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Title Name Role
"V - Die Besucher: Red Rain " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Serpent's Tooth " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Laid Bare " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Unholy Alliance " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Concordia " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Siege " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Birth Pangs " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Uneasy Lies the Head " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Devil in a Blue Dress " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Mother's Day " Anna
"The Mentalist: Every Rose Has Its Thorn " Erica Flynn
"V - Die Besucher: Red Sky " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Fruition " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Hearts and Minds " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Heretic's Fork " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: We Can't Win " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: John May " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Pound of Flesh " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Welcome to the War " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: It's Only the Beginning " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: A Bright New Day " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: There Is No Normal Anymore " Anna
"V - Die Besucher: Pilot " Anna
Stolen Lives Rose Montgomery
"Medium - Nichts bleibt verborgen: All in the Family " Brooke Hoyt
"Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens: Blowback " Lynn Potter
"Dirt: And the Winner Is " Claire Leland
T Takes: Morena Baccarin The Guest in Room 111
T Takes: Room 111 The Guest in Room 111
Stargate: The Ark of Truth - Die Quelle der Wahrheit Adria
Death in Love Beautiful Woman
"Heartland: Smile " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: As We Are So Wonderfully Done with Each Other " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: A Beautiful Day " Nurse Jessica Kivala
Sands of Oblivion Alice Carter
"Heartland: Domino Effect " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: The Places You'll Go " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: Mother & Child Reunion " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: Picking Up Little Things " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: I Make Myself Into Something New " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Heartland: Pilot " Nurse Jessica Kivala
"Stargate: Dominion " Adria
"Las Vegas: The Burning Bedouin " Sara Samari
"Stargate: The Shroud " Adria
"Stargate: The Quest: Part 2 " Adria
"Justice: Nicht schuldig!: Christmas Party " Lisa Cruz
"How I Met Your Mother: Swarley " Chloe
"Stargate: The Quest: Part 1 " Adria
"Stargate: Counterstrike " Adria
"Kitchen Confidential: An Affair to Remember " Gia
"O.C., California: The Road Warrior " Maya Griffin
"Die Liga der Gerechten: Grudge Match " Dinah Lance/Black Canary
"O.C., California: The Heavy Lifting " Maya Griffin
"O.C., California: The Cliffhanger " Maya Griffin
Serenity - Flucht in neue Welten Inara
"Die Liga der Gerechten: Double Date " Dinah Lance/Black Canary/Edgar Mandragora
"Die Liga der Gerechten: The Cat and the Canary " Dinah Lance/Black Canary
"Still Life: Not Fade Away " Maggie Jones
"Still Life: Gravity " Maggie Jones
"Firefly: The Message " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Trash " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Heart of Gold " Inara Serra
"Still Life: Pilot " Maggie Jones
"Firefly: Serenity " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Objects in Space " Inara Serra
"Firefly: War Stories " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Ariel " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Safe " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Shindig " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Out of Gas " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Jaynestown " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Our Mrs. Reynolds " Inara Serra
"Firefly: Bushwhacked " Inara Serra
"Firefly: The Train Job " Inara Serra
Roger Dodger Girl in Bar
Way Off Broadway Rebecca
Perfume Monica
"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Triumvirate of Terror! " Cheetah
"Still Life: Caught " Maggie Jones
"Still Life: Dissappearances " Maggie Jones
"Still Life: Evidence " Maggie Jones
"The Deep End: Unaired Pilot" Beth Bancroft

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