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Title Name Role
Hemingway & Gellhorn Mrs. Gellhorn
"Lie to Me: The Whole Truth " Judge Quinn
"Dr. House: Birthmarks " Blythe House
Harrison Montgomery Mrs. Cutsworth
"Dr. House: Daddy's Boy " Blythe House
"Unscripted: Episode #1.10" Diane
"Unscripted: Episode #1.8" Diane
"Unscripted: Episode #1.7" Diane
"Unscripted: Episode #1.6" Diane
"Unscripted: Episode #1.5" Diane
The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam Miss Taylor
A Mighty Wind Supreme Folk Defense Lawyer
"Polizeibericht Los Angeles: The Brass Ring " Rebecca Barton
"First Monday: Showdown " Arlene Brankin
"First Monday: Court Date " Arlene Braken
"First Monday: Crime and Punishment " Arlene Braken
On the Roof Mrs. Arnott
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Inheritance " Margo Nelson
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Rose Kennedy
Harrison's Flowers Mary Francis
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: The Domino Heart " Louise Duffy
"Die Nanny: Sara's Parents " Roberta
About Sarah Lila Hollingsworth
Mord im Weißen Haus Kitty Neil
Mut zur Wahrheit Louise Boylar
Cable Guy - Die Nervensäge Steven's Mother
"Chicago Hope - Endstation Hoffnung: Rise from the Dead " Ellen Rolston
Das Netz Mrs. Bennett
A Walton Wedding Charlotte Gilchrist
"Crazy Love" Dina Stratton
Unsere Welt war eine schöne Lüge Abigail Tate
Töchter des Himmels Mrs. Jordan, Ted's Mother
Twenty Bucks - Geld stinkt nicht oder doch? Ruth Adams
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: A Christmas Secret " Mary Forsythe
Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride Laura Parrish
"L.A. Machine: Water, Water, Everywhere " Delores Peterson
Haus der lebenden Toten Lorraine Warren
Das Schweigen der Lämmer Sen. Ruth Martin
Was kostet ein Leben? Beatrice Grant
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: The Great Twain Robbery " Anna Louise Barlow
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Simon Says, Color Me Dead " Eleanor Thane
"CBS Schoolbreak Special: Little Miss Perfect " Helen Welker- Summers
"Des Lebens bittere Süße: Episode #1.3" Laura O'Neill
"Des Lebens bittere Süße: Episode #1.2" Laura O'Neill
"Des Lebens bittere Süße: Episode #1.1" Laura O'Neill
"Fantasy Island: Saturday's Child/The Fantasy Island Girl " Fran Woods
"Die Blauen und die Grauen" Evelyn Hale
"Fantasy Island: The Lady and the Monster/The Last Cowboy " Margaret 'Maggie' Blair
"Trapper John, M.D.: The Albatross " Mrs. Forsyte
"Fantasy Island: Crescendo/Three Feathers " Lena Jordan
Von Gangstern gejagt Ellen 'Ellie' Roberts
Der Pilot Pat Simpson
"ABC Afterschool Specials: One of a Kind " Carrie Williams
"Love Boat: Gopher the Rebel/Cabin Fever/Pacific Princess Overture " Ruth Culbert Newman
"Fantasy Island: King for a Day/Instant Family " Queen Aurora of Carpathia
"Einsatz in Manhattan: The Summer of '69: Part 1 " Irene van Patten
"Barnaby Jones: The Wife Beater " Pat Halston
Bakers Habicht Jenny Baker
"Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore " Joanna Clay
"Make-Up und Pistolen: The Pawn Shop " Cynthia
"Die Straßen von San Francisco: The Cat's Paw " Inspector Irene Martin
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: The Medea Factor " Sister Ann King
"Police Story: Little Boy Lost " Phyllis Brenner
"Medical Story: Test Case " Dr. Rita Stillman
The Last Survivors Marilyn West
"Lucas Tanner: Why Not a Happy Ending? " Jessica Atkins
The Dream Makers Mary Stone
"The ABC Afternoon Playbreak: Can I Save My Children? " Diana
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: To Father a Child " Ann Brecht
"Medical Center: Three-Cornered Cage " Anne Martin
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Katie Nolan
"Love Story: The Youngest Lovers " Angie Burnett
"Medical Center: Clash of Shadows " Sharon
Wheeler and Murdoch Karen
"Here We Go Again: Class of '77 " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: It's Magic? " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: Politics Make Strange Bedfellows " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: There's a Boy in My Rumaki " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: The Times They Are A-Changing " Susan Evans
"Police Story: Slow Boy " Jenny Dale
