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Title Name Role
"The Wire: React Quotes " Arts Editor
Another Pretty Face Jill Trent
"Sheena: The Treasure of Sienna Mende " Elena
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: Many Happy Returns " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: You Are There " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: The God You Know " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: Motherhood " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: Married with Fishsticks " Aphrodite/Crabella
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: Punch Lines " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: Little Problems " Aphrodite
"Hercules: Love, Amazon Style " Aphrodite
"Hercules: My Best Girl's Wedding " Aphrodite
"Hercules: Love on the Rocks " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: If the Shoe Fits... " Aphrodite/Various Story Characters
Dodge's City Cricket
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: Fins, Femmes and Gems " Aphrodite
"Hercules: One Fowl Day " Aphrodite/Katherine
"Hercules: Porkules " Katherine
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: The Quill Is Mightier... " Aphrodite
Hercules & Xena - Der Kampf um den Olymp Aphrodite
"Hercules: Stranger in a Strange World " Aphrodite
"Party of Five: Handicaps " Kerry
"Hercules: Reign of Terror " Aphrodite
"Xena die Kriegerprinzessin: For Him the Bell Tolls " Aphrodite
Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up Lynn (segment "Burning Up")
"Hercules: The Green-Eyed Monster " Aphrodite
"Hercules: Love Takes a Holiday " Aphrodite
The Sunchaser - Die Suche nach dem heiligen Berg Victoria Reynolds
"Hercules: The Apple " Aphrodite
"Vanishing Son: Win, Place or Dead " Tina
Red Shoe Diaries 9: Hotline Cecelia, correspondent (segment "Love at First Sight")

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