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Title Name Role
The Waiting Room Anna/Nurse
The Search Laura
"Father & Son: Episode #1.4" Anna
"Father & Son: Episode #1.3" Anna
"Father & Son: Episode #1.2" Anna Crowman
"Father & Son: Episode #1.1" Anna
The Daisy Chain Orla Gannon
Anner House Ruth Maguire
Speed Dating Jennifer
"Barnaby: King's Crystal " Sophie Baxter
After... Addy
Rabbit Fever Georgia
Basic Instinct - Neues Spiel für Catherine Tramell Michelle Broadwin
"Murphy's Law: The Goodbye Look " Laura
Man to Man Abigail McBride
"The Murdoch Mysteries: Under the Dragon's Tail " Ettie Weston
"The Murdoch Mysteries: Poor Tom Is Cold " Ettie Weston
"The Murdoch Mysteries: Except the Dying " Ettie Weston
"Pulling Moves: All Day Long " Carol
"Pulling Moves: The Grandfather Clock " Carol
"Pulling Moves: The Pirate and the Choirboys " Carol
"Pulling Moves: Two Weddings and a Break In " Carol
Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairy Tale Jenny
"Ultimate Force: Wannabes " Suzi Brown
Friday Night In Cheryl
Goldfish Memory Angie
Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor Peggy Shippen
The Last Kitty Rose
Die Entdeckung des Himmels Ada
"Body Story 2: Allergy " Phoebe
"An Unsuitable Job for a Woman: Playing God " Laura Fergusson
"Monarch of the Glen: Episode #2.4" Tanya Conway
"The Bill: Gentle Touch: Part 3 " Emma Roberts
Brendan trifft Trudy Trudy
"The Bill: Gentle Touch: Part 2 " Emma Roberts
"The Bill: Gentle Touch: Part 1 " Emma Roberts
"Urban Gothic: Turn On " Jane
"Metropolis" Sophie Hamilton
"Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd " Flora Ackroyd
"The Bill: Too Many Cooks " Carol Chambers
Sturmhöhe Isabella
"A Certain Justice" Octavia Aldridge
"Mosley: Beyond the Pale " Lady Alexandra Metcalfe
"Mosley: Breaking the Mould " Baba
"Mosley: Rules of the Game " Baba
"Mosley: Young Man in a Hurry " Baba
"Heat of the Sun: The Sport of Kings " Dorothy Michaeljohn
The Tale of Sweeney Todd Young Woman in Waxworks
"Bugs: Renegades " Joanne
The Perfect Blue Film Student #2
"The Governor: Episode #1.5" Susan Fisher

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