"Here We Go Again: The Tax Man Cometh " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: A Date with Judy " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: I Can't Live Without Her " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: Sunday, Soggy Sunday " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: The Basketball Tickets " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: When You're Second You Try Harder " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: My Sister's Keeper " Susan Evans
"Here We Go Again: After the Wedding Bells " Susan Evans
"Love, American Style: Love and the Plane Truth/Love and the Scroungers/Love and the Small Wedding " (segment "Love and the Small Wedding")
Der unsichtbare Mörder Tracey Morrow
Nur ein Spiel Elaine Hamilton
"Bonanza: Cassie " Norma O'Casey
Vater wider Willen Eydie
"Sarge: The Badge or the Cross " Carol Swanson
"The Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 15 February 1971" Guest Appearance
"Night Gallery: They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar/The Last Laurel " Lynn Alcott
Do You Take This Stranger? Rachel Jarvis
"Die Leute von der Shiloh Ranch: Nan Allen " Nan Allen
"Medical Center: Deadly Encounter " Sandra Polk
Tod eines Bürgers Peggy Pulska
"The Interns: The Quality of Mercy " Sheila Carmichael
"The Hollywood Squares: Episode dated 9 February 1970" Guest Appearance
"Kobra, übernehmen Sie: The Falcon: Part 3 " Francesca
"Kobra, übernehmen Sie: The Falcon: Part 2 " Francesca
"Kobra, übernehmen Sie: The Falcon: Part 1 " Francesca
D.A.: Murder One Mary Brokaw
"The Name of the Game: Give Till It Hurts " Elaine Brennan
"Die Leute von der Shiloh Ranch: A Love to Remember " Julie Oakes
"FBI: Target of Interest " Anna Frehling
Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts Laura Travers
Trial Run Carole Trenet
The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit Suzie 'S.J.' Clemens
"FBI: The Harvest " Lisa
"Auf der Flucht: The Judgment: Part II " Jean Carlisle
"Auf der Flucht: The Judgment: Part I " Jean Carlisle
"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: Free of Charge " Laney
"Bonanza: A Woman in the House " Mary Wharton
"Invasion von der Wega: Beachhead " Kathy Adams
The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones Amilia Rathmore
"FBI: The Camel's Nose " Elyse Colton
"Die Leute von der Shiloh Ranch: Linda " Linda Valence
"Hawk: The Longleat Chronicles " Mary Wheelis
Sands of Beersheba Susan
"Dr. Kildare: Never So Happy " Amy Post
"Dr. Kildare: The Next Thing to Murder " Amy Post
"Dr. Kildare: The Last to Believe in Miracles " Amy Post
"Dr. Kildare: A Sort of Falling in Love " Amy Post
"Big Valley: By Fires Unseen " Hester
"Dr. Kildare: A Quick Look at Glory " Amy Post
"Dr. Kildare: The Atheist and the True Believer " Amy Post
"Convoy: The Heart of an Enemy " Ruth Greene
"Hallmark Hall of Fame: Inherit the Wind " Rachel Brown
Inherit the Wind Rachel Brown
Die 27. Etage Shela
"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: Perilous Times " Helen
"Wagon Train: The Alice Whitetree Story " Alice Whitetree
Marnie Lil Mainwaring
Die Zwangsjacke Carol Harbin
Della Jenny Chappell
The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre Vivia Mandour
Der Preis Emily Stratman
"Mr. Novak: A Feeling for Friday " Mildred Chase
"Dr. Kildare: The Heart Is an Imperfect Machine " Emma Swader
"Route 66: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are " Marie
Das Glück in seinen Armen Ellen
"The Nurses: Field of Battle " Marjorie Ford
"Route 66: The Cruelest Sea of All " Elissa
Neun Stunden zur Ewigkeit Sheila
"The Lloyd Bridges Show: The Courtship " Birdie
Der Löwe von Sparta Ellas
Hemingways Abenteuer eines jungen Mannes Carolyn
"Adventures in Paradise: Vendetta " Veronica Sanders
"Bus Stop: The Resurrection of Annie Ahearn " Patricia Parker
"Unter heißem Himmel: Journey Into Darkness " Helen Henderson
The Wizard of Baghdad Princess Yasmin
Tess of the Storm Country Tess MacLean
"Adventures in Paradise: Passage to Tua " Danielle Arnoux
"The DuPont Show of the Month: Arrowsmith " Nurse Leora Tozer
Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde Jenny Lindenbrook
Alle meine Träume April Morrison
"Playhouse 90: In Lonely Expectation " Sheila Cass
Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank Margot Frank

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