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Title Name Role
"Memphis Beat: Troubled Water" Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Flesh and Blood " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Lost " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Inside Man " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: At the River " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: The Things We Carry " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: I Want to Be Free " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Don't Be So Cruel " Lt. Tanya Rice
"True Blood: Everything Is Broken " Ruby Jean Reynolds
"Memphis Beat: I Shall Not Be Moved " Lt. Tanya Rice
"True Blood: Night on the Sun " Ruby Jean Reynolds
"Memphis Beat: Suspicious Minds " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Run On " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: One Night of Sin " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Polk Salad Annie " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Memphis Beat: Love Her Tender " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Three Rivers: Status 1A " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Memphis Beat: Baby, Let's Play House " Lt. Tanya Rice
"Three Rivers: Case Histories " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Memphis Beat: It's All Right, Mama " Lt. Tanya Rice
"True Blood: Beautifully Broken " Ruby Jean Reynolds
"Three Rivers: Every Breath You Take " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Black Panther: Episode #1.3" Queen Mother
"Black Panther: Episode #1.4" Dondi Reece/Dora Milaje/Miss M'Buve
"Black Panther: Episode #1.1" Dondi Reece/Queen Mother
"Three Rivers: A Roll of the Dice " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: The Kindness of Strangers " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: The Luckiest Man " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: Where We Lie " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: Alone Together " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: Code Green " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: Good Intentions " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: Ryan's First Day " Dr. Sophia Jordan
"Three Rivers: Place of Life " Dr. Sophia Jordan
Maggie Hill Virginia
"My Own Worst Enemy: Henry and the Terrible... Day " Mavis Heller
"My Own Worst Enemy: Love in All the Wrong Places " Mavis Heller
"My Own Worst Enemy: Down Rio Way " Mavis Heller
"My Own Worst Enemy: High Crimes and Turducken " Mavis Heller
"My Own Worst Enemy: The Night Train to Moscow " Mavis Heller
AmericanEast Angela Jensen
"My Own Worst Enemy: That Is Not My Son " Mavis Heller/Helen
Medal of Honor Narrator
Reach for Me Evelyn
"My Own Worst Enemy: Hello, Henry " Mavis Heller/Helen
"My Own Worst Enemy: The Hummingbird " Mavis Heller/Helen
"My Own Worst Enemy: Breakdown " Mavis Heller
The Family That Preys Alice Pratt
American Violet Alma Roberts
Pictures of Hollis Woods Edna Reilly
Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty Narrator
King Leopold's Ghost Ilanga
"Desperate Housewives: Remember: Part 1 " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Remember: Part 2 " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: No One Is Alone " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: I Know Things Now " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: It Wasn't Meant to Happen " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Don't Look at Me " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Everybody Says Don't " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Could I Leave You? " Betty Applewhite
Dance! Augustine James
"Desperate Housewives: There Is No Other Way " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Thank You So Much " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Silly People " Betty Applewhite
Something New Joyce McQueen
Weites Wasser Mrs. Brown
"Desperate Housewives: There's Something About a War " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: We're Gonna Be All Right " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: One More Kiss " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Coming Home " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: That's Good, That's Bad " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: The Sun Won't Set " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Color and Light " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: I Wish I Could Forget You " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: They Asked Me Why I Believe in You " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: My Heart Belongs to Daddy " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: You'll Never Get Away from Me " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: You Could Drive a Person Crazy " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Next " Betty Applewhite
"Inconceivable: Pilot " Dr. Lydia Crawford
"Inconceivable: Secrets and Thighs " Dr. Lydia Crawford
"Desperate Housewives: One Wonderful Day " Betty Applewhite
"Desperate Housewives: Goodbye for Now " Betty Applewhite
Beauty Shop Ms. Josephine
Die Vergessenen Det. Anne Pope
All Our Sons: Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Narrator
Sie nennen ihn Radio Principal Daniels
"Static Shock: Flashback " Jean Hawkins
Gefangene der Zeit Mrs. Whatsit
The Core - Der innere Kern Stickley
Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property Narrator
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Final Judgement " Denise Freeman
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Down the Hatch " Denise Freeman
The Singing Detective Chief of Staff
Unchained Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives Reader
Die Abenteuer der Familie Stachelbeere Akela (Cheetah Mother)
Baby of the Family Rachel
K-PAX - Alles ist möglich Dr. Claudia Villars
American Exile Narrator
Holiday Heart Wanda
Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks Narrator
Lost Souls - Verlorene Seelen Dr. Allen
The Kennedy Center Presents: Speak Truth to Power Various
Dinosaurier Plio
Love & Basketball Camille Wright
What's Cooking? Audrey Williams
"The American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt " Narrator
John Henry Polly/Narrator
Dr. Mumford Lily
Funny Valentines Joyce May
The Underground Railroad Host
Der Wunschbaum Clara
Down in the Delta Loretta Sinclair
"Homicide: Mercy " Dr. Roxanne Turner
Slave Ship Narrator
"Cadillac Desert" Narrator
Miss Evers' Boys Eunice Evers, R.N.
