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Title Name Role
Hatchet III Marybeth
Theatre of the Devil Diana/Aura
ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 Spann
Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D Barbara
Shiver Wendy Alden
Nuclear Family Zoe
The Trouble with the Truth Jenny
The Victim Mary
Nice Guys Finish Last Kori
Underground Entertainment: The Movie Danielle
Stake Land Belle
Hatchet II Marybeth
"Psych: Feet Don't Kill Me Now " Tonya
Godkiller: Walk Among Us Halfpipe
Cyrus Maria
Godkiller Halfpipe
"Fear Clinic: Claustrophobia " Susan
"Fear Clinic: Entomophobia " Susan
"Fear Clinic: Hydrophobia " Susan
"Fear Clinic: Misophobia " Susan
"Fear Clinic: Scotophobia " Susan
The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Kathy
Blood Night Alissa
Halloween II Annie Brackett
Super Capers Felicia Freeze
Burying the Ex Olivia
Left for Dead Nancy
Halloween Annie Brackett
"$9.99: Kids " Co-host
"Father of the Pride: The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Stage Fright " Sierra
Race You to the Bottom Carla
"Cold Case: Yo, Adrian " Gina Carroll 1976
"Father of the Pride: Road Trip " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Sarmoti Moves In " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Thanksgiving Episode " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Rehabilitation " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Possession " Sierra
Em & Me Emily
"Father of the Pride: And the Revolution Continues " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Donkey " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Catnip and Trust " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: Larry's Debut, and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too " Sierra
"Father of the Pride: What's Black and White and Depressed All Over? " Sierra
Debating Robert Lee Liz Bronner
"Father of the Pride: Original Pilot " Sierra
Rugrats Go Wild Debbie Thornberry
Rugrats Go Wild! Debbie Thornberry
The Partners Leila
"The West Wing - Im Zentrum der Macht: 20 Hours in America " Kiki
Die Abenteuer der Familie Stachelbeere Debbie Thornberry
"That's Life: Momento " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: What's Family Got to Do with It? " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: All About Lydia " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Baum's Thesis " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Behind Closed Doors " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Gutterball " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Love's Labor " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Sex in the Suburbs " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Oh, Baby! " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Idiots " Plum Wilkinson DeLucca
"That's Life: Plus One " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Boo! " Plum Wilkinson
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: The Trouble with Darwin " Debbie Thornberry
"That's Life: Bad Chemistry " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: M.Y.O.B. " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: The Devil and Miss DeLucca " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Something Battered, Something Blue " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Larva " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: No Good Deed " Plum Wilkinson
Killer Bud Barbie
"That's Life: Miracle at the Cucina " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Mr. Wrong " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Touched by a Biker " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Nomads " Plum Wilkinson
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: All Work and No Play " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: New Territory " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: The Anniversary " Debbie Thornberry
"That's Life: Saint Bernadette " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Bad Hair Week " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: He's Very Heavy, He's My Brother " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: Whadda You Want from Life " Plum Wilkinson
"That's Life: The Screw-Up " Plum Wilkinson
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Island Trade " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Queen of Denial " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Critical Masai " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Tyler Tucker, I Presume " Debbie Thornberry
"That's Life: Pilot " Plum Wilkinson
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Horse Sense " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Time Flies " Debbie Thornberry
Poor White Trash Suzi
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Every Little Bit Alps " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Pack of Thornberrys " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Cheetahs Never Prosper " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Gobi Yourself " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: A Shaky Foundation " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Bogged Down " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Monkey See, Monkey Don't " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Gift of Gab " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Forget Me Not " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: A Tiger by the Tail " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Dear Diary " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Luck Be an Aye-Aye " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas " Debbie Thornberry
Logan - Im Hotel des Todes Justine Sinclair
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: You Otter Know " Debbie Thornberry/Otter
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Tamper Proof Seal " Debbie Thornberry
Goosed Young Charlene Silver
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: On the Right Track " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Thornberry Island " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Two's Company " Debbie Thornberry/Porcupine
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Darwin Plays the Palace " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Rain Dance " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Born to Be Wild " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Nigel Knows Best " Debbie Thornberry
"Charmed: The Fourth Sister " Aviva
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Temple of Eliza " Debbie Thornberry/Jaguar
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Eliza-cology " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Blood Sisters " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Valley Girls " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Only Child " Debbie Thornberry
Düstere Legenden Tosh Guaneri
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Vacant Lot " Debbie Thornberry/Additional Voices
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Matadi or Bust " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Flood Warning " Debbie Thornberry
"Diagnose - Mord: An Education in Murder " Noelle Andrew
"Brooklyn South: Tears on My Willow " Willow Mortner
Dizzyland Lulu
"Brooklyn South: Clown Without Pity " Willow Mortner
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Friendly Fire " Laura Quentin
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Something New " Laura Quentin
Daylight Ashley Crighton
Back to Back - Im Fadenkreuz der Yakuza Chelsea
Shattered Image Susan
Wenn Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen Hayley Wheaton
"Das Leben und ich: Sister Theresa " Theresa 'T.K.' Keiner
Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography Jessica
"Der Polizeichef - Eis im Blut: Romeo and Juliet " Sheri Fisher
Free Willy - Ruf der Freiheit Gwenie
"Jack's Place: True Love Ways " Jennifer
The Woman Who Loved Elvis Priscilla 'Cilla'
"Roseanne: Promises, Promises " Molly Tilden
"Roseanne: Playing with Matches " Molly Tilden
"Roseanne: Lose a Job, Winnebago " Molly Tilden
"Roseanne: Lanford Daze " Molly Tilden
"Roseanne: Good Girls, Bad Girls " Molly Tilden
"Roseanne: Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places " Molly Tilden
"Roseanne: Pretty in Black " Molly Tilden
1775 Abby Proctor
Last Boy Scout - Das Ziel ist Überleben Darian Hallenbeck
"Unser lautes Heim: The Big Fix " Susie Maxwell
"Eerie, Indiana: Heart on a Chain " Melanie Monroe
City Slickers - Die Großstadt-Helden Classroom Student
Fast Food Family - Eine Familie zum Quietschen Melissa Crandell
Der Ballerina Killer Young Isobel
Das Gesetz der Angst Dana Hemmings
Zum Töten freigegeben Tracey
"In Living Color: The Wrath of Farrakhan " Drug Addict
Halloween V - Die Rache des Michael Myers Jamie Lloyd
Halloween 4 - Michael Myers kehrt zurück Jamie Lloyd
"Spenser: Thanksgiving " Tara
"One Life to Live: Episode dated 17 February 1987" Samantha "Sami" Garretson
"One Life to Live" Samantha "Sami" Garretson (1985-1987)
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Black and White and Mom All Over " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Eliza Helps Out" Debbie
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: The Kung and I " Debbie Thornberry
"Expedition der Stachelbeeren: Where the Gauchos Roam " Debbie Thornberry

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