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Title Name Role
"CSI: Miami: Entrance Wound " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Bunk " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Simple Man " Detective Adell Sevilla
Detective Sanchez
Almost a Woman Mami
Illegal Tender Millie
The Ministers Captain Diaz
"All My Children: Episode #1.10403" Iris
"All My Children: Episode #1.10411" Iris Blanco
"All My Children: Episode #1.10426" Iris Blanco
"All My Children: Episode #1.10429" Iris Blanco
"All My Children: Episode #1.10435" Iris Blanco
"All My Children: Episode #1.10449" Iris Blanco
"All My Children: Episode #1.10451" Iris Blanco
"All My Children: Episode #1.10452" Iris Blanco
"Law & Order: Los Angeles: Hollywood " Lieutenant Arleen Gonzalez
"All My Children: Episode #1.10479" Iris Blanco
"CSI: Miami: Camp Fear " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: A Horrible Mind " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Kill Zone " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Slaughterhouse " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Breathless " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Ashes to Ashes " Detective Adell Sevilla
"CSI: Miami: Wet Foot/Dry Foot " Detective Adell Sevilla
Blood Work Graciella Rivers
"First Monday: The Price of Liberty " Lawyer
The Bronze Screen: 100 Years of the Latino Image in American Cinema Narrator
Ghosts of Mars Akooshay
Mit aller Härte Jackie
"Pensacola - Flügel aus Stahl: At Poverty Level " Ali
Makellos Karen
Insider Geologist/FBI Woman
"Ein Wink des Himmels: Finale " Nina Charles
Time to Pay Magdalena Scanlon
"Vengeance Unlimited: Dishonorable Discharge " District Attorney Rosalie Hanson
"Nash Bridges: Bombshell " Agent Janet Reynolds
"Brooklyn South: A Reverend Runs Through It " Detective Marina McConnell
Gold Coast Vivian Onzola
Tod im Weißen Haus Debra Shelly
"Profiler: Cruel and Unusual " Catherine Evers
"Diagnose - Mord: Murder in the Family " Detective Emma Lopez
"New Spiderman: Sins of the Fathers Chapter 12: The Spot " Dr. Sylvia Lopez
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: Girl Talk " Det. Martina Escobar
"Ein Hauch von Himmel: Jacob's Ladder " Sue Cheney
Spider-Man: Sins of the Fathers Dr. Silvia Lopez
"Live Shot: Decisions, Decisons " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Love Is a Mainly Splintered Thing " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Contract " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Miracle " Liz Vega
"SeaQuest: Chains of Command " Commander Pamela Lopez
"Live Shot: What Price Episode? " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Shake, Rattle, and Roll " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Towering Infernos " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: The Forgotten Episode " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: For Whom the Stinkin' Bell Tolls " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: A Death in the Family " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: T.G.I.F. " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Another Day, Another Story " Liz Vega
"Live Shot: Day One " Liz Vega
"Babylon 5: Hunter, Prey " Sarah
The Bomber Boys Leslie Moore
The Glass Shield Carmen Munoz
"California Clan" Santana Andrade #4 (1991-1992)
Mörderische Freundschaft Darlene
"Equal Justice: Opening Farewell " Suzanne Garner
"Matlock: The Fighter " Alana Leon
"Lifestories: Frank Brody " Dr. Duran
"Heißes Erbe Las Vegas" Suzita
"Singer & Sons: Our's Not to Reason Why Shmy " Mary Garza
RoboCop 2 Estevez
Downtown Luisa Diaz
"Tales from the Darkside: Payment Overdue " Voice on Phone
"Pursuit of Happiness: That Pair of Eyes " Mrs. Lopez
"Pursuit of Happiness" Mrs. Lopez (1987-1988)
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: The Wizard of Odds " Ms. Santiago
"Mariah: Love " Leda Cervantes
"Mariah: Prey " Leda Cervantes
"Mariah: Scream " Leda Cervantes
"Mariah: Capital " Leda Cervantes
"Mariah: Walls " Leda Cervantes
"Mariah: Dominion " Leda Cervantes
"Mariah: Equations " Leda Cervantes
"Another World" Gomez (1986)
"Thieves: Home Is Where the Heist Is " Katrina Epstein
"Thieves: The Green and the Black " Katrina Epstein

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