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Title Name Role
"The Middleman: The Cursed Tuba Contingency " Roxy Wasserman
Food for Thought Miss Priss
"Criminal Minds: Normal " Judy Hannity
The Cloggers Kristie
Friends of Dorothy Dorothy Roller
"Privileged: All About Confessions " Elyse Valencour
"Privileged: All About Betrayal " Elyse Valencour
Rock Slyde Judy Bee
Within Sadie Weiss
Dear Lemon Lima Coach Roach
"Poor Paul: Now and Then and Stuff " Pauline
"Castle: When the Bough Breaks " Melissa Talbot
"Poor Paul: It's a Poor Paul Wedding " Pauline / Dominatrix
The Beacon Vanessa Carver
"Poor Paul: It's Not All About You: Part One " Pauline
"Poor Paul: It's Not All About You: Part Two " Pauline
Magic Amanda Francis
Hated Betty Churchill
Cutthroat Lacey Andrews
Bright Day! Kathyrn Helen
Skin Trade Elaine Hendrix
"The Mentalist: Red Herring " Julia
Good Intentions Etta Milford
Spork Felicia
"Friends & Lovers: Episode #1.1" Patti
"Friends & Lovers: Episode #1.3" Patti
"Friends & Lovers: Episode #1.4" Patti
"Navy CIS: L.A.: Little Angels " Vanessa Maragos
"90210: They're Playing Her Song " Renee
"90210: Best Lei'd Plans " Renee
"Rules of Engagement: Refusing to Budget " Stephanie
"90210: Holiday Madness " Renee
Krieger des Lichts - Der Kampf der Wesen der Nacht hat begonnen Maggie
"90210: Liars " Renee
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Colleen Mansfield - Appoline's Owner
"Poor Paul: If Fred Can Do It, So Can Paul! " Pauline
Beholder Evelyn
The Violation Janice Dougherty
Low Fidelity Cindy
Nurses Who Kill... Monroe
Witness Insecurity Susan
Deep in the Heart Patsy
General Education Ms. Bradford
Material Lies Deborah
The Bystander Effect Sarah Lockwood
Friends & Lovers: The Ski Trip 2 Patti
"The Middleman: The Accidental Occidental Conception " Roxy Wasserman
Twisted Faith Sandra
Player 5150 Mrs. Lanzelin
Tru Loved Mrs. Muller
Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder Agnes Dart
Little Miss CEO Aunt Paula
Two Sisters Carley
Charlie's Bitch Ass Hos Ass
The Dukes Stephanie
LA Blues Brenda Simon
Coffee Date Bonnie
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Parenthood " Brinn
Down the P.C.H. Samantha
What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole Jennifer
"Ghost Whisperer - Stimmen aus dem Jenseits: Undead Comic " Sandra Holloway
"CSI: Miami: Felony Flight " Joann Nivens
Bam Bam and Celeste Jackie
"Die himmlische Joan: Spring Cleaning " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Secret Service " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Romancing the Joan " Ms. Lischak
"Quintuplets: Thanksgiving Day Charade " Lisa Appleby
"Die himmlische Joan: Back to the Garden " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Only Connect " Ms. Lischak
Stag Party Beth
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Dead in the Water " Julie Seaton
"Charmed: Witch Wars " Clea
"Die himmlische Joan: Vanity, Thy Name Is Human " Ms. Lischak
What the #$*! Do We now!? Jennifer
"Die himmlische Joan: No Bad Guy " Ms. Lischak
"Oliver Beene: X-ray Specs " Aunt Connie
"Die himmlische Joan: Night without Stars " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: State of Grace " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Jump " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: The Uncertainty Principle " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: St. Joan " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Death Be Not Whatever " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Bringeth It On " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Just Say No " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: Touch Move " Ms. Lischak
"Die himmlische Joan: The Fire and the Wood " Ms. Lischak
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Forever " Harper Fitzgerald
"Watching Ellie: Date " Daisy
Inspector Gadget 2 G2
"Mister Sterling: Statewide Swing " Tori Wheeler
Our Very First Sex Tape Woman
The Hebrew Hammer Blonde Bombshell
Weihnachtsmann wider Willen Heidi Gardelle
The Big Time Fleur Soap Announcer
"Friends: The One with the Pediatrician " Sally
Wish You Were Dead Melody 'Jupiter Music' Malloy
"The Chronicle: A Snitch in Time " Kristen Martin
"The Chronicle: Hell Mall " Kristen Martin
Bad Boy - Ein Weiberheld muss büßen Angel
"The Chronicle: The Cursed Sombrero " Kristen Martin
Unbakeable Mrs. Done
"Special Unit 2 - Die Monsterjäger: The Rocks " Medusa
"The Chronicle: Take Me Back " Kristen Martin
"The Chronicle: Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns " Kristen Martin
"The Chronicle: He's Dead, She's Dead " Kristen Martin
"The Chronicle: What Gobbles Beneath " Kristen Martin
"First Years: The First Thing You Do... " Frances O'Donnell
"Cursed: ...And Then He Looked at Wendell's Thing " Jamie
Get Your Stuff Cat Hardy
Here on Earth Jennifer Cavanaugh
Superstar - Trau' dich zu träumen Evian
Molly Jennifer Thomas
"Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 1 January 1999" Guest Appearance
"Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 31 December 1998" Guest Appearance
"Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 30 December 1998" Guest Appearance
"Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 28 December 1998" Guest Appearance
Ein Zwilling kommt selten allein Meredith Blake
Carly Vel Duncan Dobbs
Romy und Michele Lisa Luder
"Eine schrecklich nette Familie: Lez Be Friends " Elaine
Munsters fröhliche Weihnachten Marilyn Munster
Lover's Knot - Eine Liebe mit Hindernissen Robin
Mixed Nuts Laurie Wynn
Boys & Girls Blake Benedict
Road Warriors Marissa Rayborn
"Eine schrecklich nette Familie: User Friendly " Sandy
"Get Smart: Liver Let Die " Agent 66
"Get Smart: Wurst Enemies " Agent 66
"Ellen: Ballet Class " Maya
"Get Smart: Passenger 99 " Agent 66
"Get Smart: Shoot Up the Charts " Agent 66
"Get Smart: Goodbye Ms. Chip " Agent 66
"Get Smart: Casino Evil " Agent 66
"Get Smart: Pilot " Agent 66
"Die Abenteuer des Brisco County jr.: Wild Card " Dolly Cousins
"Zeit der Sehnsucht: Episode #1.7193" Brandee Fields
"Zeit der Sehnsucht" Brandee Fields #2 (1993)
"Fallen Angels: Since I Don't Have You " Auditioning Blonde #1
"Doogie Howser: The Big Sleep... Not! " Fantasy Girl #2
Last Dance - Tödliche Leidenschaft Kelly
"Coupling: Holiday " Molly

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