The Member of the Wedding Berenice Sadie Brown
"Adventures from the Book of Virtues: Faith " Harriet Tubman
"Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child: Goldilocks and the Three Bears" Winoome Bear
Der tapfere kleine Toaster als Retter in der Not Maisie
Star Trek: Der erste Kontakt Lily Sloane
Gelähmt: Eine Mutter gibt nicht auf Dr. Sandlin
Zwielicht Shoat
Special Report: Journey to Mars Tamara O'Neil
Gullivers Reisen Queen of Brobdingnag
Follow Me Home Evey
The Wizard of Oz in Concert: Dreams Come True Host
Ein amerikanischer Quilt Marianna
The Piano Lesson Berniece Charles
"People's Century" Narrator (US version)
Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote History Narrator
"Frasier: The Botched Language of Cranes " Edna
Countdown to Freedom: 10 Days That Changed South Africa Narrator
Crooklyn Carolyn Carmichael
"Frontline: In the Game " Narrator
Flucht in die Freiheit Harriet Tubman
Blue Chips Lavada McRae
"The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain " Narrator
Bopha! - Kampf um Freiheit Rosie Mangena
4 himmlische Freunde Penny Washington
Auf der Suche nach dem Glück Rhody Poole
Passion Fish Chantelle
Betty Lou - Der ganz normale Wahnsinn Attorney Ann Orkin
Grand Canyon - Im Herzen der Stadt Jane
Der tiefe Sumpf des Südens Jessica Filley
Mut einer Mutter Mary Thomas
Miss Firecracker Popeye Jackson
Die Geister, die ich rief... Grace Cooley
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: The Abby Singer Show " Dr. Roxanne Turner
The Child Saver Andrea Crawford
Mandela Winnie Mandela
The Line Denise Powell
Todesursache - Agent Orange Maude DeVictor
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Not My Type " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: You Beta Your Life " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Pilot " Adrianne Moore
Extremities Patricia
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: The Equalizer " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Black's Magic " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Watch the Skies " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Close Encounters " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Lost and Found in Space " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Slice O'Life " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: The Naked and the Dead " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Haunted " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Fathers and Sons " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Chefarzt Dr. Westphall: Remembrance of Things Past " Dr. Roxanne Turner
"Faerie Tale Theatre: Puss in Boots " Princess Lovinia
"Sara: Brief Encounter " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: A Night at the Ballet " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Girls Just Want to Have Fun " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Meet Mr. Cooper " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Sara's Short Story " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: 27 Candles " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Rock 'n' Roll Father " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: A Date with Keith " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: You Can't Win 'Em All " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Helen Steps Out " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Dueling Lawyers " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: Sara's Mom " Rozalyn Dupree
"Sara: David Returns " Rozalyn Dupree
Go Tell It on the Mountain Esther
"American Playhouse: The Killing Floor" Mattie
Words by Heart Claudie Sills
Eine Frau kann nicht vergessen Vicki Teague
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Goodbye, Mr. Scripps " Doris Robson
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Praise Dilaudid " Doris Robson
"Polizeirevier Hill Street: Doris in Wonderland " Doris Robson
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Murder Is the Key " Marcia Fulbright
Cross Creek - Ich kämpfe um meine Freiheit Geechee
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Living and Presumed Dead " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Formula for Revenge " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Rock Is a Hard Place " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Psyche Out " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Dye Job " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Abra-Cadaver " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Terminal Case " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: The Curse of the Toltec Death Mask " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: The Corpse Who Knew Too Much " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: Big Mouth " Marcia Fulbright
"Detektei mit Hexerei: The Good Witch of Laurel Canyon " Marcia Fulbright
Ambush Mörder Kariha Ellsworth
The Sophisticated Gents Evelyn Evers
"Enos: Forever Blowing Bubbles " Darlene
"Palmerstown, U.S.A.: The Threat " Nona
"The White Shadow: Reunion: Part 1 " Sandra Wilcox
Der Gesundheits-Kongreß Sally Benbow
Freedom Road Katie
Du wirst noch an mich denken Rita
"Memphis Beat: Body of Evidence " Lt. Tanya Rice

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