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Title Name Role
"The Life & Times of Tim: Nagging Blonde/Tim and the Elephant " Gabe's Mom
Toy Story 3 Dolly
Toy Story 3: The Video Game Dolly
Toy Story Toons: Urlaub auf Hawaii Dolly
Cars 2 Sally
Hurricane Season Principal
The Alyson Stoner Project VIP Guest
"In the Mix: Pursuing Happiness " Guest
Mater and the Ghostlight Sally Carrera
Cars Sally
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With Stella Lewis
Im Dutzend billiger 2 - Zwei Väter drehen durch! Kate Baker
Loggerheads Grace Bellamy
Im Dutzend billiger Kate Baker
Monsters, Inc. Flint
Stolen Summer Margaret O'Malley
Die Monster AG - Flint
The Green Mile Jan Edgecomb
Begegnung des Schicksals Wendy Judd
A Bug's Life Rosie
Das große Krabbeln Rosie
Zwei Männer, eine Frau und eine Hochzeit Linda Streicher
SUBWAYStories: Tales from the Underground Fern McDermott (segment "Fern's Heart of Darkness")
Jerry Maguire - Spiel des Lebens Laurel Boyd
Getting Away with Murder Dr. Gail Holland
Jumanji Sarah Whittle
Now & Then - Damals und heute Mrs. DeWitt, Chrissy's Mom
Nur für Dich Kate
Eine Familie namens Beethoven Alice Newton
Dave White House Tour Guide
"Davis Rules: The Girl with Someone Extra " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Brother, Can You Spend a Dime? " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Ferry Tale " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: A Foggy Day on Puget Sound " Gwen Davis
Ein Hund namens Beethoven Alice Newton
"Davis Rules: Everybody Comes to Nick's " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Strike Down the Band " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Bells, Bells, Bells " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Someone to Watch Over Them " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Happy as a Clam " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Gunny's Ex " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Love at First Sighting: Part 2 " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Love at First Sighting: Part 1 " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: The Moment of Youth " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Writing a Wrong " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: A Father Makes All the Difference " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: They're Writing Songs of Love, But Nun for Me " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Mission: Improbable " Gwen Davis
"Davis Rules: Twisted Sister " Gwen Davis
"Grand: The Well " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Wolf Boy " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The Mother Load " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: One Way Out " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Lady Luck " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Roamers and Rumors " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Norris' Romance " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Desmond's Mother " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The Return of Yale Pinhaus " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The Healing " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The Chickens Come Home to Roost " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Janice Steals Home " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Blow Off " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Czech, Please " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Trigonometry Made Easy " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: An Obtuse Triangle " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Carnegie Hell " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The Bald, the Blond and the Dead " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Deer Hunter " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Legends of Sport " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Faded Genes " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: A Boy and His Dad " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: Sex, Lies and Cable TV " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The Pretty Good Mother " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: A Tale of One City " Carol Anne Smithson
"Grand: The End of the World as We Know It " Carol Anne Smithson
Rain Man Sally Dibbs
"American Playhouse: Under the Biltmore Clock" Foxtrot Dancer

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