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Title Name Role
"Rodney: The Best Little Pie Shop in Tulsa " Trina Hamilton
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: Don't Stand So Close to Me " Elena
"Shark: Starlet Fever " April George
"Boston Legal: The Good Lawyer " Maureen Fleming
The Frolic Leslie Munck
"The Closer: Til Death Do Us Part: Part I " Valerie Henry
"The Closer: Til Death Do Us Part: Part II " Valerie Henry
Mr. Woodcock Cindy the Realtor
"Criminal Minds: A Higher Power " Laurie Ann Morris
"Eli Stone: Patience " Dr. Leila Maxford
"Rodney: Tulsa, Fla " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Waiting for Himelfarb " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Hot Tub Blues " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Potty Mouth " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Finale " Trina Hamilton
Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza Girl in Church/News Anchor
"Glee: Showmance " Kendra Giardi
"Glee: Preggers " Kendra Giardi
"Glee: Throwdown " Kendra Giardi
"Glee: Hairography " Kendra Giardi
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Weekend at Bobby's " Marcy Ward
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Wild Life " Stacy Cano
Unanswered Prayers Jeanette
"$#*! My Dad Says: Goodson Goes Deep " Mary
"Private Practice: Two Steps Back " Lara
"Good Christian Belles" Sharon Pevy
"Rodney: Celebrity " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Where the Rubber Meets the Road " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney Gets a Leg Up " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Love Is in the Air " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney Comes Marching Home " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: A Tisket, a Casket " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Welcome Ho " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Sleepover " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney's Biggest Fan " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: O Christmas Trees " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney Comes Out " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Keith " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Halloween and Javier " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Who's the Man? " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Question Mark Hamilton " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: To Hell and Back " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney's Big Shot " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney Gets Robbed " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney Moonlights " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney Takes a Ship " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: We Day " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney's Affair " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: The Ring " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Hell Week " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Tassels " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Sorry Charlie " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Charity Ball " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Talent Show " Trina Hamilton
Guy in Row Five Sarah
"Rodney: It's Up, It's Good " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Dream Lover " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Thanksgiving " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Keep on Truckin' " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Rodney's Mom " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Halloween " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Reacquisition Engineer " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Teacher " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Superhero " Trina Hamilton
"Rodney: Pilot " Trina Hamilton
The Ranch Shayna
L.A. Twister Mindy
"Come to Papa: The Crush " Karen
"Come to Papa: The Salad " Karen
"Come to Papa: The Pep Talk " Karen
"Come to Papa: The Tire Guy " Karen
"Line of Fire: Mockingbird " Jolene Fleming
"Karen Sisco: Dear Derwood... " Angie
"The Lyon's Den: Things She Said " Tara Barrington
"The Agency - Im Fadenkreuz der C.I.A.: Coventry " Livia - Lex's Ex-friend
"Friends: The One Where Monica Sings " Michelle
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Fight Night " Mrs. Ramsey
"King of Queens: Flash Photography " Samantha
"The Court: Stay " Emily
"Will & Grace: Dyeing Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard " Sarah
Vanilla Sky Nina
"Bob Patterson: Bathroom Bob " Janet
"Bob Patterson: Awards Bob " Janet
"Bob Patterson: Naked Bob " Janet
"Bob Patterson: Honest Bob " Janet
"Bob Patterson: Pilot " Janet
"FreakyLinks: Subject: Three Thirteen " Vikki
Some Common Things That Happen to Corpses Jennifer Oberon
"Party of Five: All's Well... " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: ...That Ends Well " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: One for the Road " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: The Declaration of Co-Dependence " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Bad Behavior " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Fear and Loathing " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Dog Day After New Year " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Ties That Bind " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Fate, Hope and Charity " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: We Gather Together " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Too Close " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: The Shortest Distance " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Wrestling Demons " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Bye, Bye, Love " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Naked " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Don't Let Go " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Otherwise Engaged " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Haunted " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Party of Freud " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Whatever Works " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Rings of Saturn " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: One Christmas, to Go " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Gifts " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Love and War " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Tender Age " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Forgive and/or Forget " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: The Baby " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: A Mid-Semester's Night Dream " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Naming Names " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Separation Anxiety " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Moving On " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Fools Rush Out " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Fools Rush In " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Opposites Distract " Daphne Jablonsky
"Party of Five: Square One " Daphne Jablonsky
"House Rules: Twisted Sister " Terry
"Pretender: Indy Show " Anna Roemer
Screwed: A Hollywood Bedtime Story Susie Felton
"Venus on the Hard Drive" Pam
"Carol läßt nicht locker: Again with the Sponge Cake " Debbie
Das Leben geht weiter Art Store Customer
"Claude's Crib: It's a Rap " Julie
"Claude's Crib: Clothes Encounter " Julie
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: Taillight's Last Gleaming " Candice
"Claude's Crib: Absence of Alice " Julie
"Claude's Crib: Cupid Is as Cupid Does " Julie
"Claude's Crib: It Didn't Happen One Night " Julie
"Claude's Crib: Don't Bet on It " Julie
"Claude's Crib: Trading Places " Julie
"Claude's Crib: Room Without a Clue " Julie
"Claude's Crib: Pilot " Julie
Teen-Spirit 2000 Vicky Myers
"Chicago Hope - Endstation Hoffnung: A Day in the Life " Tracey White
"Living Single: School's Out Forever " Irene
Kind der Angst Toni
"Brüder: Other People " Melanie Marcos
Die Brady Family 2 Kathy Lawrence
"Lisa - Der helle Wahnsinn: Swallow 13 " Sharon
Manchmal kommen sie wieder 2 Maria Moore
"Ein schrecklich nettes Haus: To Die For " Mrs. Jones
"Eine starke Familie: Lil Sister Dontcha " Pepper
"Eine schrecklich nette Familie: Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner " Jamie
"Lisa - Der helle Wahnsinn: Bikini Camp Slasher " Sharon
"Beverly Hills, 90210: Squash It " Runaway Girl
"Silver Girls: A Fine ROM-ance " Alexis
"Handsome Sportz Klub: Making ze video for 'Raza Skoota'" Gretal Tokamelz
"The Court: Back in the Bottle " Emily
"The Lyon's Den: Blood " Tara Barrington

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