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Title Name Role
Mexican American Jacklyn
La cucina Jude
Killer's Freedom Nicole Ibiza
The Perfect Assistant Judith Manion
Confessions of a Go-Go Girl Donna Mercer
"She's Got the Look: Picture Im-Perfect " Guest Judge
Jordon Saffron: Taste This! Nikki
Black Widow Dr. Laura
"Gravity: Suicide Dummies " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Namaste MF " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Cold Swim Away " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Old People Creep Me Out " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Love at First Suicide " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Dogg Day Afternoon " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Let It Mellow " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Damn Skippy " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Calemnity " Shawna Rollins
"Gravity: Are We All Just Dead? " Shawna Rollins
The Brazen Bull Natasha
Madoff: Made Off with America Mimi Mymen
Piranhaconda Talia
Miami Magma Antoinette Vitrini
A Fonder Heart Shannon
Dead Write Jade
7-10 Split Chiropracter
Ozzie, der Koalabär Beth Morton
Die Bankdrücker Hot Mother
Final Move Iris Quarrie
Freezerburn Holly Hardin
You and Your Stupid Mate Karen
Larva Hayley Anderson
El padrino Newscaster
"10 Things Every Guy Should Experience: Kentucky Derby " Host
"Making the Video: Stacy's Mom" Stacy's Mom
Sports Illustrated 40th Anniversary Swimsuit Special: American Beauty Model
Haunted Lighthouse Rich Widow Feeney
Mein Freund, der Geist Gloria
Rock Star A.C.'s Wife
Boys Klub The Goddess
Pendulum Amanda Reeve
MacArthur Park Karen
Tripfall - Das Todestrio Gina Williams
Best Actress Fiona Covington
"Style World" Host
Winding Roads Kelly Simons
Two Shades of Blue Susan Price
"Susan: Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut " Meegan Garrity
A Walk in the Park Sally's Sister
Männer ticken anders Marilyn

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