception! " Sally
"Kirk: Mango Man vs. Capt. Chunks " Sally
"Kirk: Night at the Movies " Sally
"Kirk: S'Wonderbra " Sally
"Kirk: Welcome to New York " Sally
"Something Wilder: Hanging with Mr. Cooper " Mrs. Thorton
"Verrückt nach dir: Mad Without You " Sister Dorothea
"Party of Five: Brother's Keeper " Gloria Metzler
"Pig Sty: Mr. Nice Guy " Kasha
"Eine starke Familie: One Truck, Al Dente " Nurse Deckers
"Ausgerechnet Alaska: The Mommy's Curse " Jane Stowe O'Connell
"Something Wilder: Holy Water " Mrs. Thornton
"Party of Five: Grownups " Gloria
"One West Waikiki: Along Came a Spider " Sarah Gaines
"The George Carlin Show: George Destroys a Way of Life " Rosemarie
"Murphy Brown: Anything But Cured " Dr. Lee Larkin
"4x Herman: Bedtime for Hermo " Herman's Mother
Maggie, Maggie! Mrs. Stuckey
Tödliche Intrigen Ruby
"Grace: Grace in the Middle " Peg
"Seinfeld: The Bris " Mrs. Sweedler
"Dream On: The French Conception " Receptionist
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Long Goodbye " Joan
"Murphy Brown: Trickster, We Hardly Knew Ye " Dr. Lee Larkin
"Love & War: Bustiers and Body Points " Saleswoman
"Davis Rules: The Girl with Someone Extra " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Brother, Can You Spend a Dime? " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Ferry Tale " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: A Foggy Day on Puget Sound " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Everybody Comes to Nick's " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Strike Down the Band " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Bells, Bells, Bells " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Someone to Watch Over Them " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Happy as a Clam " Mrs. Rush
"Der Prinz von Bel-Air: Ill Will " Nurse Petty
"Davis Rules: Gunny's Ex " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Love at First Sighting: Part 2 " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Love at First Sighting: Part 1 " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: The Moment of Youth " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Writing a Wrong " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: A Father Makes All the Difference " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: They're Writing Songs of Love, But Nun for Me " Mrs. Rush
"Geschichten aus der Gruft: Easel Kill Ya " Ellen
"Davis Rules: Mission: Improbable " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Take This Job and Love It " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Twisted Sister " Mrs. Rush
"Davis Rules: Yes, I'm the Great Pretender " Mrs. Rush
"Die besten Jahre: The Guilty Party " The Preceptor
"Harry's Nest: The Tortoise & the Harry " Mrs. Bierman
Joshuas Herz Claudia's Mother
"Roseanne: Happy Birthday " Mrs. Wellman
"Roseanne: Fender Bender " Mrs. Wellman
"Roseanne: I'm Hungry " Mrs. Wellman
"Roseanne: Hair " Mrs. Wellman
"Dream Street: Bachelor Party " Lillian DeBeau
Der Club der toten Dichter Mrs. Anderson
"Dream Street: Father of the Year " Lillian DeBeau
"Dream Street: Girl's Talk " Lillian DeBeau
"Dream Street: Money for Nothing " Lillian DeBeau
"Dream Street: True Love " Lillian DeBeau
"Dream Street: Pilot " Lillian DeBeau
Zu jung, ein Held zu sein Calvin's Mother
Deadhunter Mrs. Kirkpatrick
"ABC Afterschool Specials: Don't Touch " Mrs. Anderson
Tootsie Mrs. Mallory
Das zweite Kapitel Marilyn
"Delvecchio: APB: Santa Claus " Doctor Petrie
"Delvecchio: The Silent Prey " Dr. Petrie
"Meego: Car and Driver " DMV Lady

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